UK operators may still bring back EU roaming fees after Brexit

Government planning cap on charges for using devices abroad in case of "no deal" Brexit.

EU to create major biometrics database

Move would create the world's biggest database on personally identifiable information.

Shadowhammer attack didn't just hit Asus

At least six companies, and potentially more, were affected.

Industrial giant Aebi Schmidt hit by ransomware

Most of the company's production has halted, reports claim.

How to renew your trust in your marketing data

While data trust is low, Florian tells us how to get it back.

Better eating through technology: the restaurant industry in 2019

Here are the technological trends restaurateurs must pay attention to in 2019.

Google now connected to Chile via undersea cable

'Curie' cable is now complete and deployed.

Huawei will build parts of the UK's 5G network

Prime Minister's decision comes despite Cabinet and international concerns.

Companies still struggling with some parts of GDPR

Even months after the new legislation, GDPR is still proving a challenge.

How IT infrastructure monitoring enlightens enterprises to help meet SLAs

Monitoring tools can provide a deeper understanding of the impact applications have on IT infrastructure.

In a world of connected “things,” organizations need thing management and a new kind of internet

Managing all devices need a different kind of Internet—the Internet of Things (IoT), versus the Internet of People (IoP). What does that mean?

Nest Halts Sales of Smart Fire Alarm After Discovering Dangerous Flaw

fructose writes: "The Nest Protect has a flaw in its software that, under the right circumstances, could disable the alarm and not notify the owners of a fire. To remedy this flaw, they are disabling the Nest Wave feature through automatic updates.

再迎新店:荷兰海牙苹果店 8 月份盛大开业

威锋网 7 月 7 日消息,今天在推特上用户曝光苹果在荷兰海牙的零售店将会在今年 8 月份中旬正式开业。这家店将会成为苹果在荷兰开设的第三家苹果店。  新店位于荷兰海牙 The Passage 购物商场。


mirror-link 就是车联网社团标准的一个好例子。

UK Readies 25% ‘Google Tax’ On Tech Giants’ Diverted Profits

In the lead up to the UK’s national election in May, big tech companies are finding themselves in the crossfire.

WPF 中双向绑定通知机制之ObservableCollection使用 - 一天两天三天

msdn中 ObservableCollection类 表示一个动态数据集合,在添加项、移除项或刷新整个列表时,此集合将提供通知。在许多情况下,所使用的数据是对象的集合。

视频演讲: 用AWS云平台搭建混合云的最佳实践

本次演讲将分享如何利用AWS云平台提供的一系列工具,如VPC虚拟专用网络、Direct Connect直接连接以及联合身份验证等服务,评估、设计、实施和管理搭建在混合云上部署的各类分布式的新潮的互联网应用。

​HTC One E9+ 评测:性价比满满的变种旗舰

HTC 在去年发布了一台跟当时旗舰机 M8 有相似规格的 E8,并以相对低廉的价钱定价,其反应意外的好。今年 HTC 再接再厉,更以双机策略推出 E9 和更强的 E9+。

Amazon 'bullish' on new show from 'Top Gear' trio

LOS ANGELES — Amazon is not having second thoughts about its decision to give Top Gear hosts Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond a new home after their departure from BBC"I think if you look at the show and the great sweep of history, they've produced a great show for many years,


说到苹果产品,我们通常会想到 iPhone、iPad 以及 iPod 等等,也有很大一部分消费者认为,凡是带 i 的设备都是苹果旗下的产品,但其实,全世界第一台 iPhone 并不是苹果生产的。  

Ian McShane is spectacularly blunt about his upcoming 'Game of Thrones' role

Warning: Potential spoilers about Game of Thrones Season 6 lie ahead.LONDON — Ian McShane is not a man to mince his words.

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