Mary Meeker, author of the Internet Trends Report, is leaving Kleiner Perkins

Mary Meeker is leaving Kleiner Perkins to build a new fund and she's taking the firm's growth team with her, as first reported by Recode. Meeker, widely known for her annual Internet Trends Report, joined the firm in 2010 after two decades as a managing director at Morgan Stanley.

How to source hard-to-fill programming positions

Zack Burt Contributor Zack Burt is an American computer programmer He founded Code For Cash, the tech recruiting firm. The competition is intense for great tech talent,

Elon Musk on taking Tesla private: ‘That ship has sailed’

Elon Musk would prefer if Tesla, which is known for its volatile share price and is among the most heavily shorted stock, were a private company, but acknowledged during an earnings call Wednesday that it wasn’t likely. Musk can dream, can’t he? “Unfortunately that ship had sailed,

Tesla plans to launch an insurance product ‘in about a month’

Tesla is developing an insurance product, which could be launched in about a month, CEO Elon Musk said during a call with analysts Wednesday following its first-quarter earnings report. “It will be much more compelling than anything else out there,” he said.

Scientists pull speech directly from the brain

In a feat that could eventually unlock the possibility of speech for people with severe medical conditions, scientists have successfully recreated the speech of healthy subjects by tapping directly into their brains. The technology is a long,

Apply to participate in the Hackathon at Disrupt San Francisco 2019

Great news for all you coders, hackers, developers and creative tech makers — our onsite Hackathon returns to Disrupt San Francisco 2019 on October 2-4. Applications to hack are open now and if you’re selected,

The Oscars won’t change their rules to exclude streaming

It looks like movies produced by Netflix and other streaming services will be able to compete for next year’s Academy Awards without any changes to eligibility.

Despite declines for the quarter, Tesla is bullish on its overall energy business

Even as its solar business declined in step with its overall earnings, Tesla is bullish on the prospects for the energy side of its business over the course of the year.

Cryptocurrency mining attacks using leaked NSA hacking tools are still highly active a year later

It’s been over a year since highly classified exploits built by the National Security Agency were stolen and published online. One of the tools, dubbed EternalBlue, can covertly break into almost any Windows machine around the world.

Kegel trainer startup Elvie is launching a smaller, smarter, hands-free breast pump

Elvie, a Berlin-based startup known best for its connected Kegel trainer, is jumping into the breast pump business with a new $480 hands-free system you can slip into your bra. Even with all the innovation in baby gear,

Lyft hires yet another ex-Tesla employee

Lyft is on a bit of a Tesla poaching spree while Tesla employees are exiting in droves. The latest ex-Tesla employee to join Lyft is Cal Lankton, who most recently led the development of Tesla’s electric vehicle charging network up until May. At Lyft,




小小锂离子电池,让航空业坐立不安。3月21日,马航CEO Ahmad Jauhari在吉隆坡新闻发布会上承认,已经失踪17天的马航MH370航班货舱内运送有锂离子电池(Lithium-ion Batteries)。

Google推出JavaScript和Dart的编辑器Chrome Dev Editor

感谢BUG的幽默的投递在Google I/O大会上,Google推出Chrome平台上强大的JavaScript和Dart的编辑器Chrome Dev Editor(CDE),帮助开发者快速开发Chrome和Web应用。


谢邀 @刘柯看了一下题主给的视频,当即就想给这个视频差评,两只手根本不是同步运动的,这样的“左手画圆,右手画方”难度不高,稍加练习应该都可以达到。那么同步进行的“左手画圆,右手画方”的难度在哪里呢?

A Flying RC Car That's as Easy To Pilot as It Is To Drive

There was once a time when flying an RC plane cost thousands of dollars and required months of practice to avoid accidentally destroying your investment. That's no longer the case,

The Air Force Is Trying to Fix Drone Pilot Burnout With Dank Memes 

Air Force drone pilots are stressed out , burnt out, overworked and undertrained . But ain’t they got memes! Read more...


知乎的风格就是这么“知乎”:在知乎的一个匿名问题下面,知乎大佬周源宣布了自己接受 5500 亿美元腾讯融资的消息。不仅如此,其他融资参与方,运作方也纷纷跟进,在下面挨个回答了自己参与投资的体验。

悉尼展出无人驾驶列车样板车厢 民众可参观体验

据澳大利亚广播公司11月5日报道,澳大利亚西北铁路连线(North West Rail Link)即将使用无人驾驶的列车。悉尼居民们目前已经可以亲自参观这种工具的内部配置。

Microsoft is experimenting with the next big tech trend: AI and machine learning

Microsoft is determined not to miss out on artificial intelligence (AI), the next big trend in technology that will, over time, filter into how everyone uses hardware, software, and the internet. Unlike mobile, which...The post Microsoft is experimenting with the next big tech trend:

【Oday】“在这个互联网的时代,没有创意就去死算了”— 悦跑圈 梁峰

梁峰曾说:“悦跑圈现在做的,曾经做的,乃至以后做的都只是与跑步相关的事情。”但梁峰把跑步这件事做的有意思了。 悦跑圈开创线上马拉松先河,让几万人可以同天异地共享一场赛事的热血;“悦跑客栈”又通过线下实体给了跑者们深度交流的平台;做公益、玩跨界品牌营销,连公众号也经常爆出10万+的热文。悦跑圈只做了“跑步”,却总是带来“小惊喜”。体育初心就像他所说,“在这个互联网的时代,没有创意就去死算了”。梁峰自己也是个“有意思”的人,总是穿着红色的悦跑T恤出席各种活动。带着热爱体育的人独有的乐观笑容,强调体育精神和体育本质。

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