Protecting your digital identity from hacks and breaches

As our identities become increasingly digital, protecting them from cyber threats has never been more important.

Hacking For Cause: Today’s Growing Cyber Security Trend

What do the following data-breach headlines from the past year have in common? The Sony Pictures hack: Everything we know so far; Anonymous hackers release emails ordering bear cubs be killed; Hackers threaten to release names from adultery website … Connecting the dots yet?

This Could Be The Year Of The University Hack

You’re a college freshman relishing in your newfound freedom. You wake up in your cramped dorm room, roll over and grab your laptop to check Facebook — but when you type in your password, it’s rejected. Slightly annoyed, you pull on some clothes,

How the iCloud "Hack" Holds iOS Devices Hostage

If you're an Aussie with an iPhone, there's a chance you've been woken up in the middle of the night by a certain terrifying message.Read more...

A guide for two-factor authentication: Which websites offer it, and how to set it up

Heartbleed has made everyone think twice about online security – and one way you can stay safer is by using two-factor authentication.Read more:

5G won't succeed without innovation in security, experts claim

Do not cut corners on user experience either, report warns.

Oracle founder slams AWS technology

No 'normal person' would switch from Oracle to AWS, says Larry Ellison.

UK leads EU in cloud adoption

Businesses in the UK are taking to the cloud far more than the EU average.

Google Project Dragonfly China search engine looks finished

The company's privacy team has reportedly stopped all work on the search engine.

The winning strategy in the global race to 5G

Before reaping the rewards of next-generation connectivity, there are several steps businesses will need to take, and a number of barriers to overcome

Another EU country labels Huawei a security threat

Private companies need to cooperate with Chinese intelligence services, it said.

Building on blockchain: Should you look in-house or outsource?

The skills gap is prominent in the world of blockchain. Companies around the world end up vying for the same talent.

Six reasons an arts degree is an ideal springboard for a career in IT

The soft skills learned at a liberal arts college actually translate quite well to the field of IT.

UK company emails being hijacked for phishing

Victims are usually clueless they're being attacked.

What the Fall 2018 Apple Announcements means for the enterprise

Improved connectivity, dual sim support and better security are just a few of the latest iPhone's features geared towards business users.

AX ERP 真正的自动批处理 - cloud

AX real batch job- AX ERP 真正的批处理在AX3标准功能中,自动化任务是利用Batch来进行自动化处理任务,标准功能的局限是无法真正做到无人值守。比如服务器重启,必须手动去开一个Client,然后手动去执行Batch Job。

庆八一建军节 空中网开展拥军捐赠活动

北京2014年7月18日电 /美通社/ -- 为进一步运用信息手段,提高军事训练效益,促进军民融合深度发展,2014年7月8日,国内领先的网络游戏研发商和运营商空中网在八一建军节来临之际,来到解放军驻京61001部队走访慰问,为该部捐赠了一批《坦克世界》实战桌游牌。

The Most Interesting Man in the World is Now on Oculus Rift

He doesn't often do virtual reality, but when he does, it's pretty awesome.Dos Equis ad icon The Most Interesting Man in the World (a.k.a. actor Jonathan Goldsmith) is starring in a new Oculus Rift "experience" that the brewer will share with bar and festival attendees in the Southwest this week.

2 U.S. Ski Team prospects killed in Austria avalanche

Two prospects from the U.S. Ski Team were killed in an avalanche Monday while skiing near their European training base in the Austrian Alps.The team said Ronnie Berlack, 20, and Bryce Astle, 19, died in the incident near the Rettenbach glacier in the mountains over Sölden,

Learn Gate-Array Programming In Python and Software-Defined Radio

Bruce Perens writes Chris Testa KB2BMH taught a class on gate-array programming the SmartFusion chip, a Linux system and programmable gate-array on a single chip, using MyHDL, the Python Hardware Design Language to implement a software-defined radio transceiver. Watch all 4 sessions: 1, 2, 3, 4.


乐视进军汽车领域的消息早有传闻,直到今天下午在主题为“定义未来”的发布会上首次揭开了神秘面纱,一方面正式对外公布了超级汽车“SEE计划”的进程,同时也发布了首款智能汽车UI系统——LeUI Auto版。





Watch John Oliver Explain How Three Young Women Catfished ISIS

Three ladies from Chechnya scammed ISIS fighters online and got ‘em good. Read more...

有 Wi-Fi 可免費用!烏克蘭街頭列寧像已改裝成黑武士像

想當年在蘇聯年代時,列寧(Vladimir Lenin)可說是俄羅斯人心目中的英雄,但 隨著上世紀末蘇聯分列成多個不同國家後,目前有不少國家已經逐步去除共產主義,比如烏克蘭便是其中之一,而且最近當地一個由前蘇聯遺留下來的列寧像,更被藝術家改造成一個《Star Wars》的黑武士像。

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