Microsoft boosts cloud business to go after government contracts

The company's expanded Azure cloud service for governments will arrive in Q1 2019.

Microsoft Surface Go review

An ideal pocket-sized budget work companion, but don't expect anything earth-shattering.

To stop phishing in play, rely on human intuition over technology

Playing to your strengths could be the key to keeping your business safe.

IoT is ready to go fully mainstream

Businesses that are employing IoT are already seeing a return on their investment, Vodafone report finds.

Ericsson says it is ready for 5G

New enhancements to 5G Platform and a whole slew of other upgrades revealed.

Chrome will make it harder to block incognito browsing

"FileSystem" API flaw had meant some private browsing was not so private after all.

5G and 4IR has unleashed the Internet of Things

The rapid growth of the IoT and its need for reliable, ubiquitous connectivity represents a significant opportunity for telcos.

Huawei: US will not crush us

US is only a part of the world, defiant company founder says.

Four ways a strong IT service desk can improve healthcare

In the healthcare world, the quality of the provider’s IT support can have a major impact on the health, even lives of patients.

How sports teams, athletes and fans reap the rewards of big data

Sports organisations are investing heavily in data-driven decision-making all the way from the players to the stadium experience itself.

Digital customer experience: Tablets or quarter portion Peking duck

Does simply using a digital device make for a digital experience or are we looking to a more quantifiable benefit from digitalisation?


在OCP峰会上,对开源技术和硬件怀揣激情的工程师们走到一起,参加24小时黑客马拉松,在此期间,他们不停地工作希望在激烈的竞争中脱颖而出,Ron Herardian和他的团队今年夺得了冠军,他分享了这惊心动魄的24小时。

排队也难买 Galaxy S5发售当天销量猛增1.3倍

安锋网 4 月 13 日消息 两天之前,三星最新款 Android 旗舰智能手机 Galaxy S5 正式在全球 125 个国家正式上市,或许真是由于组件导致的产能问题,没有达到预期的 150 个国家,很多地区上市日期将出现延误。

阿里牵头财团5亿投资21世纪传媒 占股20%


苹果招募2名前耐克FuelBand工程师 疑为iWatch做准备

前段时间,耐克公司宣布削减FuelBand硬件团队的消息。而在日前,苹果把被耐克裁掉的两名FuelBand工程师招入麾下。他们是Ryan Bailey和Jon Gale。

Office Delve coming to Microsoft Office 365 business customers

The information and people discovery tool is set to arrive on all Office 365 business versions in January 2015 with a roll out in stages that sees administrators the first to benefit.Read more:





美国欲对电商征税 阿里等或可幸免



每天等待 App 太痛苦?小美特别推出一周 App 合集,一次发现一周精品 App。 Timeline #iPhone -- 新闻背后的故事,交给它来挖掘 每条新闻都有其因果,但往往大家没有闲暇去梳理事件脉络。

No, a CIA agent didn't just admit to murdering Marilyn Monroe

Did a retired CIA officer recently admit on his deathbed that he murdered Marilyn Monroe? Nope. It’s all part of a stupid hoax from fake news site World News Daily Report. Read more...

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