Lyft hires yet another ex-Tesla employee

Lyft is on a bit of a Tesla poaching spree while Tesla employees are exiting in droves. The latest ex-Tesla employee to join Lyft is Cal Lankton, who most recently led the development of Tesla’s electric vehicle charging network up until May. At Lyft,

Alexa skills can now offer one-time-use purchases, like in-game hints or points

Alexa skill developers will now be able to sell “consumables” within their voice apps, known as Alexa skills, Amazon announced this morning. The company says that, starting today, developers in the U.S.

You’ll now need a subscription to get the best of Microsoft Office

Microsoft released Office 2019 for Windows and macOS this week, the latest version of its regular, non-subscription productivity suite. It’s the kind of Office that, ten years ago, you would’ve bought in a shrink-wrapped package at Office Depot.

With Mulesoft in fold, Salesforce gains access to data wherever it lives

When Salesforce bought Mulesoft last spring for the tidy sum of $6.5 billion, it looked like money well spent for the CRM giant. After all, it was providing a bridge between the cloud and the on-prem data center and that was a huge missing link for a company with big ambitions like Salesforce.

Bleximo raises $1.5M for its quantum computing accelerators

Bleximo, a startup that aims to build ‘quantum accelerators’ — basically quantum-based application-specific integrated circuits — today announced that it has raised a $1.5 million seed round led by Eniac Ventures. Other investors in this round include Boost VC, Creative Ventures,

Amazon donates $1M to Wikimedia

Back in March, we asked the question “Are corporations that use Wikipedia giving back?” The answer was kind of, sort of, with one key exception, noting, “Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Google all contributed around $50,000 by matching employee gifts. Amazon, on the other hand,

That weird nut Pokémon that showed up in Pokémon Go? It’s official now.

This past Saturday, something pretty weird happened in Pokémon Go: immediately after the monthly "Community Day" event came to a close, a strange, new, never-before-seen Pokémon showed up. Weirder yet: no one could actually catch it.

Tinder in India launches ‘My Move,’ a Bumble-like feature where women chat first

Tinder in India is now rolling out a new feature that allows women to make the first move. The setting, called “My Move,” is similar to the core feature in rival dating app Bumble, which is currently enmeshed in multiple lawsuits with Tinder parent Match Group.

Announcing the agenda for TC Sessions: AR/VR in LA on October 18

TechCrunch is heading to UCLA on October 18 and we’ve assembled some of the AR/VR industry’s most prescient founders, investors and executives to chat about the startups and trends driving virtual and augmented reality in 2018.

Amazon’s HQ2 location will be announced this year

Things have been pretty quiet on the Amazon HQ2 front. Earlier this year, the online retail giant announced that it had whittled the list of potential host cities for a second headquarters down to 20, but beyond that, the company hasn’t shared much.

3DHubs, once a community 3D printing service, is now sourcing all 3D prints internally

3D Hubs, like MakeXYZ, was a community-based 3D printing service that let anyone with a printer sell their prints online. Founded in the heyday of the 3D printing revolution, the service let thousands of makers gather a little cash for making and mailing prints on their home 3D printers. Now,

Wego&TrustYou:2014年亚太地区酒店好评率85.8% 居全球第一


TIOBE:2014年10月编程语言排行榜 Dart首次进入前20

国庆假期过去一半,TIOBE发布了10月份编程语言排行榜,前三甲依然为C、Java、Objective-C。本月最值得关注的是,Google Dart首次进入Top 20,排名第17位, 是迄今为止表现最好的一次。


需求方说:“要有光!”于是,便有了光…… 平时浏览一些优秀作品的时候,经常会看到一些光效处理非常棒的作品。有时我们看后会反问自...


Windows 10 build 9834 has leaked onto the internet with Remind Me app included

It appears an older build of Windows 10 has leaked onto the internet, one which includes the Remind Me app, which was leaked a few months ago and is yet to make an appearance in public builds. The leak itself is ZH-CN, and is x64. As per all leaks,

South Africa gains a new budget Windows Phone handset in the Proline SP4

South Africa is soon to gain a new budget Windows Phone handset, courtesy of phone maker Pinnacle Africa, the Proline SP4.As is the case with many new Windows Phone devices, the handset is decidedly low end. Sporting a 4-inch 480 x 800 display, 4GB of internal storage,





取消车模会给 2015 上海车展造成什么影响?


A cute little French bulldog releases her inner wolf

Two of nature's most notoriously aggressive animals — the deer and the French bulldog — face off in a battle of the ages in one backyard.In the video, it appears that a young male deer has trespassed on the French dog's property, much to the dog's displeasure.

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