5G: The next generation of communications to disrupt and reshape entire industries

The network transformation needed to build the 5G future is currently underway.

Q&A: How wireless tech helps companies use screens better

From looking professional to acting professional, wireless technology is on the rise once again.

Google and T-Mobile team up with US emergency services

New partnership aims to help locate those who have dialed emergency services faster and more accurately.

8 steps to CRM success

Creating a strategy and plan before implementing a new CRM system is an absolute must.

Picking the right sales technology and training

Does your organisation have a sales tool training disconnect?

Best ways to protect your organization against advanced email-based cyberattacks

While it’s great to be able to manage email at any time of the day from anywhere, it makes security really difficult.

How biometric payment smart cards are radically transforming the payment industry innovation process

Make way for the biometric smart payment card.

When SDN breaks down

SDN brings clear benefits to the businesses that have adopted the technology but what should organisations do when their network goes down?

Why test automation isn’t happening like it should - and what can be done about it

Even smaller organisations can benefit from automated software testing.

Making sure your NDA protects company information

What are the essential things to know when creating a company’s NDA?

UK operators may still bring back EU roaming fees after Brexit

Government planning cap on charges for using devices abroad in case of "no deal" Brexit.


智能手机制造商金立支持的深圳智能手机厂商IUNI宣布他们将在3月18日推出该品牌下的首款智能手机U2。该产品将在京东以2000元以内的价格销售。 IUNI U2手机使用基于Android 4.


昨日,微软在BUILD大会上发布了大量新品,其中一个就是语音助手Cortana,它适用于Bing搜索引擎。当然,微软为Bing新增的功能远不止这一个。现在,这家公司又为用户带来了beta版的Bing Knowledge Widget。

迷你书: 架构师(4月刊)

Spark正在占据越来越多的大数据新闻的重要位置,除了性能优异,Spark到底 具备了那些特性,让学术界和工业界对其充满了兴趣?同时,Spark还处在快 速发展的阶段,开发者和用户不得不解决不稳定和bug,Scala语言也有较高的 学习门槛,


上图来自摩根士丹利分析师凯蒂·休伯特对苹果最新 SEC 季度文件的解读。该分析师表示,该资产负债表外证明,苹果公司今年将会有重大产品更新,苹果的营收将呈爆炸式增长。  

Ever Wanted to Run Windows 95 on a Smartwatch? Well, Now You Can

These days only a masochist would use Windows 95, which first came out in August 1995. But running it on a smartwatch? Now that's just insane.Still, YouTube user Corbin Davenport managed to do exactly that, running Windows 95 on his Samsung Gear LiveSee also:



Chris Kluwe: GamerGate a Symptom of Society's Misogyny Problem

You slackjawed pickletits.You slopebrowed weaseldicks.They're two candidates for the Name-Calling Hall of Fame and show just how pissed off Chris Kluwe is. No one straddles the disparate worlds of pro sports and video games like Kluwe, a retired NFL punter,


曾经以侵犯串流专利控告 Netfilx 的 OpenTV 再次以同一罪名提出诉讼,这次的主角就是苹果。

Voting for the first time in a shed: Your WhatsApp election dispatches

LONDON — We asked for your thoughts (and confessions) about the UK general election, and thanks to your responses on WhatsApp we got a peek at what you were thinking about on voting day. (If you haven't talked to us yet on WhatsApp, here's how.)Here's some of what you told us:

Man surprises high school sweetheart with proposal during her last chemo session

Lucas D'Onofrio pulled out all the stops to turn a cold hospital room into a romantic proposal setting for his girlfriend, who was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma earlier this year. On her last chemotherapy session, D'Onofrio decided to make the special moment even more memorable.

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