How education and training can help bridge the cybersecurity skills gap

Addressing the cybersecurity skills gap will require businesses, educations, cybersecurity professionals and even governments to work together.

Microsoft Surface Go review

An ideal pocket-sized budget work companion, but don't expect anything earth-shattering.

To stop phishing in play, rely on human intuition over technology

Playing to your strengths could be the key to keeping your business safe.

IoT is ready to go fully mainstream

Businesses that are employing IoT are already seeing a return on their investment, Vodafone report finds.

Ericsson says it is ready for 5G

New enhancements to 5G Platform and a whole slew of other upgrades revealed.

Chrome will make it harder to block incognito browsing

"FileSystem" API flaw had meant some private browsing was not so private after all.

5G and 4IR has unleashed the Internet of Things

The rapid growth of the IoT and its need for reliable, ubiquitous connectivity represents a significant opportunity for telcos.

Huawei: US will not crush us

US is only a part of the world, defiant company founder says.

Microsoft boosts cloud business to go after government contracts

The company's expanded Azure cloud service for governments will arrive in Q1 2019.

Four ways a strong IT service desk can improve healthcare

In the healthcare world, the quality of the provider’s IT support can have a major impact on the health, even lives of patients.

How sports teams, athletes and fans reap the rewards of big data

Sports organisations are investing heavily in data-driven decision-making all the way from the players to the stadium experience itself.

每周产品更新:承载阿里 O2O 希望的高德地图


The Man Who Gave Ukraine's Army 1,000 Bulletproof Vests

KIEV, Ukraine — “What you have to understand is that the state as a European or an American understands it, doesn’t exist in Ukraine,” Yuri told me on a sunny afternoon in Kiev two weeks ago.As Ukraine continues to grapple with insurrection within its own borders,

高德宣布开放导航SDK 兼容车载与步行两种方式

高德LBS开放平台今日宣布导航SDK V1.0.0版正式上线,这也是高德首次在其核心导航领域面向开发者开放SDK。该SDK兼容了车载与步行两种导航方式,这次上线的版本为导航SDK V1.0.0 Android版,而iOS版本后续也将登陆。

退烧旗舰 小米手机 4 全方位解读



听到这个传闻意外吗?在经历了 Windows...

Google 'encourages' users of old browsers to get with the times

The Mountain View-based company has begun showing the 2013 version of its search homepage to those using out-of-date web browsers, in a change that users have criticised as "heavy handed."Read more:

丰谷酒业首登秋季糖酒会 新品亮相引爆健康饮酒风

成都2014年10月22日电 /美通社/ -- 2014年10月12日,有着中国食品行业“晴雨表”之称的第91届全国糖酒商品交易会(简称“秋糖”)在重庆国际博览中心举行。


苹果的产品以工业设计闻名,以Jony Ive为首的设计师们创造了无数杰作,包括你正在使用的Mac、iPhone或是iPad。当然,他们的才华不仅仅局限在数码产品领域,有时候也会玩点跨界、设计一些其他产品。  


车内“ConnectedDrive在线商店”首开先河 巴塞罗那2015年3月5日电 /美通社/ -- 埃森哲(纽交所代码:ACN)为宝马集团设计并部署了一个弹性的后端平台,以支持其互联驾驶服务系统 -- ConnectedDrive 实现新功能。


据媒体爆料,目前,微信正在内测公众号“打赏”功能,被打赏的公众账号作者将会获得读者的“小费”,微信团队已邀请了 […]

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