Painting by numbers: developing the real productivity picture

Could technology and data analytics be used to improve not only the workplace but also an organisation's employees?

Forgery Is Getting So Good That Scientists Had to Invent Keys Made From DNA

Forgery is a science–and it’s getting better all the time, to the tune of trillions of dollars. Now, a group of researchers, lawyers, and insurers are banding together to beat it with a tool borrowed from science: synthetic encrypted DNA.Read more...

Halo 5 chief Bonnie Ross profiled: she has a lot of weight on her shoulders

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the console wars, the Xbox One is running in second place against its arch-nemesis, Sony’s PlayStation 4. So far, Microsoft hasn’t found the secret to grabbing...The post Halo 5 chief Bonnie Ross profiled:

Eyes-on with the HoloLens: first-hand impressions on what it is, and what it needs

Earlier this week, I traveled up the freeway 30 miles to Redmond and Microsoft’s Building 92 to witness the company’s much anticipated Consumer Preview event. There, journalists and tech press from all over assembled to listen to Terry Myerson, Joe Belfiore, Phil Spencer,

Here are the top ten best apps for your Windows 8.1 or Windows RT tablet

Windows is about productivity, and Windows 8.1 is about modernizing that experience and optimizing it for touch. No, it’s not perfect, but with help from a few developers, many of us could soon live entirely in that environment, and with a lot of help, we might actually like it.

All The Questionable Statements On Defense From Saturday's Democratic Debate

The second Democratic Presidential Debate came in the wake of the horrific attacks in Paris and there were plenty of opportunities for the candidates to discuss the future and rehash the past when it comes to fighting terror and dealing with military affairs.

Your Fear of Radiation Is Irrational

Radioactivity stirs primal fears in many people—but an undue sense of its risks can cause real harm.Read more...

Huawei Matebook X Pro review

Huawei may have released the best laptop of the year - if you can afford it.

UK businesses risking huge GDPR fines

Businesses in the trades sector are ditching old tech without wiping memory first.

5G could generate billions for global GDP

Next-generation networks could mean big money for countries across the world.

Apple will update iPhones to end Qualcomm legal battle

Software update for iPhone users in China will solve patent issues, Apple says.

Microsoft Edge named as most secure browser

Report claims Edge detects and blocks phishing faster than any other browser.

Apple to open $1bn centre in Austin

iPhone maker plans on employing up to 15,000 people as part of new expansion.

Alexa, if we all shop using Google Home, will I need a website in five years’ time?

When it comes to online selling and marketing, it’s frankly ridiculous to separate online and offline.

Protecting your digital identity from hacks and breaches

As our identities become increasingly digital, protecting them from cyber threats has never been more important.

Six reasons an arts degree is an ideal springboard for a career in IT

The soft skills learned at a liberal arts college actually translate quite well to the field of IT.

UK company emails being hijacked for phishing

Victims are usually clueless they're being attacked.



比尔·盖茨接受"冰水浇头"挑战  点名穆斯克接力

你以为比尔·盖茨(BillGates)不敢尝试马克·扎克伯格(MarkZuckerberg)的“冰水浇头”挑战? 你错了。因为这是比尔·盖茨,因此视频中还增加了喷气发动机和工程需原理。

Here’s Apple Pay In Action

Apple has revealed its mobile payments play, and it features NFC and Touch ID, as many expected. The system works as fast as they joked it did on stage – which is why in our demo we ran through a number of different payment scenarios.Essentially, with the new iPhones,


Managershare:本文来自参与并通过多场面试的Saurabh Tyagi从HR那里得到的反馈,从而观察总结出面试千万别犯的7个愚蠢错误,当然,这些错误还包括HR经理的建议和一些小常识。   

iPhone 4s运行iOS 8测试: 其实还可以接受

威锋网讯,iOS 8 更新之后,不少的 iPhone 4s 用户反映他们的机器运行新的系统似乎会很吃力,因为硬件的关系,有一些功能被阉割不在话下,流畅度也得不到保证,升级新系统似乎成为了奢望。  

First Oculus Rift Documentary Wipes Out Everything Filmmakers Know

When making a movie for virtual reality, filmmakers are realizing they have to scrap almost everything they knowThat was one of many conclusions Danfung Dennis reached after finally completing Zero Point,

Hong Kong protest leader Joshua Wong released on bail

HONG KONG — Joshua Wong, the 18-year-old who is the best-known of the students who are leading the protests in Hong Kong, was released on bail on Thursday.


小编按:Global Web Index近期发布社交网络现状调查,阐述了常用社交app在过去几个月的用户分布、 […]



iOS相关健康应用不济?要等Apple Watch了

威锋网讯,尽管我们还在等待 Apple Watch,但自苹果在 iOS 8 中推出健康应用后,一系列的健康应用就声称能够让你“保持”健康,但现实的情况就是很难指出哪款应用真的能够帮助你保持健康。  

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