Four ways a strong IT service desk can improve healthcare

In the healthcare world, the quality of the provider’s IT support can have a major impact on the health, even lives of patients.

Why Microsoft should dump Skype, and roll its user base into Lync

We discuss the compelling case for killing off Skype in favour of Lync, and why there’s a fair chance this is what Microsoft might have in mind.Read more:

Elon Musk Is Right, Burning Man Is Silicon Valley

Burning man is both an intrinsic part of Silicon Valley and a DJ party in the desert. It’s a place where folks are free to run around in sparkles and spandex and leather and nothing, covered in dust. A place for rich people to party and nude hippies to dance around the fire.

Huawei's communications gear more susceptible to hacks, experts claim.

500 enterprise network devices, and some 10,000 firmware variants for those devices, were tested for vulnerabilities.

China accused of stealing valuable data from a handful of tech giants

By attacking technology service providers, the group known as APT10 was able to reach valuable intel on its clients.

Robots will replace millions of jobs within the decade

If your job doesn't require empathy, social intelligence or creativity, start considering reskilling.

The advent of 5G will lead to ‘industry 5.0’: here’s what you need to know and how your company need

Industry 5.0 is not as far away as you think, and may not be prepared.

Five changes enterprises can expect with edge computing

As enterprises embrace edge computing, they can expect big payoffs.

New IoT-targeting malware spotted in the wild

The creator wants to make it even more destructible.

Cybersecurity obligations: The laws and regulations to comply with in today’s digital era

It is vital for businesses to continually assess their IT infrastructure and the technical measures.

How sports teams, athletes and fans reap the rewards of big data

Sports organisations are investing heavily in data-driven decision-making all the way from the players to the stadium experience itself.

Digital customer experience: Tablets or quarter portion Peking duck

Does simply using a digital device make for a digital experience or are we looking to a more quantifiable benefit from digitalisation?

Web application security is rife with conflict and confusion

How can organisations ensure that their applications are protected on their own networks and across multiple clouds?

Impact Crater Origin of Mars Meteorites Discovered

astroengine writes "Out of the thousands of craters scarring the face of Mars, one has emerged as the likely source of most of the Martian meteorites that have been recovered on Earth, a new study shows. Researchers pinpoint Mojave Crater,



扩展ViewFlow避免和ViewPager滑动冲突,同时支持无限循环,并完美和CircleFlowIndicator结合 - Kai.Ma

首先,为了避免滑动冲突,我们要继承ViewFlow,重写onInterceptTouchEvent 1 public class MyViewFlow extends ViewFlow { 2 private ViewPager mPager; 3 4 public MyViewF...







网贷综合收益率两年遭腰斩 业内:年化7%才健康



正在举行的国际消费电子展(CES)上涌现出了不少新奇的玩意,知名户外轮滑鞋品牌 Acton 也推出了一款智能产品——电动滑板 Blink-Board。Blink-Board 外观与普通的长板型滑板并没有太大差别,身长 26.5 英寸(约 67 厘米),顶多是款式比较潮,板面两侧配有酷炫的 LED 灯。不过既然是电动滑板,Blink-Board 自然是由电力驱动的了,用户只需站在上面操控即可。



Merrill Corporation老将Dan Hostetter被任命为全球策略咨询业务负责人

纽约、伦敦和香港--(美国商业资讯)--全球安全内容分享、通讯监管和合规披露服务提供商Merrill Corporation (宣布,已擢升在公司任职19年的老将Dan Hostetter为全球策略咨询业务负责人。上任之后,Hostetter将带领Merrill扩张和提升公司的金融交易和安全合作服务,服务对象是当前国际资本市场领域最为活跃的律所、投行和私募股权公司。   Hostetter将常驻波士顿,向 Merrill全球首席营收官Todd Albright汇报。他的任命将立即生效。在过去7年中,他创建并成功培育了Merrill的亚太区业务。

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