Defy gravity at this interactive optical-illusion museum

Experience over 70 exhibits of optical illusions IRL at New York's interactive Museum of Illusions. From mirror tricks to gravity-defying rooms, your mind is sure to be blown. Read more...More about Instagram, Mashable Video, Optical Illusion, Museum, and Culture

We finally know when Prime Day is and — surprise! — it's actually 2 days

Amazon has finally confirmed the details about Amazon Prime Day 2019: The big day will start at midnight PST (3 a.m. EST) on Monday, July 15, and last until 11:59 PST on Tuesday, July 16 (2:59 a.m. EST on July 17) . Prepare to not blink for two days straight.

Microsoft's foldable Surface could support Android apps

`````````Microsoft's next Surface could be unlike any other, and not just because it will be foldable.A new report in Forbes reveals more details about the rumored device, and it sounds like the next-generation Surface will be a serious departure from previous versions of the product. The report,

Everything we learned about computer viruses from '90s films

If you know how to protect your mainframe from the backdoor trojan worm that’s duplicated the virus code malware drive in the reboot server, uh, code, then this article isn’t for you. If it sounds made up and like a movie script from the '90s,

Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau got engaged and no one is sure if it's real

YouTube's loudest couple is engaged, and honestly nobody surprised.Jake Paul proposed to fellow vlogger Tana Mongeau during a weekend trip to Las Vegas to celebrate her 21st birthday. At around 1:30 a.m. at a club on Monday,

Fans say Netflix's dub of 'Neon Genesis Evangelion' erases queer subtext

Some fans are not happy with the new dub Netflix put on Neon Genesis Evangelion. It's a time-honored media pastime at this point to bend over backward in order to avoid describing gay relationships as, well, actually gay.

10 brands that tried too hard during Pride Month in 2019

It's Pride Month, the time of year when corporations do their very best to prove just how supportive they are.Rainbows are everywhere: in clothing stores, on public storefronts, and on nearly every brand logo on Twitter.

Meet the robotic strawberry harvesters that are picking fresh produce — Strictly Robots

Named the “Agrobot,” the robot’s designed to carry out its tasks autonomously. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Robot, Artificial Intelligence, Agriculture, and Strawberry

Tabletop gaming is getting a mixed-reality upgrade

Online game developer Wargaming created this mixed-reality prototype of its game World of Tanks. It also plans to use the tech to recreate historical events with the History Channel. Read more...More about Gaming, Mashable Video, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, and Tech

'A Star Is Born' is responsible for the greatest memes of 2018

The trailer for A Star is Born dropped in June, and in the months since, it's been viewed more than 8.4 million times. And as with anything that's been viewed more than 8.4 million times, it's become excellent fodder for memes.

Ridiculous dudes hold Fenway Park banner hostage, and it's the most Boston thing ever

Boston is a city of personality, from its iconic accent, to its loyalty to the Red Sox, to its determination to see the Red Sox beat the Yankees. Here's a video that captures all of that in less than two minutes. SEE ALSO:


加州桑尼维尔--(美国商业资讯)--领先的无线测试解决方案提供商LitePoint®今天宣布,该公司推出一款新的宽带矢量信号分析器(VSA) LitePoint z8653,用于智能手机和平板电脑的高带宽无线组件开发测试。由于智能设备用户需要802.



IUNI手机黯然换帅 国产手机新品牌明年或洗牌



中国高新汽车国际峰会 2014年12月9日 中国 .




中国南京2014年12月24日电 /美通社/ -- 第四届金鹏奖原创 Android 手游大赛开幕在即。

第三方开发者,Apple Watch 需要你

苹果本周正式邀请第三方开发者向 App Store 递交 Apple Watch 应用,目前支持 Apple Watch 的应用已有印象笔记、新浪微博、微信、支付宝、华尔街日报等。

CD Projekt RED宣布《巫师3:狂猎》头两周销量已突破400万套

波兰开发商CD Projekt RED今天宣布旗下ARPG游戏《巫师3:狂猎(The Witcher 3: W […]

This Week On The TechCrunch Bitcoin Podcast: Million-Dollar Electric Bill

Hello friends, and welcome back to another episode of TCBTC, TechCrunch’s most esteemed bitcoin podcast. This week we dug into Disrupt’s coming bitcoin panel, which our own John Biggs will moderate, host, and generally kick over. Also on the program today is Erik Voorhees,

Report: BMW X3 diesel emissions exceed EU regulations, company stock falls

The reverberation of the Volkswagen tailpipe emissions scandal is still being felt across the industry, pulling other brands under the harsh light of scrutiny.According to a report out from Germany's Auto Bild,

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