Defy gravity at this interactive optical-illusion museum

Experience over 70 exhibits of optical illusions IRL at New York's interactive Museum of Illusions. From mirror tricks to gravity-defying rooms, your mind is sure to be blown. Read more...More about Instagram, Mashable Video, Optical Illusion, Museum, and Culture

Save up to 24% on selected Samsung TVs and soundbars from Amazon UK

With so many blockbuster movies and top sporting events available at our fingertips, it's a wonder that we ever leave the house. It's so easy nowadays to draw the curtains, shut out the world, and get lost in whatever is on your TV.Before you strap in for a lengthy session though,

We're all second-screening. Here's how you're doing it wrong.

Second-screening — watching TV while also looking at your phone, tablet or laptop — is probably the  most widely adopted destructive behavior of the decade. We keep hearing that it's bad for us; we keep doing it regardless. It's the smoking of the 2010s. 

Miley Cyrus tweets the funniest moment from her and Liam Hemsworth's wedding

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have been married for nearly two months now. But Cyrus is nowhere near done blessing our feeds with romantic (and hilarious) content from the couple's wedding.On Twitter, Cyrus shared a photo from the ceremony of herself, her mom Tish Cyrus, and her wedding bouquet. 

John Boyega dancing to Vanessa Carlton is instantly cheering to watch

Sometimes, all you really want is for the DJ to put on an old-school banger.And if there's one track that truly fits that bill, it's the memorably intense piano chords of Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles".SEE ALSO: John Boyega posts very teasing photo from the set of 'Star Wars:

Oral-B electric toothbrushes, Braun electric shavers, Philips epilators, and more on sale for Feb. 1

We have make the decision to start the week with deals on personal care products designed to make you dazzle. We're not saying you need any help in this department, but Monday is definitely the day that this kind of product is needed most.We have tracked down deals on electric toothbrushes,

Save up to 12% sitewide on select products in the Dell UK sale

There's no hard and fast rule that dictates when you need to say goodbye to your trusty old device and replace it with something shiny and new. You just know when the time is right. Maybe you glanced at your tired old laptop recently and got that feeling,

Flying 1,300 mph on airplanes would be great. But future aviation has other plans.

In the year 2044, our cities might be energized by fusion power plants, our sleek cars may all run on electricity, and our doctors might regularly employ gene-editing to cure blindness. But our airplanes will probably still fly at the same speeds they did half a century ago:

Tabletop gaming is getting a mixed-reality upgrade

Online game developer Wargaming created this mixed-reality prototype of its game World of Tanks. It also plans to use the tech to recreate historical events with the History Channel. Read more...More about Gaming, Mashable Video, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, and Tech

'A Star Is Born' is responsible for the greatest memes of 2018

The trailer for A Star is Born dropped in June, and in the months since, it's been viewed more than 8.4 million times. And as with anything that's been viewed more than 8.4 million times, it's become excellent fodder for memes.

Ridiculous dudes hold Fenway Park banner hostage, and it's the most Boston thing ever

Boston is a city of personality, from its iconic accent, to its loyalty to the Red Sox, to its determination to see the Red Sox beat the Yankees. Here's a video that captures all of that in less than two minutes. SEE ALSO:

Chartboost :2014年2月份节日季后CPI(每安装成本)正常化

Google Play在二月份受到较大打击,CPI总体下降了16%。例如,在美国平均每安装成本为1.13美元(-25%)、英国为0.95美元(-13%)、加拿大为1.18美元(-15%)。

Bad news for Samsung Galaxy S3 owners in the UK: No Android KitKat

Over in the US, S3 handsets are getting Android 4.4, but thanks to their lesser amount of RAM, UK Galaxy S3 and S3 Mini phones can’t handle it (save for the LTE version with 2GB).Read more:

Website won't work on your mobile? Google now lets you know

When using iPhones, iPads and Android products, users will be informed if webpages are unlikely to work on the device, encouraging the use of widely supported browser technologies.Read more:



短网址探究 - 奔跑的Man

引言 短网址司空见惯,比如说下面这些>,>

Yik Yak Founders Defend Themselves Against Criticism Over Cyberbullying

Yik Yak co-founders Tyler Droll and Brooks Buffington took the stage today at South by Southwest, where they addressed what they described as the biggest misconceptions about their anonymous, location-based chat app. As Yik Yak’s popularity has climbed,

Pitch At The Palace? — Now, Even England’s Duke Of York Is Getting Into Startups

It’s not often that a genuine, card-carrying Royal family gets involved in technology startups. But over the last few years, the Duke Of York, (yes,


- GASS系统在“超低排放”CEMS中的工程应用研究 上海2015年10月20日电 /美通社/ -- 近日,《分析仪器》专业杂志刊发了一篇《Nafion干燥器GASS处理系统在“超低排放”CEMS中的工程应用研究》的合作论文,探索了烟气排放连续监测系统(CEMS)中的气态污染物监测子系统并推出了创新的冷干直抽原位预处理方案。


威锋网讯,尽管 tvOS 和 iOS 共用类似的代码,我们也可以在 tvOS 上找到不少和 iOS 类似的操作和特性,但目前看来 Apple TV 的主屏幕并不支持文件夹的创建。  

藍牙聯盟公布 2016 技術藍圖,將強化傳輸距離、速度以及 MESH 網路技術

藍牙聯盟公布 2016 年技術藍圖重點,將針對時下興盛的物聯網 IoT 做重點性布局,包括強化傳輸距離、傳輸速度以及 Mesh 網路三大領域,同時也進一步為智慧家庭、自動化、行動定位、智慧基礎建設做完善的布局。閱讀全文

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