Tesla extends battery range for cars in path of tropical storm Florence

Before Hurricane Florence hit, Tesla gave its electric cars a boost by extending the range of their batteries to help people evacuate.Florence made landfall in North Carolina on Friday before being downgraded to a tropical storm. SEE ALSO: There's a glaring weakness in electric vehicles.

'Game of Thrones' season 8 episode 2 recap - Winterfell preps for their biggest battle yet

Everyone's preparing for the impending battle in the north. It's all about to go down, soon. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Game Of Thrones, Standalone Featured, Game Of Thrones Season 8, and Entertainment

'Game of Thrones' releases new song by Florence + The Machine

HBO has released the official lyric video of "Jenny of Oldstones" by Florence + The Machine, the haunting song which premiered during the closing credits of the second episode of Game of Thrones Season 8. 

Twitter couldn't help but notice how horny 'Game of Thrones' is now

In the second episode of the final season of Game of Thrones, everyone in Winterfell was prepared to die. The Night King was fast approaching, the populace was woefully unprepared, and every named character spent what they assumed was their last night on earth being horny as heck. SEE ALSO: Yup,

'Game of Thrones' episode 3 promo brings the war to Winterfell

"The most heroic thing we can do now is look the truth in the face," Sansa Stark warns in the promo  for Game of Thrones episode 3. Our fave heroes don't have a choice because the army of the dead is finally outside Winterfell's gates.

After an Easter terror attack, Sri Lanka cut access to social media

Sri Lanka restricted access to social media following a terror attack that left more than 200 people dead and at least 450 injured. Eight bombs exploded in three churches and three luxury hotels on Easter Sunday. According to The New York Times, restricted sites include Facebook,

Kanye's live streamed Easter service at Coachella sparks some pinhole memes

As Coachella's second weekend wrapped up, Kanye West celebrated Easter with a live streamed Sunday Service. Kanye's Sunday Services were made public in January. They aren't quite traditional church services with sermons and declarations of faith,

Samsung Galaxy Fold launch may be delayed in China

It's not clear if Samsung's first attempt at a foldable display device is ready for primetime, but the word out of China suggests there may be some concern.The upcoming launch of the Galaxy Fold has reportedly been postponed,

Ariana Grande shares a heartbreaking tribute to Mac Miller

Ariana Grande shared a heartbreaking video of Mac Miller after news of his passing broke last week. In the video she posted on Instagram on Friday, Miller is mid-conversation when he notices Grande filming. SEE ALSO: Rapper Mac Miller dies at 26"Baby," he laughs,

Weatherman dramatically braces for Hurricane Florence while 2 guys casually stroll by

As Hurricane Florence continues to wreak havoc on the Carolinas, weather people and storm chasers are heading as close as they can to the eye of the storm without putting themselves in danger.One such reporter was caught on camera bracing for the storm ...a little two intensely.SEE ALSO:

Volvo's 360c concept car doesn't have a steering wheel

Volvo's new 360c concept car is fully electric and autonomous. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Autonomous Cars, Electric Cars, Volvo, and Tech


来自设计师Andrew Zo的设计——如果你正在苦苦寻找一些与众不同的求婚戒指设计,那么,这款包装值得你的借鉴:平时可以夹着戒指变成平板,甚至可以放进钱包,需要的时候取出,打开平板,它就能自动改变戒指的方向,旋转着顶出戒指~ 设计师:Andrew Zo




在一个阳光明媚,火辣辣的午后,来自不同地域、不同公司(or学校)、不同职业(产品汪、设计狮、程序猿、实习鸟)的 […]


很多设计师与创意工作者都忽视了品牌设计指南的作用(有些人也称其为品牌宝典,或其中的一部分)——它给出了一系列清 […]



SUSE Linux再次换东家

Shawn the R0ck 写道 "SUSE Linux之前的母公司Attachmate集团被Micro Focus收购,这是SUSE的第3位东家,第一次是2004年被Novell收购,之后Novell在2011年被私募公司Attachmate收购,这次Attachmate集团下包括SUSE,Novell,NetIQ和Attachmate四家公司一起总价12亿美刀的价格被Micro Focus收购,Micro Focus是一家主要为大公司提供软件和咨询服务的英国公司,主营业务跟老业务平台迁移和大型机软件平台有关。


在9月初的时候,凭借着在IFA 2014上公布的几款新品、被炒得火热的Windows 10以及其他一些因素,微 […]

日本无锁版iPhone 6重新开卖 涨价1万1千日元

据日本媒体报道,曾一度在日本停止销售的无锁版iPhone 6和6 Plus又重出现在日本苹果官方在线商店中。目前,iPhone 6和6 Plus的所有型号和外观均可选择,而出货时间为1至2个工作日。


陈潇婷Serena Chen 迪士尼动画《超能陆战队》在中国票房大卖,片中那个体型胖胖的健康机器人“大白” (Baymax)也实实在在地火了一把。



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