Amazon is toppling Google as online ad choice

Many companies are switching ad spend from Google to Amazon, new reports claim.

Huawei's communications gear more susceptible to hacks, experts claim.

500 enterprise network devices, and some 10,000 firmware variants for those devices, were tested for vulnerabilities.

China accused of stealing valuable data from a handful of tech giants

By attacking technology service providers, the group known as APT10 was able to reach valuable intel on its clients.

Robots will replace millions of jobs within the decade

If your job doesn't require empathy, social intelligence or creativity, start considering reskilling.

The advent of 5G will lead to ‘industry 5.0’: here’s what you need to know and how your company need

Industry 5.0 is not as far away as you think, and may not be prepared.

Five changes enterprises can expect with edge computing

As enterprises embrace edge computing, they can expect big payoffs.

New IoT-targeting malware spotted in the wild

The creator wants to make it even more destructible.

Cybersecurity obligations: The laws and regulations to comply with in today’s digital era

It is vital for businesses to continually assess their IT infrastructure and the technical measures.

Microsoft restarts Windows 10 October Update rollout after fixing bug

Fault had caused people's files to go missing.

Data adequacy post-Brexit

This article explores the importance of understanding the significance of being data adequate – or not – in a post- Brexit landscape, regardless of the exact ‘type’ of Brexit outcome.

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN may be on the expensive side when it comes to monthly pricing but its two and three year plans make it much more affordable to sign up for this powerful VPN.


亚马逊创始人兼CEO杰夫·贝索斯在发布第一款智能手机Fire Phone后,发言强调了生态系统的重要性,“这与硬件配置无关,而是具备了亚马逊的服务”。



The Virtual Assistant Could Be The Next Interpreter Of Enterprise Data, Starting With Google Now

You can ask Siri, Google Now and Cortana about movies, weather and sports, but you can’t yet ask them about your company’s budget for the fiscal year, or your department’s sales performance last quarter. That may be about to change, however,


上周,Mozilla表示将要发布Firefox开发者版本,这是一个“由开发者为开发者打造”的版本。这个特殊版本是Firefox 1.0发布十周年庆活动的一部分。但是,在这个版本发布前夕,Mozilla却一反常态地安静。

嫌小?给你大的!大型按摩振动棒:Viper Fitness Roller

镇定!各位男性朋友不要只看到按摩振动棒这五个字,各位女性朋友也不要只看到嫌小这两个字。这是一个非常健康的神奇组 […]


泻药 @袁霖除了 @TIAN TANO 以外,似乎还没有食品界的业内人士回答。我认为 @唐文韬 的回答基本全面了,就再补充一些。1. 不必把新版GB19298的出台看作是一个很重大的事情。

美国宣布同性婚姻合法化:库克发表 “感言”

威锋网讯,美国发生了一件大事,那就是高级法院正式宣布美国 50 个州的同性恋婚姻合法化,在裁决公布之后,诸如谷歌、摩托罗拉、推特等科技企业都参与到庆祝的行列中,重视人人平等的苹果自然也不例外。  

一加将在 10 月 29 号发布新手机一加 X

中国的安卓手机生产商一加正准备发布新智能手机。这是它今年内发布的第二款手机,同时也是第三款一加手机。一加宣布 10 月 29 号将在伦敦举办这场即将来临的发布会。 See you October 29, London. #PowerfullyBeautiful pic.twitter.

SeaWorld Cancels Inhumane Orca Show, Replaces It With New Orca Show About "Conservation"

So there’s good SeaWorld news and bad SeaWorld news. The good SeaWorld news is that, after decades of criticism, the park will phase out its infamous Shamu show next year. The bad SeaWorld news is that the killer whales will just star in a new show.Read more...


由于项目缺乏透明度和软件开发资助者之间存在利益冲突,多名比特币项目的核心开发者退出创建了新的数字货币Decred,新数字货币将采用去中心化的开放治理模式开发。Decred由名叫Company 0 LLC的公司管理和资助,公司CEO Jacob Yocom-Piatt说,比特币软件由一小群人控制着,他们排外性的决定什么能做什么不能改变。

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