Chill Ryan Reynolds chats from Michael Bay set while cars flip and crash behind him

Ryan Reynolds is a pretty calm guy, when he's not battling polite bears on Twitter, or hearing his daughter's voice at a Taylor Swift concert.The star of Michael Bay's new Netflix-backed action film Six Underground posted a video to Twitter on Thursday,

We finally know when Prime Day is and — surprise! — it's actually 2 days

Amazon has finally confirmed the details about Amazon Prime Day 2019: The big day will start at midnight PST (3 a.m. EST) on Monday, July 15, and last until 11:59 PST on Tuesday, July 16 (2:59 a.m. EST on July 17) . Prepare to not blink for two days straight.

Microsoft's foldable Surface could support Android apps

`````````Microsoft's next Surface could be unlike any other, and not just because it will be foldable.A new report in Forbes reveals more details about the rumored device, and it sounds like the next-generation Surface will be a serious departure from previous versions of the product. The report,

Everything we learned about computer viruses from '90s films

If you know how to protect your mainframe from the backdoor trojan worm that’s duplicated the virus code malware drive in the reboot server, uh, code, then this article isn’t for you. If it sounds made up and like a movie script from the '90s,

Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau got engaged and no one is sure if it's real

YouTube's loudest couple is engaged, and honestly nobody surprised.Jake Paul proposed to fellow vlogger Tana Mongeau during a weekend trip to Las Vegas to celebrate her 21st birthday. At around 1:30 a.m. at a club on Monday,

Fans say Netflix's dub of 'Neon Genesis Evangelion' erases queer subtext

Some fans are not happy with the new dub Netflix put on Neon Genesis Evangelion. It's a time-honored media pastime at this point to bend over backward in order to avoid describing gay relationships as, well, actually gay.

10 brands that tried too hard during Pride Month in 2019

It's Pride Month, the time of year when corporations do their very best to prove just how supportive they are.Rainbows are everywhere: in clothing stores, on public storefronts, and on nearly every brand logo on Twitter.

Meet the robotic strawberry harvesters that are picking fresh produce — Strictly Robots

Named the “Agrobot,” the robot’s designed to carry out its tasks autonomously. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Robot, Artificial Intelligence, Agriculture, and Strawberry

7 of the best canister vacuums to help keep your home spotless

Sure, you combed through hundreds of paint swatches to find the perfect shade of blue for your walls. You browsed Etsy countless times in search of a coffee table (made from reclaimed wood obviously) that will complete your living room. And you even splurged on 1,

Take a course on writing for TV from Shonda Rhimes herself

Ever wonder what goes into the making of a hit TV show? The kind that keeps us coming back for more, season after season, while we become completely invested in the lives of characters we grow to know and love like they were part of our family?Ask Shonda Rhimes. No, seriously. You can.SEE ALSO:

Samsung's triple-camera Galaxy A7 phone is now official

Well this is interesting. A day after leaked photos gave us a first glimpse of Samsung's Galaxy A7 phone and its triple rear camera, the company went out and announced the phone officially. But that means Samsung has something else in stock for its Oct. 11 unveiling, doesn't it?

如何给一个 Galgame 做营销?


从学校到工作的转变 - chmyun


不放弃治疗 Mavericks 10.9.5更新即将到来

威锋网讯  几名 AppleCare 的员工均表示,OS X Mavericks 10.9.5 正式版很快要发布,因为他们已经开始为迎接发布做准备了。他们目前首要任务是为 iOS 8 正式版的发布做准备,但同时他们也接到通知,将迎接 OS X Mavericks 10.

Uber Launches No Kid Hungry Campaign

Here’s some actually good news from the company that aims to be “everyone’s private driver.” Uber is partnering with No Kid Hungry to raise enough cash to feed 3 million hungry children this holiday season.

【Android】开源项目UI控件分类汇总之ProgressBar - 琴剑飘零



心理学研究,如果你要遵循科学范式,其目的在于以下五点: 对一个心理现象不仅仅达到叙述其发生发展过程,至少达到给定一些条件,在概率情况下预测其结果是一般心理学研究最基本的要求,而要达到能够发表的程度,得到同行的认同,至少要能够达到解释水平,能够解释这样的心理现象的发生发展的心理机制是怎样的。

Topps' New App Lets You Trade Star Wars Cards With Anyone On Earth

Books, magazines, comics, even photographs have already all made the move to digital. And finally, 65 years after coming up with a clever way to boost gum sales,

中软国际业绩加速增长 -- 构建解放平台,助力互联网+

北京和香港2015年3月31日电 /美通社/ -- 中软国际有限公司(中软国际/公司)(SEHK:354)今日发布2014年全年业绩。2014年,中软国际的服务性收入为人民币41.5亿元,较去年同期增长35%,经营溢利为人民币3.

The mashup of news anchors saying 'Deez Nuts' you desperately needed

Ballsy accusations, testy debates, schwetty press conferences — the 2016 campaign is off to a hairy start. Enter Deez Nuts, an independent presidential candidate currently polling at 9% in North Carolina.And because the media can't resist talking about euphemisms for testicles (guilty!),

名落孙山之后 Edge 浏览器发布一系列新功能

微软看来是被Edge 浏览器8月份低迷的市场份额数据“激怒”了。要知道在正式发布之前,内测版用户对Edge浏览器的评价大体都比较高,各大媒体的评测结果也一致都是“Edge 浏览器在各个方面的体验上都不输于Chrome 和火狐”。

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