Cyber-attacks targeting EU manufacturing giants

Two thirds of German manufacturers have fallen victim to a cyberattack.

UK and 50 nations sign cyber security pact

The US, China and Russia declined.

Despite raised awareness, worker cyber security practices aren't improving

It's getting worse, actually.

HPE and Siemens team up on next-gen networks

OT networks are not coupled tightly with enterprise IT networks, resulting in gaps in data and device visibility, application assurance, availability and security.

Organisations need to get more out of their data

Virtually all businesses face some kind of data woes, report finds.

Google makes it easier to move data to the cloud

Transfer Appliance tool allows businesses to migrate data loads of 100TB or more.

WannaCry still affecting thousands of victims

A year and a half after the outbreak, WannaCry is still growing, Kaspersky Lab finds.

Digital transformation and the digital workforce: sourcing data science skills for the age of online

As banks innovate and adapt, they often create a hybrid IT environment in which systems can’t or won’t ‘talk’ to each other.

5G: The next generation of communications to disrupt and reshape entire industries

The network transformation needed to build the 5G future is currently underway.

Why test automation isn’t happening like it should - and what can be done about it

Even smaller organisations can benefit from automated software testing.

Making sure your NDA protects company information

What are the essential things to know when creating a company’s NDA?

Gawker Everything We Know About the Mysterious Disappearance of Flight 370 | io9 The truth about gee

Gawker Everything We Know About the Mysterious Disappearance of Flight 370 | io9 The truth about geeks and cats | Jezebel Massive Study Concludes Pimping Ain't Easy,



富士开发便携式打印机 让智能手机变身拍立得


Tab选项卡切换效果,mooc教程 - birdskyws

偶然浏览到imooc视频,觉得课程安排的挺好的,选择js课程Tab选项卡切换效果,听了两遍课,写了3遍代码,对js和css的理解更加深刻了。主要技术点:css定位position,js的定时器,修改css样式。 效果: ...

BD收购GenCell Biosystems ,布局新一代基因测序市场

上海2014年10月15日电 /美通社/ -- 全球领先的医疗技术公司BD公司(NYSE: BDX)于美国时间2014年10月13日宣布其已收购GenCell Biosystems公司(以下简称GenCell)。

40 photographers team up to capture stunning London time-lapse

LONDON — Time-lapses might be pretty common these days but this one is spectacular.Earlier this month, more than 40 photographers clubbed together to produce 80 clips featuring 35,000 images for one awesome video.See also:


思科Talos Group的研究人员报告发现了一个恶意程序会采用多种方式破坏逃避检测,其中包括破坏硬盘和防止虚拟机分析。


本文主要是关于本人从技术转岗产品经理的经历。希望能帮到也想转岗的其他岗位的同学们。 2011年从大学毕业,因为 ...

现在人民币跨境支付的主要手段都有哪些?人民币跨境支付系统 (CIPS) 会提供怎样的方便?

2011年央行开始组织开发人民币跨境支付系统CIPS(Cross-border Inter-bank Payment System),希望将其打造成为未来人民币跨境支付的主要渠道,提高人民币跨境清算的效率和交易安全。

Startup Budgets And Timing Burn: Are Founders Winging It?

Allocating startup capital is hard — but more importantly, it’s key to successfully raising your next round. Which tools are founders using to build a strategic financial plan? With cash in the bank, a founder’s job is to time growth,

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