Microsoft’s latest Dynamics 365 applications bring AI and Hololens to workplaces

Microsoft is looking into bringing Artifical Intelligence and AI to workplaces everywhere by introducing two new products to their Dynamics 365 suite of applications

Microsoft embracing Open Source internally, pushing “Inner Source” initiatives

Back in November of 2018 a job listing more or less confirmed Microsoft's new approach as the company was seeking a person to spearhead efforts to integrate inner source practices within the company.

The beautiful Xbox One X Robot White Special Edition Fallout 76 Bundle is currently $100 off

Microsoft is once again discounting select Xbox One bundles for a limited time, and you can currently get the beautiful Xbox One X Robot White Special Edition Fallout 76 bundle for just $399 ($100 off).

How to Enable Remaining Time Battery Life indicator in Windows 10

Since the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update, Microsoft disabled the ability to see the amount of battery life time  remaining on a Windows 10 laptop. After some simple edits in the Registry Editor, there is a way to re-enable the time left indicator on your Windows 10 PC.

Skype desktop Insiders get side by side chat and conversation list

Addressing feedback from users, Microsoft’s Skype team is working to bring back In-call chat panels with its latest Skype Insider Preview. According to a new post from Microsoft employee and Skype forum owner Karah,

Minecraft just had its best year on mobile with over $110 million in revenue in 2018

2018 was Minecraft’s most profitable year on mobile with the iOS and Android versions bringing more than $110 million in revenue for Microsoft.

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer chooses AWS for new Clippers project

Last week, Steve Ballmer made news by signing a deal with Amazon Web Service as the cloud services provider for the Los Angeles Clippers. In and of itself,

Microsoft Teams appears to be down this morning, users unable to sign in (updated: coming back onlin

If Microsoft has yet to acknowledge that an outage on its Microsoft 365 Service Health dashboard, we've seen many Twitter users complaining about not being able to log in to Teams this morning. 

PUBG gets rated for PlayStation 4 in South Korea

The battle royale phenomenon has recently been rated for PlayStation 4 by the Korean Game Rating Board (via Eurogamer), right when the game is nearing one year of console exclusivity on Xbox One.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) update fixes Xbox One X performance & adds skins

A hotfix has just been pushed out for the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) video game on Xbox One consoles.

Xbox One’s Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle features 7 full video games and is out now

Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle is now available to download on play on the Xbox One. This new release features a collection of seven classic beat ’em ‘ups video games released by Capcom over the years which are now playable in either Japanese or English.

关于网络营销的3个误区: “被分享”不等于“被阅读”

内容营销(content marketing)的概念现在很火,鉴于网络上的各种元素都属于内容的范畴,因此线上营销都可以看作内容营销。

Ellen Tries Out Google “Glasses”

Today is Google Glass day. For the first time, the company is letting anybody and everybody order a pair with no application process needed. Because before, if you wanted to give Google $1,500 for a face computer, you had to qualify. Now that Google Glass is fair game,

The best strategy, RPG and world building games for the Apple iPad

In this final instalment of our best in iPad gaming series, we’re looking at RPGs, deep strategy games and expansive world builders.Read more:

超高速网络在普及:AT&T仿效Google Fiber,称计划为100多候选城市提供千兆网络

网速的变化远远跟不上计算机世界里其他性能的提升速度,部分原因是,基础网络服务是由那些不思进取的巨头提供的,而且只有他们能提供。直到Google Fiber这一强力竞争对手的出现,传统网络运营商才开始慌了。


1.Facebook收购运动记录应用Moves;2.Google+主管Vic Gundotra确认将离开Google;3.微软公布第三财季财报信息,营收和净收入均下滑;4.亚马逊公布第一财季财报信息,营收超分析师预期;5.酷6传媒将裁员40%,许旭东将接任CEO。










从目前情况看,HTC将要在明年3月的MWC 2015上发大招。现在外媒体就送出了一组所谓M9的前置面板照,并且消息声称,该机的屏幕依然是5.2寸,而非之前传闻的5.5寸。有意思的是,之前曝光的强机Hima是5寸屏,或许这是两款手机。

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