Web application security is rife with conflict and confusion

How can organisations ensure that their applications are protected on their own networks and across multiple clouds?

Huawei Matebook X Pro review

Huawei may have released the best laptop of the year - if you can afford it.

UK businesses risking huge GDPR fines

Businesses in the trades sector are ditching old tech without wiping memory first.

5G could generate billions for global GDP

Next-generation networks could mean big money for countries across the world.

Apple will update iPhones to end Qualcomm legal battle

Software update for iPhone users in China will solve patent issues, Apple says.

Microsoft Edge named as most secure browser

Report claims Edge detects and blocks phishing faster than any other browser.

Apple to open $1bn centre in Austin

iPhone maker plans on employing up to 15,000 people as part of new expansion.

Alexa, if we all shop using Google Home, will I need a website in five years’ time?

When it comes to online selling and marketing, it’s frankly ridiculous to separate online and offline.

Simplify classroom management with class control software

Classroom management software helps teachers create a simplified and, distraction-free learning environment that encourages inquiry-based learning, peer-to-peer collaboration, and promotes student participation.

Intel reveals Core i9 generation

Computing giant reveals selection of new chips for those looking to upgrade.

When it comes to training, AI doesn’t quite have what it takes

Automation won't replace humans but they will need to learn new skills to control it.

Sony Announces Virtual Reality Headset For PS4

An anonymous reader writes "Sony has announced 'Project Morpheus,' their project to develop a virtual reality headset for use with the PlayStation 4. 'Using a combination of Sony's own hardware, combining personal video viewers with PlayStation Move controllers,

OCZ RevoDrive 350 PCIe SSD Hits 1.8GB/sec With Standard Toshiba MLC NAND

MojoKid (1002251) writes "OCZ was recently acquired by Toshiba and has been going through its product stack, revamping its SSD portfolio with fresh re-designs based on Toshiba NAND Flash memory for not only increased performance but better cost structure as well.

Civil cservice plan reveals changes to Government Digital Service

The updated Civil Service Plan for 2014/15, published last week by the Civil Service, has revealed changes to the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) and the Government Digital Service (GDS).Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Google, Canon, Dropbox and more wage war on trolls

A new partnership between Canon, Google, Dropbox, SAP, Asana and Newegg is attempting to preempt frivolous lawsuits from ‘non-participating entities’ commonly known as patent trolls.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/07/10/google-canon-dropbox-and-more-wage-war-on-trolls/


9月9日消息,小米手机“自动回传用户资料”一事刚平息不久又起波澜,《苹果日报》香港版连发两篇文章——《资料传北京 Apps疑被做手脚》、《小米泄密风波 私隐署跟进》,先是援引资讯安全公司Nexusguard Consulting测试,指责更新后的红米1S(小米此前表示更新OTA后会解决自动回传问题)还是没解决自动回传问题,每隔半小时便会将手机资料上传至新加坡服务器,后又指控小米商店App被“做手脚”。



华为荣耀及Mate系列热卖 LTPS面板使用比重估近四成

随着小米、华为等国内品牌市占率的提升,国内手机高阶显示屏渗透率逐步提升。据CINNO Research,预估2014年国内手机品牌中LTPS与Oxide面板渗透率将达25.8%,但该部分面板国产化率不足6%。

c# 条码打印—电子监管码打印 - 开心懒人

说到条码打印,很多人会说直接调用诸如codesoft 或者bartender之类的软件来打印。没错,简单单独打印是可以使用这些方法。但实际项目应用中所需要的条码打印功能却很复杂,必须结合公司的业务软件才能很到位的打印条码。




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