The lady with the internet connected lamp

The Internet of Medical Things can help ensure vital equipment remains up and running while freeing up staff time and resources.

Lumia 950 XL Review

The hotly anticipated Lumia 950 XL is the latest phablet-sized flagship out of Microsoft, and the first of its kind to come out of Redmond since the Nokia acquisition in 2014. It’s also the spiritual...The post Lumia 950 XL Review appeared first on WinBeta.

Digitisation is only the beginning - true transformation runs deeper

Too many projects begin with the right intentions but the wrong direction.

Fight your space: Multi-tenant big data clusters

Multi-tenant big data clusters are commonplace and essential to businesses, here is how to manage them.

Facebook stored millions of Instagram passwords in plain text on its servers

The original announcement said it 'only' stored a few hundred thousand passwords.

Bossing the bots: managing your RPA transformation for employee success

A lot has been said in the last few years about the transformative power of technology and the change it is bringing to how businesses operate.

Archaic IT systems and remote working: the cybersecurity threat and the solution

How businesses can protect themselves from cyberattacks.

Striking the right balance of automation and human values

Mike Callender explains how to strike the right balance of automation and human values.

Time to take advantage of those “Black holes”

Time traceability is critical for all computer-based transactions -if clocks on servers in data centres don't all agree then transactions can fall apart or even be lost as a result

Cyber-attacks targeting EU manufacturing giants

Two thirds of German manufacturers have fallen victim to a cyberattack.

5G: The next generation of communications to disrupt and reshape entire industries

The network transformation needed to build the 5G future is currently underway.

Why test automation isn’t happening like it should - and what can be done about it

Even smaller organisations can benefit from automated software testing.

MVC之验证终结者篇 - 书洞里的猫




Open-Source Gear For Making Mind-Controlled Gadgets

the_newsbeagle writes If you've been hankering to control a robotic battle spider with your mind but haven't known how to begin, you're in luck. A startup called OpenBCI is now selling an Arduino-compatible board that any reasonably competent DIYer can use to build a brain-computer interface.


2014 年「联东 U 谷杯」首都青年创新创业大赛正在火热报名进行中,距离报名截止时间(10 月 7 日 24 时)还有最后 10 天时间,参赛团队可通过天使汇开辟的绿色报名通道快速报名。




近年来各大网络平台的兴起让很多人看准了互联网广告这一大块肥肉,作为一种全新的广告媒体,互联网广告的速度快效果理 […]




Volvo 研發 LifePaint 單車反光噴漆顏料

無論是為了代步還是興趣,夜間踩單車比日間較危險;就算單車有前後燈和反光板,也有一些粗心大意的司機忽略單車的存在。一直致力道路安全的瑞典車廠 Volvo 最近想出了新方法,就是讓整部單車在夜間都能夠反光。

Dropbox is shutting down beloved email app Mailbox

Dropbox just delivered some bad news for Mailbox users.The company will shut down its popular email app along with its its photo storage app Carousel, Dropbox announced Monday. Mailbox will be closed on Feb. 26, 2016; Carousel will shut down March 31, 2016.See also:

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