Mobile bank Chime picks up credit score improvement service Pinch in all-stock deal

Chime, the no-fees mobile bank valued at $500 million as of its last round, has put some of its funds to use with its first acquisition. The deal is for Pinch, a startup that was focused on helping millennials and other young adults build better credit.

Alexa skills can now offer one-time-use purchases, like in-game hints or points

Alexa skill developers will now be able to sell “consumables” within their voice apps, known as Alexa skills, Amazon announced this morning. The company says that, starting today, developers in the U.S.

You’ll now need a subscription to get the best of Microsoft Office

Microsoft released Office 2019 for Windows and macOS this week, the latest version of its regular, non-subscription productivity suite. It’s the kind of Office that, ten years ago, you would’ve bought in a shrink-wrapped package at Office Depot.

With Mulesoft in fold, Salesforce gains access to data wherever it lives

When Salesforce bought Mulesoft last spring for the tidy sum of $6.5 billion, it looked like money well spent for the CRM giant. After all, it was providing a bridge between the cloud and the on-prem data center and that was a huge missing link for a company with big ambitions like Salesforce.

Bleximo raises $1.5M for its quantum computing accelerators

Bleximo, a startup that aims to build ‘quantum accelerators’ — basically quantum-based application-specific integrated circuits — today announced that it has raised a $1.5 million seed round led by Eniac Ventures. Other investors in this round include Boost VC, Creative Ventures,

Amazon donates $1M to Wikimedia

Back in March, we asked the question “Are corporations that use Wikipedia giving back?” The answer was kind of, sort of, with one key exception, noting, “Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Google all contributed around $50,000 by matching employee gifts. Amazon, on the other hand,

That weird nut Pokémon that showed up in Pokémon Go? It’s official now.

This past Saturday, something pretty weird happened in Pokémon Go: immediately after the monthly "Community Day" event came to a close, a strange, new, never-before-seen Pokémon showed up. Weirder yet: no one could actually catch it.

Tinder in India launches ‘My Move,’ a Bumble-like feature where women chat first

Tinder in India is now rolling out a new feature that allows women to make the first move. The setting, called “My Move,” is similar to the core feature in rival dating app Bumble, which is currently enmeshed in multiple lawsuits with Tinder parent Match Group.

DC Comics’ streaming service launches tomorrow

Tomorrow is apparently Batman Day. That mostly means promotions from the folks at DC Entertainment and the long awaited launch of the company’s DC Universe streaming service. If nothing else, the site is an interesting mix of multimedia content in a world of video-only sites,

Mary Meeker, author of the Internet Trends Report, is leaving Kleiner Perkins

Mary Meeker is leaving Kleiner Perkins to build a new fund and she's taking the firm's growth team with her, as first reported by Recode. Meeker, widely known for her annual Internet Trends Report, joined the firm in 2010 after two decades as a managing director at Morgan Stanley.

Cryptocurrency mining attacks using leaked NSA hacking tools are still highly active a year later

It’s been over a year since highly classified exploits built by the National Security Agency were stolen and published online. One of the tools, dubbed EternalBlue, can covertly break into almost any Windows machine around the world.

ASP.NET MVC +EasyUI 权限设计(四)角色动作 - 大话济公



威智网2月6日消息,我们今早刚刚报道,微软已经证实Win10手机预览版将只向部分指定的机型推送更新,但官方暂时未公布这个“指定要求”,我们目前依然还不清楚升级 Win 10 手机预览版需要满足哪些硬性需求。

初学Objective-C语言需要了解的星星点点 - superYong大侠


Nikola Labs Launches iPhone 6 Case Which Harvests Electricity From The Air

Nikola Tesla pioneered the transmission of electricity over wires. Heinrich Hertz proved it could be transmitted wirelessly. But we still use 19th centre technology to power 21st century devices.

ASUS' new Transformer Book is a Windows 10 hybrid with USB Type-C

As we approach the launch of Windows 10, we'll be seeing more and more devices -- especially portables -- featuring the slim and reversible USB Type-C port. One of such is the refreshed ASUS Transformer Book aka T100HA, a 10.1-inch two-in-one that wi...


"Fear of the dark is usually not fear of darkness itself, but fear of possible or imagined dangers concealed by darkness.

走进spring之springmvc实战篇(一) - Htgy

本篇运用springmvc来试着写一个登录注册页面在动手之前,我们需要了解下springnvc.这里先献上一张springmvc的流程图及讲解。 Spring的MVC框架是一个基于DispatcherServlet的MVC框架,主要由DispatcherServlet、处理器映射、处理器、视图解析.

[图]旗舰中的旗舰:Galaxy S6 Edge Plus和iPhone 6s Plus规格对比


The no. 1 rule in entrepreneurship: ‘Move fast and break things’

In recent years, innovation has occurred more often and at a faster pace than ever before.On a daily basis, we gain access to brand new inventions, technologies and abilities that change the way we think, the way we live and the way we do business.

iOS 瀑布流的简单实现 UICollectionView - tanhui_ui

UICollectionView 瀑布流的简单实现UICollectionView 比 tableView 灵活,功能也强大很多。系统实现了流式布局,但用处还有很多限制。要想实现更灵活的布局,就咬重写UICollectionViewLayout。Demo地址:WaterfallCollectionL...

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