Four ways a strong IT service desk can improve healthcare

In the healthcare world, the quality of the provider’s IT support can have a major impact on the health, even lives of patients.

Why Microsoft should dump Skype, and roll its user base into Lync

We discuss the compelling case for killing off Skype in favour of Lync, and why there’s a fair chance this is what Microsoft might have in mind.Read more:

Elon Musk Is Right, Burning Man Is Silicon Valley

Burning man is both an intrinsic part of Silicon Valley and a DJ party in the desert. It’s a place where folks are free to run around in sparkles and spandex and leather and nothing, covered in dust. A place for rich people to party and nude hippies to dance around the fire.

Microsoft Surface Go review

An ideal pocket-sized budget work companion, but don't expect anything earth-shattering.

To stop phishing in play, rely on human intuition over technology

Playing to your strengths could be the key to keeping your business safe.

IoT is ready to go fully mainstream

Businesses that are employing IoT are already seeing a return on their investment, Vodafone report finds.

Ericsson says it is ready for 5G

New enhancements to 5G Platform and a whole slew of other upgrades revealed.

Chrome will make it harder to block incognito browsing

"FileSystem" API flaw had meant some private browsing was not so private after all.

5G and 4IR has unleashed the Internet of Things

The rapid growth of the IoT and its need for reliable, ubiquitous connectivity represents a significant opportunity for telcos.

Huawei: US will not crush us

US is only a part of the world, defiant company founder says.

How sports teams, athletes and fans reap the rewards of big data

Sports organisations are investing heavily in data-driven decision-making all the way from the players to the stadium experience itself.

Digital customer experience: Tablets or quarter portion Peking duck

Does simply using a digital device make for a digital experience or are we looking to a more quantifiable benefit from digitalisation?

Web application security is rife with conflict and confusion

How can organisations ensure that their applications are protected on their own networks and across multiple clouds?

7 Steps for a Smooth Transition From Freelance to Full-Time

Whistle while you work — oh, those wonderful little dwarfs, so happy to be part of Snow White’s crew. That’s what you envision, isn’t it, now that you’ve traded in your freelancer or consultant title for a full-time spot and health benefits at a corporate office?



Turkish Police Detain CNN Reporter On Air on Gezi Anniversary

Turkish police detained journalist Ivan Watson while he was reporting live on air Saturday.In the video, above, Watson is describing the scene in central Istanbul, when plainclothes police officers begin surrounding him (around the 3:00 mark). The CNN correspondent, who is based in Istanbul,

iOS 8,苹果开放的起点?

本文作者为触宝科技CEO王佳梁2010年的一个冬天,巴塞罗那,一位苹果副总裁坐在我面前。“Your keyboard is really impressive!”(你的输入法真的令人印象深刻)他微笑着跟我说。



力與美的混搭HTC One 時尚版4G雙卡雙待開箱


Mayhem in Hong Kong as Police Fire Tear Gas at Protesters

Police doused pro-democracy protestors in Hong Kong with tear gas and pepper spray Sunday, as demonstrations outside the Hong Kong government's headquarters intensified following Beijing's decision to restrict democratic reforms in the cityProtesters used umbrellas to block jets of pepper spray,



Frigid Friday: Tens of millions in US see coldest morning of the year

Friday morning was the coldest morning of the winter so far for tens of millions of Americans, with longstanding records being broken from the Midwest, into the Tennessee River Valley, and eastward to the East CoastThe cold comes courtesy of a highly contorted, or in weather lingo, "amplified,

Reddit 将在搜索中屏蔽违规内容,重申内容禁令

Reddit 将对网站上的霸凌、骚扰,以及鼓励暴力的内容采取更严厉的姿态。本周四,Reddit 新任 CEO 史蒂夫·哈弗曼(Steve Huffman)宣布了 一系列网站管理规定 ,并通过“Ask Me Anything”讨论版对这些新规进行了解读。

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