ChargePoint is adding 2.5M electric vehicle chargers over the next 7 years

Electric vehicles still make up just a fraction of the cars, trucks and SUVs on the road today. But that’s changing: the number of electric and plug-in hybrid cars on the world’s roads exceeded 3 million in 2017. By 2025,

Trump’s new presidential limo is a beastly take on the Cadillac CT6

The new presidential limousine — and an identical one called a “spare” that travels in President Donald Trump’s motorcade for added security— was spotted this week on the streets of New York. This new “Beast,” like so many before it, is a Cadillac . But this time,

Federal appeals court rules Uber drivers must arbitrate claims

A federal appeals court has handed a defeat to Uber drivers who were suing the company in three separate lawsuits over claims that they were misclassified as independent contractors instead of full-time employees.

Qualcomm doubles down on claims that Apple stole chip secrets for Intel

If you happen to crack open that fancy little iPhone XS casing on your new phone, you’ll notice that there’s a dwindling amount of Qualcomm chips in there and that they’re increasingly being replaced by Intel hardware.

Cody Wilson out as CEO of Defense Distributed

Defense Distributed announced during a press conference in Austin today that Cody Wilson has resigned as CEO. The announcement comes as the 3D-printed firearm activist faces charges of sexually assaulting a minor. Wilson was in Taipei last week when the charges were made public,

Watchdog says face scanning at US airports is plagued with technical problems

A watchdog report has warned that Homeland Security’s face scanning program, designed to track all departing travelers from the US, is facing “technical and operational challenges” that may not see the system fully working by the time of its estimated completion in 2021.

The Horological Machine 9 puts a rocket on your wrist

If you’ve been keeping up with watchmaker MB&F you’ll be familiar with their Horological Machine series, watches that are similar in construction but wildly differ when it comes to design. This watch, the HM9, is called the Flow and hearkens back to roadsters, jets, and 1950s space ships.

Google’s blanket ban of cryptocurrency ads ends next month

Google is rolling back its ban on cryptocurrency advertisements – following a similar move made by Facebook earlier this summer, CNBC reports. Google in March was among the first of the major platforms to announce it would no longer run ban cryptocurrency ads,

The new iPhone’s here, so Google wants to talk Pixel 3

Im the off-chance you haven’t already had your fill of phone news for the week, Google just offered up a few friendly reminders that it’s got its own handset coming out in the not so distant future. The company’s event isn’t happening until early next month, but Google’s started with the teasers.

The iPhone SE was the best phone Apple ever made, and now it’s dead

I only wanted one thing out of 2018's iPhone event: a new iPhone SE. In failing to provide it Apple seems to have quietly put the model out to pasture — and for this I curse them eternally. Because it was the best phone the company ever made.

Drone startup Airware crashes, will shut down after raising $118M

Drone operating system startup Airware today suddenly informed employees it will cease operations immediately despite having raised $118 million from top investors like Andreessen Horowitz, Google’s GV, and Kleiner Perkins.


奥黛丽·赫本(Audrey Hepburn)在拍摄1959年影片《翠谷香魂》时,情节需要出现一只随时跟随赫本的小鹿,动物训练师建议她将这只名为Pippin(或lp)的小鹿带回家当作宠物以培养感情,赫本的女佣回忆第一次见到这只小鹿的情形,“我简直不敢相信自己的眼睛,它和赫本相处时那么融洽”。



【I/O 2014】健身达人欢呼吧,Google 健康平台到来

紧随苹果 Healthkit 之后,Google 也推出了面向可穿戴健身设备的产品——Google Fit Platform 同样出现在今晚的 I/O 2014 上。

Twitter's mobile app install program opens up to advertisers worldwide

Today Twitter announced that it was rolling out its “mobile app installs” program, which lets companies promote their mobile apps in users’ feeds.Read more:

Three Minutes Of Spinning Tops That Are Impossible To Stop Watching

This short film takes its inspiration from the 1969 film Tops directed by famed designers Ray and Charles Eames, and is literally nothing more than footage of spinning tops of all shapes, sizes, and colors. But don't be fooled,



切蛋糕最舒服 5款最轻薄的高性能平板电脑

本月初 MWC  2015 世界移动通信大会上,索尼推出了又一款超薄的平板电脑 Xperia Z4 Tablet,机身厚度仅 6.1mm,而且还与前几代一样支持防水特性。当然,苹果主打的 iPad Air 2 同样很薄,金属材质的机身缩减至 6.

Pebble Time 開始投產 首批投資者月中收貨

參予 Pebble Time 的 Kickstarter 項目的早期投資者,好消息!Pebble 首次採用 彩色螢幕的智能手錶,預計今個月中就會開始付運到顧客手上。Pebble 日前更新了 Kickstarter 的資料,表示全新的軟件已經準備就緒,手錶亦開始投產。

First look at Mick Jagger-produced HBO series teases a rocking good time

Could Vinyl be HBO's next big hit? The network is certainly making a bet that it is — because it's sort of hard to bet against a series that is produced by Martin Scorsese, Mick Jagger and Terence WinterSee also: Now 'Game of Thrones' might end after Season 8,

免费线上讲座 | 从“需求”角度,看社交产品与人性的深沉纠缠

社交的核心不是约炮,但也绝不是“不能约炮”;很多人心里向往的常常是一种含蓄、一种中间状态、一种灰色地带,这就是 ...

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