Microsoft gives back to shareholders, raises quarterly dividend by almost 10%

Microsoft announced yesterday a quarterly dividend increase of $0.46 per share ahead of its annual shareholders meeting on November 28.

Xbox One’s Crackdown 3 video game just got a free bonus pack of DLC

Crackdown 3, which just launched on Xbox One and Windows 10 last week, received a completely free pack of downloadable content (DLC) today that’s available to all players. This free DLC pack contains one free weapon, a free suit, and a free vehicle for use in-game.

Microsoft To-Do updates on Android with support for more emoji and file types

Microsoft’s To-Do app updated for Android devices today with support for more file types when attaching documents in addition to extra emoji to help represent the reality of diverse families. Here’s the full release notes: We’ve brought upload support for more file types to Android.

Play the Trials Rising Open Beta for free right now on Xbox One

The open beta for the upcoming video game, Trials Rising, is now available to download and play for free on Xbox One. The open beta allows fans of the series to try out the online multiplayer before the full game’s launch on February 26th with a limited number of tracks.

Windows Admin Center Preview 1902 is now available

This new version of the browser-based remote server management experience brings support for Shared connections lists, as well as several new tools for Software Defined Networking (SDN) environments.

Microsoft patents reveal continued interest in bendable devices

Microsoft is continuing its development of a folding device, as can be seen in a recent patent, which shows off a mechanism that allows a single display to be folded shut by a hinge from inside the device.

Google plans big gaming news at GDC, will Microsoft respond?

Google is apparently planning to make some big gaming announcements at the upcoming Game Developers Conference in San Francisco in March.

How to create a Windows 10 recovery drive

Having a Windows 10 recovery drive should be a key component of your backup and recovery strategy. While not a backup itself, a recovery drive can be used to repair and recover your PC in the event of a startup failure.

Microsoft’s latest Dynamics 365 applications bring AI and Hololens to workplaces

Microsoft is looking into bringing Artifical Intelligence and AI to workplaces everywhere by introducing two new products to their Dynamics 365 suite of applications

PUBG gets rated for PlayStation 4 in South Korea

The battle royale phenomenon has recently been rated for PlayStation 4 by the Korean Game Rating Board (via Eurogamer), right when the game is nearing one year of console exclusivity on Xbox One.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) update fixes Xbox One X performance & adds skins

A hotfix has just been pushed out for the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) video game on Xbox One consoles.


微软日前发出了媒体见面会邀请函,即将在本月 20 日召开一个有关 Surface 产品的“小型”发布会,业界普遍盛传此次发布会将可能亮相 Surface mini,不过最新的消息又不仅限于此。



就像真的一樣,網路「 iPhone 6 」開箱文搶先公開

從今年年初開始,大家就在期待 iPhone 6 的出現,連產品發表會都還沒有,就已經有一堆山寨iPhone 6 等等的如雨後春筍般冒出來,激起大家對於 iPhone 6 的渴望。閱讀全文

The Moment of Truth For BICEP2

StartsWithABang writes: Earlier this year, the BICEP2 team shook up the world by announcing the discovery of primordial gravitational waves: a signal from the earliest stages of the Universe, going all the way back to before the Big Bang! By looking at the photon polarization data,


Social时代来临,社交媒体成了厂商们来增加与消费者的互动平台,其中有不乏走轻松幽默搞笑路线的品牌。不过幽默 […]



Apple Watch shipped over 50% of smartwatches in 2015, report says

Apple still won't release the sales figures for its Apple Watch, a decision that has some wondering if the wearable device might be the company's first major misstepBut if a new report is to be believed, the Apple Watch is not only a success,



文章: 通过demo学习OpenStack开发——数据库(2)

《通过demo学习OpenStack开发》专栏是刘陈泓的系列文章,专栏通过开发一个demo的形式来介绍一些参与OpenStack项目开发的必要的基础知识,本文我们结合webdemo这个项目来介绍如何在项目中使用SQLAlchemy。 By 刘陈泓

iPhone SE似乎也有同时使用两种芯片的现象

作为史上最便宜的 iPhone,刚发布不久的 iPhone SE 被看作是 iPhone 5s 的外观、iPhone 6s 的配置结合下的产物,既然是和 iPhone 6s 同款的 A9 芯片,那么之前曾掀起一阵风波的“芯片门”是否也会出现在 iPhone SE 上呢?近日有开发者对 iPhone SE 的相关文件进行了分析,正如下图所示,和 iPhone 6s/6s Plus 一样在“Platform”一栏有不同的参数,分别为“s8003”和“s8000”,这意味着 iPhone SE 的 A9 芯片极有可能也分两种版本。

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