Why test automation isn’t happening like it should - and what can be done about it

Even smaller organisations can benefit from automated software testing.

Why Don’t Makers Have Higher Social Status?

Matt Burns wrote about a situation at his son’s school last week that could have happened almost anywhere in the United States. The school had organized a career day, and his son, who is seven years old, told his teachers he wanted to be a video game designer one day.

Cue Is A Connected Lab-In-A-Box For On-Demand Health Testing At Home

The quantified self and quantified health trends frequently overlap -- but few startups are quite as tightly screwed into that sticking place as Cue. Not yet anyway.

Oracle Deleted Its Insane Rant Against Security Hackers But You Can Read It Here

Oracle’s security chief Mary Ann Davidson published a rambling screed against the security research industry, bug bounties, and reverse engineering on the company’s corporate blog. Oracle took it down,

Quality Assured: What It’s Really Like To Test Games For A Living

There’s an old commercial for Westwood College that’s become something of a running joke in the video game world. Two young men sit at a couch, hammering away at PlayStation controllers. A woman walks in. “Hey guys, finish testing that game yet?” she asks.

Why People Pirate Video Games

For such an important topic, it’s a shame that we can’t ever seem to have a real discussion about video game piracy. Any attempt normally goes down like this: people downloading games are painted as criminals, publishers trying to stop them are portrayed as monsters,

How I learned to stop worrying and love the Windows Phone 8.1

Of all the mobile platforms out there, Windows Phone 8.1 was literally the absolute last option I ever thought I would land upon. I had a burning hatred for Windows on the mobile side.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/07/15/how-i-learned-to-stop-worrying-and-love-the-windows-phone-81/

Cemetery Drones And On-Demand Cookies: Meet 500 Startups’ New Batch

Diversity of ideas and founders is the 500 Startups way. So it’s fitting that the accelerator’s 11th Mountain View batch would feature an extraordinarily wide range of companies from those tackling huge problems like recruiting and health in the Arab world,

Why Is My Smart Home So Fucking Dumb?

A few weeks ago, a couple friends and I were about to watch a surprisingly bad scifi movie in my crowded apartment. One of them asked if we could dim the lights, and started to head to the switch. "No, no, I've got it," I said, reaching into my pocket.

Even More Wacky Submarine Terms You Never Knew You Wanted To Know

Recently, Navy Chief Marty Noe took us on a dive into the ‘colorful’ world of submariner terminology, and as a result we were flooded with emails and comments with readers wanting more or wanting to contribute. So let’s take an even deeper dive into the world of submariner lingo,

Is War Becoming More Humane?

Devices like laser-guided bombs and nonlethal weapons have the potential to reduce civilian casualties and wanton suffering. But as these new technologies emerge, are humans actually becoming more ethical about waging war, or is killing just becoming easier?Read more...

Digitisation is only the beginning - true transformation runs deeper

Too many projects begin with the right intentions but the wrong direction.

Fight your space: Multi-tenant big data clusters

Multi-tenant big data clusters are commonplace and essential to businesses, here is how to manage them.

Facebook stored millions of Instagram passwords in plain text on its servers

The original announcement said it 'only' stored a few hundred thousand passwords.

Bossing the bots: managing your RPA transformation for employee success

A lot has been said in the last few years about the transformative power of technology and the change it is bringing to how businesses operate.

Archaic IT systems and remote working: the cybersecurity threat and the solution

How businesses can protect themselves from cyberattacks.

Striking the right balance of automation and human values

Mike Callender explains how to strike the right balance of automation and human values.

Time to take advantage of those “Black holes”

Time traceability is critical for all computer-based transactions -if clocks on servers in data centres don't all agree then transactions can fall apart or even be lost as a result

Making sure your NDA protects company information

What are the essential things to know when creating a company’s NDA?

UK operators may still bring back EU roaming fees after Brexit

Government planning cap on charges for using devices abroad in case of "no deal" Brexit.

Companies still struggling with some parts of GDPR

Even months after the new legislation, GDPR is still proving a challenge.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Vircurex To Freeze Customer Accounts

Powercntrl (458442) writes "Vircurex, an online exchange for Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies is freezing customer accounts as it battles insolvency. While opinions differ on whether cryptocurrency is the future of cash, a Dutch tulip bubble, a Ponzi scheme,

Mario Maker Lets You Build Your Own Levels For The Greatest Platformer – And Tweak Graphics

Nintendo debuted Mario Maker at its E3 special digital event, which allows you to build your own courses for the famous plumber to navigate. You can build the courses on your Wii U, and paint using tiles and objects you’ll remember if you’ve played the series at all, including bricks,

Google 要把 Quickoffice 下架,要用就快下载了

分类: 科技新闻这宗消息并不是传闻,而是出自 Google 口中。该公司宣布旗下的 Quickoffice app 将会在未来几个星期内,从 Google Play 和 Apple 的 App Store 中下架了。

蓝宝石投资人: 5.5英寸iPhone都会配蓝宝石

据分析师兼 GTA(GT Advanced)投资者 Matt Margolis 在其刚刚发布的一份投资报告中表示所有 5.5 英寸的 iPhone 6 型号都会配备蓝宝石屏幕,而 4.7 英寸的 iPhone 则会根据版本规格的不同而分别采用蓝宝石和大猩猩玻璃屏幕。


"也就徕卡能把阉割的东西卖的比完全体还贵了..."看到这个来自读者的经典留言,让小编有了这篇编辑观点的灵感。印象中富士从 X100...


据英国《每日邮报》10月14日报道,近日,英国威根市的48岁男子戴夫•阿斯皮诺尔(Dave Aspinall)惨遇电子香烟爆炸起火,双腿被严重炸伤,家里的房子也险些付之一炬。



朴素贝叶斯算法的python实现 - mrbean


moto x pro 评测:又一台情怀手机?

随 Google 退走中国两年后,摩托罗拉终于以另外一种方式回归——被联想收购。不少人心里生出了物是人非的感慨,而想到了另外一个 PC 品牌如今的境地更是心有戚戚了。当然,这些都只是商业世界的游戏规则。

微软告诉你升级Windows 10该选哪个版本

在即将升级Windows 10之前,你可能很想知道Home家庭版和Pro专业版之间的区别,所以微软特地发布了一张表,让你更清楚应该选择哪个版本。虽然好像用处也没有很大的样子

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