Microsoft restarts Windows 10 October Update rollout after fixing bug

Fault had caused people's files to go missing.

Huawei's communications gear more susceptible to hacks, experts claim.

500 enterprise network devices, and some 10,000 firmware variants for those devices, were tested for vulnerabilities.

China accused of stealing valuable data from a handful of tech giants

By attacking technology service providers, the group known as APT10 was able to reach valuable intel on its clients.

Robots will replace millions of jobs within the decade

If your job doesn't require empathy, social intelligence or creativity, start considering reskilling.

The advent of 5G will lead to ‘industry 5.0’: here’s what you need to know and how your company need

Industry 5.0 is not as far away as you think, and may not be prepared.

Five changes enterprises can expect with edge computing

As enterprises embrace edge computing, they can expect big payoffs.

New IoT-targeting malware spotted in the wild

The creator wants to make it even more destructible.

Cybersecurity obligations: The laws and regulations to comply with in today’s digital era

It is vital for businesses to continually assess their IT infrastructure and the technical measures.

Data adequacy post-Brexit

This article explores the importance of understanding the significance of being data adequate – or not – in a post- Brexit landscape, regardless of the exact ‘type’ of Brexit outcome.

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN may be on the expensive side when it comes to monthly pricing but its two and three year plans make it much more affordable to sign up for this powerful VPN.

How education and training can help bridge the cybersecurity skills gap

Addressing the cybersecurity skills gap will require businesses, educations, cybersecurity professionals and even governments to work together.

建筑空间--越南ha giang竹子住宅

建筑师:h&p architects 地点:东范高原的岩石哈河边,越南 主持建筑师:doan thanh ha & tran ngoc phuong 团队:an viet dung、ninh viet ha、nguyen vi phuong 年份:2013年

百度下线800家P2P平台 审查后出黑白名单


CNN's Head of Digital Is Out Amid Widespread Cuts at Turner

KC Estenson, senior vice president and general manager of, is being let go amid major cuts at the news outlet, according to a source at CNN.Estenson, who has been with CNN since 2008, is among the most senior employees to get swept up,

KOR-FX 遊戲體感背心 令您感受被子彈打中的感覺

現時部份遊戲已經支援 3D 顯示功能,令玩家在打機時可以享受更高的視覺效果。不過若果再加多另一種感觀享受大家覺得又如何呢?

Lazada, Rocket Internet’s Amazon Clone In Southeast Asia, Raises $250M Led By Temasek

We don’t often see companies announcing funding rounds on the weekend, but that’s not stopping Lazada, the Rocket Internet-backed e-commerce firm in Southeast Asia, from announcing it has pulled in €200 million (around $250 million) in fresh capital. Read More



Alaskan angler recycles fish into clothes

Four years ago, Craig Kasberg was just another Alaskan teenage angler, spending upwards of 28 days at sea aboard his vessel, Katz.Okay, so maybe not a typical teenager. But by his 23rd birthday, the Juneau native had already spent eight summers on the ocean,

解决ArcGIS Android Could not find class ''问题 - cannel

环境win7 64bit sp1,eclipse 4.2.1 ,android API 16,ADT 23.0.2,arcgis android sdk 10.2.4从arcgis-android-sdk-v10.2.4包里取出其中的例子helloworld,作为项目import进去1.Class ...


很多人没事儿就喜欢扳一扳自己的手指关节,听着“啪啪”的声音有一种莫名的满足感。这个大家习以为常的动作里有什么奥妙?让我们直接往骨头里看。  奇葩科普团队 Vox 运用 X 光来解说扳指节背后的科学道理。



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