One of the most popular Ethereum apps sure looks like a Ponzi scheme

They're not even trying to hide it anymore. One of the most popular apps built on the Ethereum blockchain, a so-called DApp, is promising users a guaranteed fixed daily return on their investments. And all the would be crypto-rich have to do is put in a bunch of cryptocurrency up front,

YouTuber Lilly Singh is taking a break to focus on her mental health

YouTube star Lilly Singh has announced to fans that she's taking a break, specifically to focus on her mental health.After eight years of posting content to her 14 million subscribers,

Elon Musk's 'Teslaquila' isn't meshing with Mexico's tequila industry

Elon Musk could soon need a lemon wedge for a salty trademark battle with Mexico's tequila industry.The founder and CEO of Tesla announced a new brand of tequila called "Teslaquila" in October, vaguely tweeting it was "coming soon.

Essential's $149 magnetic dongle will bring back your headphone jack

We know, you miss your headphone jack.Like other smartphones, the Essential Phone has done away with the feature, but the company has just launched its long-touted external headphone adapter and DAC, which magnetically snaps on to the back of your phone.SEE ALSO:

Bitcoin Cash is set to hard fork, and people are losing their cool

Nothing says the future of finance like a good old-fashioned meltdown, and the upcoming bitcoin cash hard fork has that in spades. This is thanks, in no small part, to a man named Craig Wright. Wright,

A college bathroom hides a bizarre Danny DeVito shrine, and we have questions

Do you ever leave a small offering to our Lord and Savior, Danny DeVito, during your restroom breaks? A bathroom apparently located at Purchase College in New York hides a mildly terrifying secret: The paper towel dispenser leads to a "cavernous shrine" to American icon. In one video,

JUUL restricts flavors and asks social media companies to crack down on vape posts

Is this the end of JUUL memes?JUUL announced a number of new measures to try to prevent teens from using its products on Tuesday.Notably, it will stop allowing retailers to sell flavored pods until they install advanced age verification software from JUUL.

Let's all admire Wilfred Warrior, the ridiculous-looking Instagram famous cat

Wilfred the Chinchilla Persian is simultaneously the most adorable and the most horrifying creature you'll ever lay your eyes on. The internet fell in love with the scraggly white cat when comedian Michael Rapaport posted a video of the cat on Instagram. Horrified,

Tesla extends battery range for cars in path of tropical storm Florence

Before Hurricane Florence hit, Tesla gave its electric cars a boost by extending the range of their batteries to help people evacuate.Florence made landfall in North Carolina on Friday before being downgraded to a tropical storm. SEE ALSO: There's a glaring weakness in electric vehicles.

Ariana Grande shares a heartbreaking tribute to Mac Miller

Ariana Grande shared a heartbreaking video of Mac Miller after news of his passing broke last week. In the video she posted on Instagram on Friday, Miller is mid-conversation when he notices Grande filming. SEE ALSO: Rapper Mac Miller dies at 26"Baby," he laughs,

Weatherman dramatically braces for Hurricane Florence while 2 guys casually stroll by

As Hurricane Florence continues to wreak havoc on the Carolinas, weather people and storm chasers are heading as close as they can to the eye of the storm without putting themselves in danger.One such reporter was caught on camera bracing for the storm ...a little two intensely.SEE ALSO:


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本篇内容在@回音UI分享会 第二期 中已经讲了些许,奈何当时嘴残,并没讲得很全面,特此整理出此文,是我至今写过最长的一篇,希望大家能够喜欢! Phot...

60+ Events in Marketing, Media and More

The Mashable Events Board is a great place to find leading conferences in your industry, whether it's advertising, technology, media or public relations. This week, we're highlighting five events that we think can help move your career forward, from those in Colorado to Boston.



谷歌为何推Android One廉价手机?

谷歌在2014年I/O开发者大会上发布了Android One手机,配置4.5英寸屏幕,售价低于100美元。为什么谷歌突然发力做廉价手机?


苹果新品发布会刚刚过去了一个星期就已经坏消息不断:在线预订困难、中国市场产品被召回。这不,康州司法部长以侵犯隐私为由,向 Tim Cook 发难,要求找苹果官方代表约谈澄清此事。

AOC 2014国际展将演示涵盖整个RF频谱的ADI产品

ADI公司独有的超宽带解决方案、系统、子系统和模块 北京2014年9月30日电 /美通社/ --  Analog Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:


腾讯的同学入职四周年,送上干货,教你10步大幅提升网站可访问性。每一步都可以在20分钟内完成。这篇文章也可以在20分钟内看完,短小精悍的浓缩精华哟! ...


这是我第二次到清迈旅行。为了充分体验这个「全泰国最会做饭的地方」,我报了两天的烹饪课程。两个课程风格迥异。我个人比较喜欢第一个课程,恰恰因为它不只是一个烹饪课。我第一天的课程是在 “A lot of Thai” 。



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