Microsoft’s latest Dynamics 365 applications bring AI and Hololens to workplaces

Microsoft is looking into bringing Artifical Intelligence and AI to workplaces everywhere by introducing two new products to their Dynamics 365 suite of applications

343 Industries’ Bonnie Ross to become a Hall of Famer

Ross is also being inducted on the merits of her voice in promoting STEM, her efforts in bringing diversity to tech and gaming that include a focus on underrepresented groups such as minorities and children.

Windows Server Insider vNext Preview Build 18298 is now available

Microsoft has just announced the release of Windows Server vNext Insider Preview build 18298, which brings support for Network Policies using Tigera Calico for Windows Containers.

Want to learn more about containers? Check out the latest in the Windows Insider Internals series

For some of us, “computing” means reading Twitter, checking email, and playing games. On the other end of the spectrum are the IT professionals who spend their work life building websites, business apps,

How to view your Windows 10 Sticky Notes on the web

Microsoft has been expanding its popular Windows 10 app Sticky Notes, adding a slew of useful new features. In recent months, the app has gained cross-device syncing and some initial integrations into Microsoft’s other products. As a consequence of these changes,

Crossplay could be in the future for Xbox and Steam gamers

Buried in the most recent Steam beta release is a line of code that could be pointing to cross-platform integration from the PC gaming storefront.

Razer unveils its first keyboard and mouse designed for Xbox One consoles

The combo raises the question of how they'll change the landscape of competitive gaming on the consol

Microsoft Teams gets new features in latest Android app update

The Microsoft Teams app is getting an update for users on Android. As noted in the updates list, the app now allows team leaders to schedule channel meetings from within the app.

PUBG gets rated for PlayStation 4 in South Korea

The battle royale phenomenon has recently been rated for PlayStation 4 by the Korean Game Rating Board (via Eurogamer), right when the game is nearing one year of console exclusivity on Xbox One.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) update fixes Xbox One X performance & adds skins

A hotfix has just been pushed out for the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) video game on Xbox One consoles.

Xbox One’s Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle features 7 full video games and is out now

Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle is now available to download on play on the Xbox One. This new release features a collection of seven classic beat ’em ‘ups video games released by Capcom over the years which are now playable in either Japanese or English.

Old Scene

Old Scene In A New Rising City [Taiyuan] 太原的现代化建设与旧城的对比。或许现代化高楼多了,但是往往带来的是千篇一律的城市风貌。没有了个性。

Now We Write Resumes Like Douchebags, Too

In 2014, it's not often enough to just do something: dogs must be tracked via Bluetooth, articles have to animate like kaleidoscopes, and a simple resume becomes a multimedia memoir.Read more...



索尼旗舰Xperia Z3谍照再曝 近距离看真相

这些图片和上次索尼 Xperia Z3 Compact 一样都由同一个人放出。但这次不同的是,这组图片或将是来自索尼 Xperia Z3。  这次的图片从各个角度进行了近距离拍照摄。

CSS3实战开发:手把手教大家折角效果实战开发 - 陌上花会开


This Is the First Image Sent Back to Earth By Rosetta's Lander Philae

We're less than two hours away from one of the most exciting moments in space exploration in years : Rosetta's lander, Philae, will touch down on the comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko. It's still making its way down to the comet ,



苹果携手 USA Technologies 欲助 Apple Pay 发力自助式服务市场

据科技博客 9to5Mac 报道 ,苹果已经与支付公司 USA Technologies 达成新的合作协议,该公司将会在大概 20 万台自助式支付终端添加对 Apple Pay 的支持。




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