Cryptocurrency exchange claimed it was 'practically impossible' to hack. It was hacked.

I guess we shouldn't be all that surprised. But still, they did say it would be practically impossible. The Japan-based cryptocurrency exchange Zaif suffered a major hack last week. It issued a statement on Thursday stating that approximately $59 million worth of bitcoin, bitcoin cash,

Elon Musk's underground tunnel has potential, but leaves a lot to be desired

At first, the alley looked like many others: cinder block walls, neglected asphalt, and chain link fences that back up on beige single family bungalows.There was one big difference, though. At the end of this unnamed alley between 122nd and 120th streets in Hawthorne,

Yes, there is an 'Aquaman' dildo you can buy

While everyone isn't quite pleased with Aquaman, maybe this clearly unlicensed piece of merchandise will do better.Australian company Geeky Sex Toys have released AquaMoan, a silicone dildo which features a scaly texture and curves reminiscent of the Justice League hero, played by Jason Momoa. 

Google Chrome may soon keep your back button from being hijacked

You've been there: Caught on a dodgy website, faced with a barrage of ads or suspicious content, and found yourself trapped — no matter how much you hit the back button.It's a sinister issue called "history manipulation,

GDPR transformed the internet in 2018, and it's not done yet

Time seems to work differently when you spend your days online. The memes, moments, and scandals that feel like ages ago are often really only months, weeks, or even days in the past — and what was once unthinkable quickly transforms into how it's always been. 

The 'guys really live in apartments like this' meme has a point

We stan a meme that calls for standards. Last week, Twitter user Kat Hasty posted a picture of a depressing living room, bare except for a single reclining armchair and a TV. There's no art on the walls, no surfaces other than the kitchen counter, and no lamps other than a harsh overhead light.

'Fresh Prince' star Alfonso Ribeiro sues Fortnite over the Carlton dance

Ribeiro made a name for himself with his moves, which were then apparently copied by a video game. Now, the actor is suing.  Read more...More about Mashable Video, Lawsuit, Fortnite, Fresh Prince, and Entertainment

Uber fired Anthony Levandowski. Now he's back with a self-driving truck startup.

A name that came up often during the Uber v. Waymo trade secrets trial is back in the headlines: Anthony Levandowski.The former Google-engineer-turned-autonomous-truck-startup-founder-turned-Uber-self-driving-executive announced his latest startup, Pronto.

Joana Ceddia went viral and brought back the spirit of old YouTube

Joana Ceddia is blowing up right now. You might have stumbled across a video of her hacking off her hair with craft scissors in her parents' bathroom, or watched her break down the contents of her school backpack to reveal a watermelon wedge and a stray parka like an unboxing video gone wrong. 

Octopuses are being given ecstasy in the name of science

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine think that octopuses are just like us! Well, at least in the way they react to ecstasy. The research, which, yes, means giving octopuses ecstasy, can definitely be seen by some as a little unethical,

10 of the best laptops for Windows 10

Although MacBooks have grown in popularity over the past decade, Microsoft is making a bit of a comeback among consumers with the release of Windows 10 a few years ago. In fact, there are some benefits of using Windows 10 over MacOS X, such as functionality, ease of use, and touch-ability.


微软上周向美国专利商标局申请备案了新商标,名字由LXP组成。尽管微软没有对外透露申请商标的具体意图和寓意,已经 […]

[图]Twitter正尝试名为“Fave People”的新时间轴功能

近日在Android平台上亮相的Alpha版本Twitter应用出现了名为“Fave People”的新时间轴功能,能够让你在专门的子页面上查看你关注的好友所有微博消息,目前该功能还处于前期测试阶段,外媒TechCrunch率先分享了部分截图。    

欧盟裁定用户有“被Google遗忘权” 但美国可能无法照搬


Encrypted To The Last Drop

But not everything on the dark web can kill you or bring you down. One established drug vendor has recently branched out to sell old fashioned coffee, which they say they procure directly from farmers, roast themselves,

Galaxy Note 4谍照再曝光

继昨天的几张谍照曝光后,今天外媒再度带来了Galaxy Note 4的真机谍照以及疑似前面板照片。今天曝光的谍照和昨天在风格上基本相同,虽然媒体不同,但应该来自于同一个信息源。在这几张图片上,金属边框、USB 3.

Are Altcoins Undermining Bitcoin's Credibility?

An anonymous reader writes The editor of a Bitcoin advocacy site believes the proliferation of altcoins (cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin) is harming Bitcoin's long-term potential as an alternative to traditional currencies. Posting at,

Market Corrections, Partnerships And The Sports Unicorn In 2015

This year we’ve seen major acquisitions in the connected home space, tons of chatter around #bendgate, AI entered center stage with Cortana and Amazon’s Echo, and Kim Kardashian is now available in app form. But that’s enough of looking back. Here is what I predict 2015 will bring.

为什么数组标号是从0开始的 - cenalulu

> 本文通过汇总一些网上搜集到的资料,总结出大部分编程语言中数组下标从0开始的原因# 本博客已经迁移至:[]( 本篇博文已经迁移,阅读全文请点击:[http://cenalulu.github...



Bootstrap<基础九>辅助类 - lansy

Bootstrap 中的一些可能会派上用场的辅助类。文本以下不同的类展示了不同的文本颜色。如果文本是个链接鼠标移动到文本上会变暗:类描述.text-muted"text-muted" 类的文本样式.text-primary"text-primary" 类的文本样式.text-success"text...

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