Xbox One Sales “More Than Double” In June, But Microsoft Doesn’t Disclose Absolute Figures

Today Microsoft announced that in June, sales of its Xbox One console “more than doubled.” It did not release a concrete sales figure for the time period, disappointingly. Microsoft last indicated a hard sales number for the Xbox One in April. It sold 115,000 consoles that month.

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Xbox One Sales “More Than Double” In June, But Microsoft Doesn’t Disclose Absolute Figures

Today Microsoft announced that in June, sales of its Xbox One console “more than doubled.” It did not release a concrete sales figure for the time period, disappointingly. Microsoft last indicated a hard sales number for the Xbox One in April. It sold 115,000 consoles that month.

Xbox One vs PS4: Kinect-less $399 option offers sales boost, Microsoft 'really happy'

A closer look at Microsoft’s Q3 results: Hiding away tepid Xbox One sales

Redmond has reported its latest financials, and we dive deeper into the numbers, with a full discussion of what Microsoft might be trying to hide.Read more:

Xbox One sales lag the PS4 again in September, Microsoft stresses upcoming exclusives

Microsoft suffers from no illusions when it comes to Xbox One sales vs. the console’s arch-nemesis, Sony’s PlayStation 4. The Xbox One is a powerful system that will soon take its place among Microsoft’s...The post Xbox One sales lag the PS4 again in September,

Xbox One vs PS4: IDC suggests Microsoft will unbundle the Kinect from the Xbox One to improve sales

The folks over at International Data Corporation (IDC) are forecasting that Microsoft will unbundle the Kinect sensor from the Xbox One console in 2015, amidst competitive pressure from rival consoles Nintendo Wii U and Sony PlayStation 4. By doing this, Microsoft will see an Xbox One sales bump,

Sony's PS4 is defeating Microsoft's Xbox One in worldwide console sales, one year after launch

Microsoft halts sale of Kinect for Windows v2, releases PC adapter for Xbox Kinect sensors

Now that April 1st is behind us, we can get back to serious news, and Microsoft has some seriously exciting news to announce. The Kinect team has some potentially great news for both Xbox One owners and Kinect developers using Windows. Starting today,

Microsoft releases teaser video revealing Black Friday sales on Xbox games

Microsoft has released a promotional teaser video revealing great discounts on games for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles before this upcoming Black Friday. The video shows that over 150 games will go on sale for...

Xbox One sales have doubled since the release of the $399 Kinect-less console option

After announcing the Kinect-less Xbox One console option for $399 in May, Microsoft was hoping to increase sales of the console in the ongoing war against Sony's PS4. The company revealed today that sales of the Xbox One have doubled over the past month.

Microsoft admits more needs to be done in order to beat PS4's early sales lead over Xbox One

Sony's PlayStation 4 (PS4) may be the top-selling console for third straight month, but that doesn't mean the next-generation console war is over. Not by a long shot. In fact, Microsoft's head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, admits that more needs to be done in order for the Xbox One to beat the PS4. 

SoftBank’s move into new services continues with plan for a payment service in Japan

SoftBank is best known in Japan as a mobile operator but the company, which is behind the near-$100 billion Vision Fund, is increasingly getting into other types of consumer services in its homeland. The Japanese firm last month launched a parking app,

Founders Factory signs Marks & Spencer as exclusive UK retail investor

The model of building vertical market-specific accelerators is now well known, but in the UK, Founders Factory, which has emerged from Lastminute founder Brent Hoberman’s stable of projects, is poised to take it to another level. Today it launches Founders Factory Retail,

SpaceX hyperloop pod competition winner breaks speed record

WARR Hyperloop has done it again. The engineering students from the Technical University of Munich won SpaceX’s hyperloop pod competition on Sunday for the third time. This year, WARR Hyperloop pulled off the win when their self-propelled pod reached a top speed of more than 290 miles per hour,

Festicket integrates with Spotify to help you discover festivals you’ll like

Festicket, the U.K.-based online booking platform for festivals, has integrated with Spotify to help you discover music festivals based on the music you listen to. Dubbed “Festival Finder,” the new feature requires you to connect your Spotify account to Festicket using Spotify login.

The Detroit Auto Show is finally moving out of the cold

The Detroit Auto Show—otherwise known as the North American International Auto Show—is moving its annual event out of the cold confines of January and into the warm embrace of June starting in 2020.

PayU acquires Zooz to take on international payment services

A week after PayPal led a $50 million round in the cross-border payment specialist PPRO, one of its big competitors in the developing world has announced an acquisition of its own in the same space. 

Tesla reportedly asked suppliers for cash back to help it reach profitability

In an unusual move, Tesla reportedly asked some suppliers to return part of the money it’s paid them since 2016, including for past work. According to the Wall Street Journal, which reviewed a memo Tesla sent to a supplier last week,

Funding Circle Gets Funded, $65M More For Its Small Business Lending Marketplace

Funding Circle, an online marketplace that connects small businesses looking for loans with individuals and institutions willing to lend money, has picked up a significant round of funding of its own. The startup, founded in 2009 in London and more recently active in the U.S.

Balderton Injects $6.5M Into Crowdcube’s Funding Platform

Balderton Capital is leading an investment into investment crowdfunding platform Crowdcube. Yes, things really have got that meta in the startup investment world. Read More

Online Fashion Company ModCloth Lays Off 70 Employees

Online retailer ModCloth laid off around 70 employees yesterday, a little under 15 percent of its 500-person-plus workforce.We first heard about the cuts through a couple of emailed tips and a comment on Twitter. A ModCloth spokesperson confirmed the news. Read More


项目背景   广点通改版之前有三个投放端各自面向不同类型的客户,在用户日常使用过程中还是遇到很多问题,版本复杂,功能规划不统一,用户体验细节不佳,影响工作效率。   

含有SilverLight项目的代码重用 - sinodzh






Ubuntu 15.04 发布,支持 OpenStack Kilo 和 LXD Hypervisor

Andy Samberg would give everyone an Emmy... if he could

Warning: Emmys can kill.During the 67th Annual Emmy Awards, host Andy Samburg paid musical tribute to the Mad Men series finale that ended with that famous "I'd Like To Buy The World A Coke" ad. But instead of buying the world a coke, Samburg would love to give the world an EmmyHowever,

外媒觉得拿苹果 微软 安卓比较完全没必要

人类往往都是非常爱进行比较的,比较房子,比较汽车,比较收入,比较手机等等,所以,众多的机友们经常将微软和苹果,或者 iPhone 和Android 进行比较,也不足为奇了,但是外媒对此提出了质疑,这些比较是否有必要呢?  


产品线越来越完善,LinkedIn 为大学生群体上线“LinkedIn Students”

为了将更多学生揽入旗下产品,LinkedIn 今天上线了一个独立产品:LinkedIn Students。这个产品只针对在校大学生研发,可以帮助而他们生成简历,找到职业发展路径、寻找对口工作机会,同时和校友建立联系。LinkedIn 的优势在于,可以有效捕获在职员工、结识业内人士,所以在校大学生就成为 LinkedIn 的盲区。据 LinkedIn 的产品经理 Ada Yu 表示,这个问题导致很多学生用户流失,因为他们不会使用产品来建立个人档案。所以 LinkedIn 开始着手吸引这部分人群,最简单有效的做法,就是在现有的成熟产品之外研发一个有针对性的产品。

所有 iPhone 都将于2018年采用OLED屏幕?

新的一天,新的 OLED iPhone 传闻。威锋网消息,根据台湾《联合报》的报道,苹果已于近段时间向其供应链厂商发出通知,iPhone 产品线的所有产品将会在 2018 年换上 OLED 屏幕。也就是说,不仅是 2018 年旗舰机型(可能叫 iPhone 8,也有可能是叫 iPhone 8s)会配备 OLED 屏幕,届时仍在出售的(比如 iPhone 6)所有 iPhone 都有这一特性。  报道称,从 2017 年开始,部分 iPhone 将会率先投入 OLED 屏幕的怀抱。也就是说,我们最早可以在明年的 iPhone 7s(又或者是直接叫 iPhone 8?)身上看到这种全新的屏幕。

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