Nintendo finally announces some more new games for the Switch

Nintendo is at last (at last!) bringing some new content to the Switch! Yes! In a Nintendo Direct, the company let fly a number of games and a couple of original titles.

New Nintendo 3DS XL Review: A Big Upgrade For Now, And For The Future

The *New* Nintendo 3DS XL doesn’t exactly have a name that rolls off the tongue, but it does reflect that what you’re getting is hardware that’s very similar to its predecessor, albeit with some fresh paint and new features that really do help make a big difference in very specific areas.

8 Years Later, Apple TV Finally Gets Its Own App Store

The iPhone’s App Store is the virtual marketplace that launched a thousand think pieces. Apple called it “revolutionary” (as it does every product) and many tech sites called it world-changing. And now, eight years after it launched, the Apple TV will finally get its own App Store too.

Loans marketplace Mintos scores €5M Series A and plans to launch a debit card

Mintos, the Latvian fintech that operates a global loans marketplace to let you invest in loans from various loan originators, has raised €5 million in Series A funding. Backing the startup once again is the Riga-based venture capital firm Grumpy Investments (previously known as Skillion Ventures).

Withings launches a fitness tracker for some reason

Withings is back with, of all things, a fitness tracker. It’s a bit of an odd addition, two months after the company re-launched, post-Nokia. The company’s first product, the Steel HR Sport, picked up where it left off with another sport-focused hybrid smartwatch. The Pulse HR, meanwhile,

The forgotten ‘Facebook of China’ is sold for $20M

Renren, which was once heralded as the ‘Facebook of China’ and later became China’s answer to MySpace after falling out of fashion among its core young users, is selling its social networking business.

Snap is being probed over its IPO because some investors are salty about losing money

Here’s something I didn’t expect to read today. The U.S. Justice Department and Securities and Exchange Commission has subpoenaed Snap for details on its IPO apparently in connection with a lawsuit from disgruntled shareholders who claim the company played down its rivalry with Instagram.

Meet Jennifer Tejada, the secret weapon of one of Silicon Valley’s fastest-growing enterprise softwa PagerDuty, an eight-year-old, San Francisco-based company that sends companies information about their technology, doesn’t receive a fraction of the press that other fast-growing enterprise software companies receive. In fact,

Roivant Sciences, a four-year-old biotech holding company, just raised $200 million in fresh funding

Roivant Sciences has had a bumpy couple of years, but that isn’t stopping investors from pouring more money into the four-year-old company,

Prolific swatter and bomb hoaxer who broke up FCC’s net neutrality vote pleads guilty

It was a dramatic moment during the FCC's net neutrality proceedings last December when the Commission's public meeting was abruptly evacuated and bomb squads moved in — all while thousands watched on the live stream.

Nintendo’s NES Switch controllers activate the nostalgia centers (and wallets) of retro gamers

The news that Nintendo would be adding NES games to the Switch as part of its paid online service had a mixed reception, but the company has made up for this controversial decision by releasing wireless NES controllers to play those games with. At $60 they’re a bit steep, but come on.

The iPhone XR is the one to get

The iPhone XR arrived like an afterthought. No surprise, really. Apple’s always been one to lead with its best foot forward — the latest, greatest and, quite literally, the largest. Projecting the life on the bleeding edge is a cornerstone of the company’s image, market share and stock price.

Former Uber exec alleges ex-PR chief ‘destroyed his reputation’

A nasty legal battle is set to play out between two former Uber executives. Eric Alexander, the ride-hailing company’s former president of business in Asia-Pacific, has filed suit against former Uber PR chief Rachel Whetstone . Alexander blames Whetstone for his firing from Uber in June 2017,

Seagate launches whopping 8TB hard drive

Seagate is currently shipping an 8TB disk drive to selected OEM customers. General availability will roll out next quarter for the biggest drive ever.Read more:


Sobug 已经平安度过 A 轮,以 400 万数额投资成为经纬系一员。Sobug 的三名核心创始人都是腾讯出身,三个人用 35 天完成 Sobug 原型并拿到融资,从企鹅帝国拽开步子前往一片未知的众测领域。


尽管苹果智能手表Apple Watch还未正式发售,但外界有关这款设备的命运已经开始了口水战。  

1、学习IOS开发的准备 - _Mrzeng

1、学习ios开发的准备 *英语水平:看懂26个英文字母。 *计算机专业:不要求计算机专业,但得有脑子。 *学习态度:积极思考、积极动手、能吃苦、有兴趣。 *编程语言:C语言、C++(可选)、Objective-C。 *开发工具:Xcode。

小米进军印度智能家居市场 空气净化器做先锋


There are 13 U.S. cities where millennials can't afford to buy a house

There's no place like home — except when you can't afford one.Millennials have been priced out of some of the biggest U.S. cities, with residential real estate prices rising even as wage growth remains elusiveSEE ALSO: Ten cities that are magnets for millennialsBloomberg used data from the U.S.

【完全开源】知乎日报UWP版(上篇):界面设计、官方API分析 - 周见智


UberX to pick up at Los Angeles International Airport

LOS ANGELES — Passengers arriving at Los Angeles International Airport will be allowed to leave in an UberX car starting Thursday morning.LAX was a notable holdout against Uber's cheapest ride-hailing service, as taxi companies lobbied to keep out a potent competitor.See also:

防不良商家: 如何辨认iPhone SE和iPhone 5s

威锋网讯,很多人都说苹果不久前发布的 iPhone SE 和 iPhone 5s 在外观上十分相似,单从两款手机的正面来看没有差别,这使得 iPhone SE 在辨识度上大打折扣,在一些环境下甚至还能拿 iPhone 5s 冒充 iPhone SE。  两款手机的“神似”也让不法商家有机可乘,现在市面上已经开始出现iPhone 5s 或 iPhone 5 冒充 iPhone SE 的事件,那么 iPhone SE 和 iPhone 5s 究竟如何分辨呢,接下来就让我们一同讨论。  


北京2016年4月15日电 /美通社/ -- “视频直播这把火需要直播聊天室这股风。”在4月14日北京,由金山云举办的“引爆移动直播”主题沙龙上,融云即时通讯云CTO杨攀抛出这一观点,引起在场嘉宾热烈讨论。活动现场,来自金山云、龙珠、唱吧、陌陌、Nice、音乐Tai等高管共同出席了本次沙龙,畅聊移动直播的现状与未来。 视频直播这把火,需要直播聊天室这股风 在过去几个月里,移动视频直播领域的诸多应用陆续获得了资本投入,资本界大佬的重金布局,正在告诉着人们移动视频直播行业迎来了春天。 融云CTO杨攀(左三)受邀出席“引爆移动直播”沙龙 “视频直播这把火,需要直播聊天室这股风。

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