Mercedes-Benz turns to SoundHound for in-vehicle voice assistant

Drivers of new Mercedes-Benz A-Class vehicles will soon be able to talk to their cars. And the cars will respond. Ask the car to turn on the heads-up display or for sports scores. Say you’re hungry and it will suggest restaurants.

Alexa skills can now offer one-time-use purchases, like in-game hints or points

Alexa skill developers will now be able to sell “consumables” within their voice apps, known as Alexa skills, Amazon announced this morning. The company says that, starting today, developers in the U.S.

You’ll now need a subscription to get the best of Microsoft Office

Microsoft released Office 2019 for Windows and macOS this week, the latest version of its regular, non-subscription productivity suite. It’s the kind of Office that, ten years ago, you would’ve bought in a shrink-wrapped package at Office Depot.

With Mulesoft in fold, Salesforce gains access to data wherever it lives

When Salesforce bought Mulesoft last spring for the tidy sum of $6.5 billion, it looked like money well spent for the CRM giant. After all, it was providing a bridge between the cloud and the on-prem data center and that was a huge missing link for a company with big ambitions like Salesforce.

Bleximo raises $1.5M for its quantum computing accelerators

Bleximo, a startup that aims to build ‘quantum accelerators’ — basically quantum-based application-specific integrated circuits — today announced that it has raised a $1.5 million seed round led by Eniac Ventures. Other investors in this round include Boost VC, Creative Ventures,

Amazon donates $1M to Wikimedia

Back in March, we asked the question “Are corporations that use Wikipedia giving back?” The answer was kind of, sort of, with one key exception, noting, “Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Google all contributed around $50,000 by matching employee gifts. Amazon, on the other hand,

That weird nut Pokémon that showed up in Pokémon Go? It’s official now.

This past Saturday, something pretty weird happened in Pokémon Go: immediately after the monthly "Community Day" event came to a close, a strange, new, never-before-seen Pokémon showed up. Weirder yet: no one could actually catch it.

Tinder in India launches ‘My Move,’ a Bumble-like feature where women chat first

Tinder in India is now rolling out a new feature that allows women to make the first move. The setting, called “My Move,” is similar to the core feature in rival dating app Bumble, which is currently enmeshed in multiple lawsuits with Tinder parent Match Group.

Watch this robot fly like a real insect

The DelFly is a super light, super agile robot that flies like a real insect. By using a quad-wing flapping system, this odd little bot can flit, hover, and land like a fruit fly. Part of a research project at the Delft University of Technology, this is the latest version of the DelFly and it […]

Netflix’s newest program certifies post-production tools for Netflix Originals

Netflix on Thursday announced a new program aimed at helping Netflix Originals artists and producers select the right tools for delivering their content to its streaming service. With the launch of the Netflix Post Technology Alliance, as the program is called,

Crypto’s second bubble, Juul has 60 days and three Chinese IPOs

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. After a long run of having guests climb aboard each week, we took a pause on that front, bringing together three of our regular hosts instead: Connie Loizos,


阿里巴巴赴美上市在即。两天前,雅虎财报披露了阿里去年第四季度的财务数据:总营收30.58 亿美元,同比增长 66%;净利润 13.64 亿美元,同比增长 110%。其中,净利润远超同期Facebook的5.2亿美元,以及雅虎的3.48亿美元。

卡梅隆联手太阳马戏团 将推出《阿凡达》现场秀


苹果如期开放OS X Yosemite 新系统公开测试

如早前预期一样,苹果下一代桌面操作系统OS X优胜美地于本周四开始进行公测。此次测试有100万的名额限制,抢先申请并获得序列号的用户可通过Mac App Store兑换下载地址。苹果建议所有参与测试的用户务必先对电脑进行备份。

For $260,000, a 105-Inch Samsung TV Can Bend Before Your Eyes

BERLIN — Samsung's new 105-inch UHD TV can go from flat to curved in just a few seconds.The company has its super-sized curved, bendable TV on display at the IFA tech conference here. While curved, bendable TVs aren't new anymore,

Juniper: Smartphone shipments to hit 1.2 billion by year-end, Apple iPhone 6 Plus redefining phablet

Projections by Juniper show that emerging markets are crucial to the future success of the smartphone market with sub-$150 offerings seeing huge sales numbers in the years to come.Read more: http://www.itproportal.


上海2015年1月7日电 /美通社/ -- 由中国出入境检验检疫协会与上海跨境电商行业协会联合主办,上海高登商业展览有限公司承办的“2015上海国际跨境电商与支付展览会”将于2015年6月10日-12日在上海新国际博览中心开幕,展会同期还将举办中国国际食品、肉类及水产品展览会。

苹果遭专利流氓纠缠、京东被起诉、Uber 广州官网被关……|一文打尽五一期间坏消息


2013 年诺贝尔经济学奖得主 Eugene Fama、Lars Hansen 和 Robert Shiller 对于经济学的发展做出哪些贡献?

默默地来说一下Eugene Fama的有效市场假说。Eugene Fama的有效市场假说可以被视为经院经济学家们对华尔街的实践派们的最强有力的胜利。在《漫步华尔街》一书中对这一历史说得非常详细。


支付宝系统架构概况 典型处理默认 资金处理平台 财务会计 支付清算 核算中心 交易 柔性事务 支付宝的开源分布 ...

Lions, tigers and a hippo roam through Tbilisi after floods destroy zoo

TBILISI, Georgia — Tigers, lions, a hippopotamus and other animals have escaped from the zoo in Georgia's capital after heavy flooding destroyed their enclosures, prompting authorities to warn residents in Tbilisi to say inside Sunday. At least 12 people have been killed in the disaster,

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