The story behind Bongo Cat, the adorable music meme that's taking over Twitter

Scrolling through Twitter is like wading through a steaming pool of hot trash. But among the depressing stories, exhausting criticism, and increasingly aggressive interactions between people who don't agree, you may stumble across a bright light of wholesomeness: Bongo Cat.

Here's how to set up a VPN and protect your data

On today's internet, having at least some level of protection is essential.A VPN or virtual private network is a tool to get an extra layer of protection — it essentially masks your connection while encrypting your data.

What Amazon got right about smart speakers that Facebook won't

Just hours after Amazon surprised us with more new Alexa-enabled gadgets than we can count, word broke that Facebook's voice-activated smart speaker (reportedly called "Portal") is apparently back on — and launching as soon as next week. Suddenly,

7 best cat toys to delight your pet for hours

There isn’t one way to describe your cat’s daily activities. They’ll hide in Amazon Prime boxes, or drink from toilet bowls. One thing most pet parents can agree on though is that cats need engaging playtime. If your feline is bouncing off the walls or scratching furniture,

YouTube just made a major change to its trending page

Days after shuttering its dedicated gaming app, YouTube made some more big changes to how users discover content. Now, YouTube’s trending tab breaks down what's popular in five categories: music, live, gaming, news, and movies.SEE ALSO: YouTube will close YouTube Gaming,

Cryptocurrency exchange claimed it was 'practically impossible' to hack. It was hacked.

I guess we shouldn't be all that surprised. But still, they did say it would be practically impossible. The Japan-based cryptocurrency exchange Zaif suffered a major hack last week. It issued a statement on Thursday stating that approximately $59 million worth of bitcoin, bitcoin cash,

Joana Ceddia went viral and brought back the spirit of old YouTube

Joana Ceddia is blowing up right now. You might have stumbled across a video of her hacking off her hair with craft scissors in her parents' bathroom, or watched her break down the contents of her school backpack to reveal a watermelon wedge and a stray parka like an unboxing video gone wrong. 

Octopuses are being given ecstasy in the name of science

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine think that octopuses are just like us! Well, at least in the way they react to ecstasy. The research, which, yes, means giving octopuses ecstasy, can definitely be seen by some as a little unethical,

NASA video shows massive scale of Hurricane Florence from space

On Friday morning, Hurricane Florence made landfall in North Carolina, bringing extreme winds, surging seas, and huge amounts of rain to the coast.While forecasters have been keeping a close eye on the storm from the ground,

The 8 best sexting apps for all of your NSFW exchanges

Even in a world where online dating has become the norm and it's now possible to skip the tiring process of scouring bars and events for other singles in order to get a date, sometimes it's just the thought of going on the date that's tiring. No matter what kind of encounter you plan,

Little girl dancing in front of Michael Myers to the 'Halloween' theme is peak fall

The season of spook is slowly approaching, and that  means Halloween pop up shops across the country are gearing up for another month of horror.While I was genuinely terrified of these places as a kid, there are children out there who are embracing all things creepy.

诺基亚官方换绿色主题 Android手机要来了?



全球著名游戏外设厂商Razer(雷蛇),近日宣布最新一代Razer Blade笔记本电脑将于7月4日在台湾地区上市。


在纽约第五大道的苹果旗舰零售店外,已经排起了等待iPhone 6发售的长队,果粉们希望能在第一时间买到苹果的新产品。


不管怎么说,我都觉得去做一个手机的粉丝是一件非常奇怪的事情。小米出了一本书叫《参与感》,写的很晦涩而且一半是瞎说——屌丝用户才需要参与感,vip 用户需要的是存在感。

Michael Brown's Mother Leads 'Ferguson October' Protest

The mother of the slain Missouri teenager whose death has sparked a movement led hundreds of protesters marching along West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson—the site of tear gas and tanks two months ago—on Saturday night, as the crowd demanded justice for her son,

氢燃料电池手机充电器 Upp 在英国苹果商店开卖

能源科技集团 Intelligent Energy Holdings  今天宣布Upp 充电器已经在英国开卖。Upp 是一款由氢燃料电池打造的便携式电源解决方案,可以为兼容 USB 的设备提供电力。

Mike Myers goes into business with HBO

If 'yeah, baby' was still a thing, that's the response we'd have to the news that Mike Myers is now in business with HBOThe network Wednesday announced it has signed an overall two-year deal with the former International Man of Mystery includes TV exclusivitySee also:

乔纳森:Apple Watch的设计已经非常成熟

苹果公司工业设计师乔纳森伊夫日前接受了《金融时报》的采访,详细介绍了AppleWatch的设计过程。他表示AppleWatch是苹果制造过的最私人的产品,在这款设备上他们投资了大量时间来进行评估和测试。  即使眼下Ap ... ...

13个国家的17家移动运营商推出GSMA Mobile Connect计划

2015年所有主要地区都计划进行Mobile Connect试验 西班牙巴塞罗那--(美国商业资讯)--GSM协会(GSMA)今天宣布,自从在2014年世界移动通信大会(Mobile World Congress 2014)上推出“移动连接”(Mobile Connect)计划以来,迄今已有13个国家的17家移动运营商(MNO)推出了相关服务,并计划在2015年推出更多服务和beta试验。

An artist has made 650 mud figures by the Thames to highlight social injustice

LONDON — A woman has been sitting on the shore of the Thames sculpting small figurines out of mud.Her name is Liz Crow, and she's an artist and activist with disabilities. She's been crafting 650 of the tiny people at low tide for the last ten days,

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