Twitch updates security for its TwitchCon event following the Jacksonville esports shooting

Twitch is today announcing changes to its security procedures for its TwitchCon event taking place in San Jose, California on Saturday, October 27th. The update follows news of the tragic shooting at an esports event in Jacksonville, Florida last month where three people died,

Meet Jennifer Tejada, the secret weapon of one of Silicon Valley’s fastest-growing enterprise softwa PagerDuty, an eight-year-old, San Francisco-based company that sends companies information about their technology, doesn’t receive a fraction of the press that other fast-growing enterprise software companies receive. In fact,

Roivant Sciences, a four-year-old biotech holding company, just raised $200 million in fresh funding

Roivant Sciences has had a bumpy couple of years, but that isn’t stopping investors from pouring more money into the four-year-old company,

Prolific swatter and bomb hoaxer who broke up FCC’s net neutrality vote pleads guilty

It was a dramatic moment during the FCC's net neutrality proceedings last December when the Commission's public meeting was abruptly evacuated and bomb squads moved in — all while thousands watched on the live stream.

Skincare startup Heyday raises $8M

Heyday, a startup aiming to make facials more affordable and personalized, announced today that it has raised $8 million in Series A funding. I first wrote about the company a year ago, when it raised its $3 million seed round. At the time,

Meet the Magecart hackers, a persistent credit card skimmer group of groups you’ve never heard of

There have been few hacker groups that have been responsible for as many headlines this year as Magecart. You might not know the name, but you probably haven’t missed their work — highly targeted credit card skimming attacks, hitting Ticketmaster and British Airways,

This $199 PS4 and ‘Spider-Man’ Black Friday bundle has my bargain-sense tingling

I'm calling it — this is the best deal of this year's Black Friday season. It's bonkers. Sony is selling a PlayStation 4 Slim with the new "Spider-Man" game for $199. That's way too little money.

Blue Apron lays off 4 percent of employees as it seeks profitability next year

Meal kit company Blue Apron announced small layoffs today as part of its Q3 2018 financial results. The layoffs, which affected four percent of Blue Apron’s workforce, are part of Blue Apron’s path to profitability.

UK warns of satellite and space program problems in case of Brexit ‘no deal’

The UK government says that access to satellites and space surveillance programs will suffer in the event of a “no deal” departure from the European Union . Britain has less than six months to go before the country leaves the 28 member state bloc,

ChargePoint is adding 2.5M electric vehicle chargers over the next 7 years

Electric vehicles still make up just a fraction of the cars, trucks and SUVs on the road today. But that’s changing: the number of electric and plug-in hybrid cars on the world’s roads exceeded 3 million in 2017. By 2025,

The new iPhone’s here, so Google wants to talk Pixel 3

Im the off-chance you haven’t already had your fill of phone news for the week, Google just offered up a few friendly reminders that it’s got its own handset coming out in the not so distant future. The company’s event isn’t happening until early next month, but Google’s started with the teasers.

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How to ensure your PC has a long and healthy life

You spend a lot of money on a computer, so you want to make sure it lasts – and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t serve you for a long time, provided you’re careful with it.Read more:





iOS7_ios7_如何实现UIAlertView以及监听点击事件(其它样式)_如何修改UITextField默认键盘样式 - 杨东升

首先我们知道,UIAlertView实际上有多种样式,在xcode中,按住cmd点击UIAlertView,进入头文件我们看到:1 typedef NS_ENUM(NSInteger, UIAlertViewStyle) {2 UIAlertViewStyleDefault = 0, //默...


这两天,媒体一定是吃了兴奋剂,将一个名不见经传的拉勾网捧上了天,据说原因是有风投投了2500万美元,而这个网站的估值达到了1.5亿美元。   不过,即便是不动什么脑筋的粗略想想,这份炒作也有点过火。


伦敦2014年11月25日电 /美通社/ -- 根据 QS 今天发布的最适宜学习城市排名,巴黎连续第三年排名榜首。此排名发布于。墨尔本排名上升三位成为第二名,而伦敦降为第三名。 (Logo: http://photos.prnewswire.




很多时候程序在排期的时候,都会给自己预留一定的时间以免工期过于紧张,但是实际上研发过程中延期总是不可避免。那么 ...

Jurassic World Is Even Better Retold With Lego in 90 Seconds

If you haven’t had a chance to see the biggest movie of the summer yet, take the next 90 seconds and watch this wonderful retelling of Jurassic World instead. It covers all of the movie’s major plot points, but with animated Lego so it’s especially delightful.Read more...

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