Mobility startups: Apply to exhibit for free as a TC Top Pick at Disrupt Berlin 2018

In the realm of rapidly evolving technologies, mobility is without doubt one of the fastest-moving. And that’s why we’re searching for up to five of the most promising early-stage mobile tech startups to apply as a TechCrunch Top Pick at Disrupt Berlin 2018 on 29-30 November.

Stung by criticism, Facebook’s Sandberg outlines new plans to tackle misinformation

Stung by criticism of its widely reported role as a platform capable of spreading disinformation and being used by state actors to skew democratic elections, Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg unveiled five new ways the company would be addressing these issues at the annual DLD conference in Munich,

Technology’s dark forest

We used to be such optimists. Technology would bring us a world of wealth in harmony with the environment, and even bring us new worlds. The Internet would erase national boundaries, replace gatekeepers with a universal opportunity for free expression, and bring us all closer together.

The social layer is ironically key to Bitcoin’s security

A funny thing happened in the second half of 2018. At some moment, all the people active in crypto looked around and realized there weren’t very many of us. The friends we’d convinced during the last holiday season were no longer speaking to us. They had stopped checking their Coinbase accounts.

TechCrunch Conversations: Direct listings

Last April, Spotify surprised Wall Street bankers by choosing to go public through a direct listing process rather than through a traditional IPO. Instead of issuing new shares, the company simply sold existing shares held by insiders,

Following a record year, Illinois startups kick off 2019 on a strong foot

Illinois’s startup market in 2018 was very strong, and it’s not slowing down. Let’s take a quick look at the state of venture in the Land of Lincoln.

Watch builders construct a life-size Chevy truck with 300,000 LEGO bricks

Behold, the LEGO Chevrolet Silverado. The full-size truck is basically a giant ad for Chevy and the new LEGO Movie, which is due out in February. Apparently they have to fight Duplo blocks from outer space. No, seriously, that’s the plot. Anyway, the 2019 Silverado is six-feet tall, weighs 3,

Startups Weekly: Squad’s screen-shares and Slack’s swastika

We’re three weeks into January. We’ve recovered from our CES hangover and, hopefully, from the CES flu. We’ve started writing the correct year, 2019, not 2018. Venture capitalists have gone full steam ahead with fundraising efforts, several startups have closed multi-hundred million dollar rounds,

Golden Gate Ventures closes new $100M fund for Southeast Asia

Singapore’s Golden Gate Ventures has announced the close of its newest (and third) fund for Southeast Asia at a total of $100 million. The first hit a first close in the summer, as TechCrunch reported at the time, and now it has reached full capacity.

A Tesla investor says he was recently questioned by U.S. regulators about that infamous “funding sec

Last week, on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt, regulator Jina Choi, who heads the SEC’s wide-reaching San Francisco unit, declined to confirm or deny that the SEC is investigating Tesla CEO Elon Musk for possible fraud. Said Choi, “I can’t tell you about any particular investigation in our office.

Nintendo finally announces some more new games for the Switch

Nintendo is at last (at last!) bringing some new content to the Switch! Yes! In a Nintendo Direct, the company let fly a number of games and a couple of original titles.

Guy Kawasaki: 创业者常见的十个错误

Guy Kawasaki是活跃在硅谷的创业者和投资人,他曾经是苹果的技术布道师、受雇于Google,担任摩托罗拉的顾问,同时自己也是个投资人。他总结了创业者最常见的十个错误,创业者可以作为参考。

上季度微软手持设备销量高于苹果 数据包括非智能机

4月25日以来开始统计的上季度数据显示,微软总共销售了3610万台手持设备,其中非Lumia机型(包括Asha,功能手机以及Nokia X安卓设备)总销量为3030万台,而采用WP系统的Lumia机型总销量为580万台。

Hbase 0.98集群搭建的详细步骤 - bxljoy


比高更高 传Lumia 1030将配5000万摄像头

威智网 12 月 1 日消息,据 NPU 的匿名消息,昨天截图泄露的 Lumia 1030 将搭载更高像素的相机传感器,据称要高于 Lumia 1020 现有的 4100 万像素。  

Here’s What Happened On Twitter After The U.K. PM Said He Wants To Ban Encryption

Yesterday U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron was dubbing a Fox News commenter who had made ludicrous claims on a topic on which he was entirely mis-informed “clearly an idiot”.

旅游归来半夜收到12条短信 信用卡被刷2300美金


特斯拉推新旗舰 Model S P90D,百公里加速3 秒

美国时间 7 月 17 日下午,特斯拉宣布推出三款新车型:Model S P90D、Model S 90 以及 Model S 70。  据特斯拉官方消息,旗舰版 Model S P90D 从 0 到 100km/h 加速为 3 秒,刷新了由 Model S P85D 保持的 3.3 ... ...

GoButler Takes Its Virtual Personal Assistant Out Of Beta, Raises $8M

GoButler has a straightforward premise — you should be able to send a text message and one of its “Heroes” will help you get whatever you need, whether you want to order dinner or make a flight reservation.Today,

UK would store websites people visit for a year under proposed surveillance law

LONDON — The UK government will require Internet companies to store details of which websites people have visited for 12 months under a proposed extension of surveillance laws, which are facing a storm of opposition from privacy campaigners.In an attempt to assuage privacy concerns,

HTC Vive 開發峰會: Vive 帶來無限可能, Vive 平台即日起先開放給開發者、四月開放給消費者


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