Spiral Galaxies Are the Ugly Ducklings of the Universe

The shape of the Milky Way galaxy, our solar system's home, may look a bit like a snail, but spiral galaxies haven't always had this structure, scientists say.In a recent report, a team of researchers said they now know when and how the majestic swirls of spiral galaxies emerged in the universe.

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Spiral Galaxies Are the Ugly Ducklings of the Universe

The shape of the Milky Way galaxy, our solar system's home, may look a bit like a snail, but spiral galaxies haven't always had this structure, scientists say.In a recent report, a team of researchers said they now know when and how the majestic swirls of spiral galaxies emerged in the universe.

NASA releases spectacular X-ray image of an entire spiral galaxy

This is The Whirlpool—the common name of M51, a spiral galaxy similar to our own Milky Way estimated to be 50,000 to 100,000 light years across. The purple dots that make it look like the biggest neon sign in the Universe are X-ray sources as seen by NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory.Read more...

At Scotland's Crawick Multiverse Garden, You Can Look into the Void

Have you ever wanted to meander between two spiral galaxies, or follow in the footsteps of a comet? Now visitors to southwest Scotland’s Nith Valley can do just that. Welcome to the “Crawick Multiverse,

Record-Breaking Galaxy Is So Big It Acts Like a Magnifying Glass

Some galaxies are so positively massive that their gravity actually distorts the light from objects behind it, turning the entire galaxy into our very own intergalactic magnifying glass. And now, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope just found the most distant one ever.Read more...

Herschel's Largest Survey of Cosmic Dust Is Huge and Beautiful

The largest ever census of dust in the local Universe has been carried out by the European Space Agency's Herschel space observatory—and the results are huge and beautiful.Read more...    

This Colossal Galaxy Cluster is an 8.5 Billion Year Old Beauty

Peering into the distant reaches of space is like turning back time. The bright red orbs at the center of this image are galaxies, as they existed 8.5 billion years ago in a faraway corner of the universe. Together,

Why It's So Hard to Find Alien LIfe

A big reason why the Fermi paradox has punch is the matter of time. Max Tegmark gets into this in his excellent new book Our Mathematical Universe (Knopf, 2014), where he runs through what many thinkers on the subject have noted:

A black hole found 'burping' out gas could solve stellar mystery

KISSIMMEE, Fla. — A black hole's epic "burp" may help solve one of the deep mysteries of the galactic core.The dust-filled expanses of spiral galaxies like the Milky Way are bursting with star formation — the dustier the area is, the more likely it is for new stars to form there.

This Newly-Discovered Class of Galaxies Shouldn't Exist

When you spot a galaxy in a telescope, you know it — galaxies are bright, dense collections of millions of stars, often in a spiral or orb shape, held tightly together by gravitational forces. But now scientists have discovered a new kind of galaxy, which they call “fluffy” and “wispy.

Here Are Two Galaxies With Supermassive Black Hole Hearts Colliding

Hey there, human, want to feel some awe? Look at this newly released NASA image set of two galaxies, each with a supermassive black hole at its heart, colliding in a violent spiral of star stuff. Space is awesome, and thanks to improved telescope technology,

Escape reality with the 10 best animated movies on Netflix

In animation, the only limitation is the filmmaker's imagination. Unbound by the physical world, this medium can illustrate stories about talking animals, enchanted realms, menacing monsters, sci-fi odysseys, or the surreal adventures of a severed limb.

Now Google will display why it's showing you its search results

The man behind the Google Search curtain is coming out to explain a few things.On Thursday, Google expanded the information that it attaches to search results to show users why they're getting the website recommendations they receive.

More than 50,000 Chevy Bolt EVs recalled because of fires — again

Back in November, Chevy Bolt EVs from 2017 through 2019 were recalled due to battery fire risk. Now, months later, the same 50,932 electric sedans are being recalled again — even after a software update went out — because of more sudden fires.

10 best classic movies on Netflix for a trip down memory lane

Every week Netflix is updating their streaming service with new releases from around the world. However, if you’re hankering for classic American cinema that’s over 30 years old, you’ll have to do some digging. Fret not. Whether you’re in the mood for twisted thrillers, charming musicals,

QAnon believers don't know how to handle Michael Flynn's ties to spyware firm behind Pegasus

Edward Snowden is calling it the "story of the year."On Sunday, the first in a series of investigations were published involving NSO Group, an Israeli firm. The report focused on how the firm's spyware software, Pegasus, has been used by governments to target world leaders, political dissidents,

Save $200 on a KitchenAid Stand Mixer and more during Best Buy's "Black Friday in July" sale

What's that? You thought Black Friday was still a few months away? Honestly, so did we, but Best Buy apparently had a different view of the situation.

The struggle to secure funding is real for pro-sex worker apps like Lips

When Annie Brown, founder of Lips, a social app for free sexual expression, applied to the Newchip Accelerator program in late April, she repeatedly asked if the investors were inclusive — with good reason. Lips picks up where Facebook and Instagram ban images and messaging.

5 Reasons Mt. Gox Won't Take Bitcoin Down With It

Mt. Gox, once the largest Bitcoin exchange, may soon be history. But Bitcoin isn't going anywhere.At least, that's the consensus among Bitcoin companies and backers. Their assertion counters Mt.

Woman Robbed, Assaulted for Wearing Google Glass in a Bar

A woman claims she was assaulted and robbed in a San Francisco bar while simply for wearing Google Glass.Sarah Slocum, a contributor at Newsdab, arrived at Molotov's, which Google Maps describes as a "laid-back bar with daily happy hour," early Saturday morning around 1:45 a.m.,

Barnes & Noble: A New Nook Tablet Is Coming This Spring

Contrary to popular belief, battered and bruised retailer Barnes & Noble is not exiting the tablet business — at least not yetIn a earnings call for the fiscal third quarter of 2014 on Wednesday,

为什么手机没有置入 SIM 卡也能打 110 等紧急电话?



咱们先来聊一聊时代的问题。这一部分的关键词,叫做Jazz Age,爵士时代。菲茨杰拉德生于1896年,并于1925年写下了他最著名的作品《了不起的盖茨比》。一年以后的1926年,一位年轻的俄国姑娘踏上了美国的土地。

最终幻想14职业资料:能工巧匠 - 雕金匠





ARPU是通信业颇为关注的一个术语,它的全称是Average Revenue PerUser,即每用户平均收入。ARPU的含义,就是计算每个用户平均每个月给通信运营商带来多少收入。但随着市场的不断变化,使用了十几年的ARPU正面临着新指标的替代。

Begin :SWIFT 基本语法 - nicStudio

国内介绍IOS书籍大多是很陈旧的代码, 2014年Apple发布了Swift语言, 毫无疑问Swift是一个强大的语言, 但是纵观国内的IOS现状,大家大多已经习惯了了OC, OC能解决的问题谁会想到去用Swift再实现一次了,本系列会一直更新下去,我会参考一些国内外著名书籍和著名论坛的Sample.



Web中的XHRHttpRequest - 码丶行者无疆

1.提出者:Jesse James Garrett2.IE中,XHR是通过ActiveX对象实现的。涉及浏览器的兼容性写法。3.使用open("请求方式","请求的URL",“同步还是异步”) send("作为请求主体发送的数据") 如果不需要,则必须传入null。responseText() .....


这题既可以用来吐槽,也可以用来吐槽,还可以用来吐槽,我简直是太开心了。作为Sleep No More的舞监,见了太多的让我在黑面具后面憋笑憋到内伤的观众,我表示哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈让我笑会再说。鉴于我在去剧场观剧应该注意哪些基本礼仪? - 张田Tiffany 的回答下面收到很多回复要求我回答Sleep No More好笑的观众,我下面会用我工作中见到的反面案例来支撑我的一系列观点,请大家严肃一点,不要笑阿噗……1. 请不要假装自己是演员。反面案例:大家都知道Sleep No More里面,观众戴白面具,工作人员戴黑面具,演员不戴面具,以示区分。

Ask a LIGO Physicist Your Questions About Gravitational Waves

Visualization of gravitational waves. Credit: Werner Benger/Wikimedia. It’s official: we’ve directly detected gravitational waves. And unless you happen to be a PhD physicist, you probably have a few questions. Gizmodo is here to help.Read more...

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