Huawei unveils new AI-powered server chips

Chinese giant launches Ascend 910 chipset, a 7nm piece which Huawei claims is twice as powerful as the competition.

Huawei's communications gear more susceptible to hacks, experts claim.

500 enterprise network devices, and some 10,000 firmware variants for those devices, were tested for vulnerabilities.

China accused of stealing valuable data from a handful of tech giants

By attacking technology service providers, the group known as APT10 was able to reach valuable intel on its clients.

Robots will replace millions of jobs within the decade

If your job doesn't require empathy, social intelligence or creativity, start considering reskilling.

The advent of 5G will lead to ‘industry 5.0’: here’s what you need to know and how your company need

Industry 5.0 is not as far away as you think, and may not be prepared.

Five changes enterprises can expect with edge computing

As enterprises embrace edge computing, they can expect big payoffs.

New IoT-targeting malware spotted in the wild

The creator wants to make it even more destructible.

Cybersecurity obligations: The laws and regulations to comply with in today’s digital era

It is vital for businesses to continually assess their IT infrastructure and the technical measures.

Amazon is toppling Google as online ad choice

Many companies are switching ad spend from Google to Amazon, new reports claim.

Microsoft restarts Windows 10 October Update rollout after fixing bug

Fault had caused people's files to go missing.

Data adequacy post-Brexit

This article explores the importance of understanding the significance of being data adequate – or not – in a post- Brexit landscape, regardless of the exact ‘type’ of Brexit outcome.

Windows Phone 8.1通知中心演示视频曝光

自从Windows Phone 8.1 SDK开发套装发布以及相关文档泄露之后,有关WP8.1新系统的各种新特性新功能的泄露信息就不停出现在我们的视野中。虽然现在大部分用户都已经知道,8.

进军汽车领域:苹果 CarPlay 已做好了准备

2001 年之前,我们不知道苹果电脑公司居然会推出 MP3 播放器;2007 年之前,我们不知道苹果电脑公司居然会造手机,其公司名称也自此改为苹果公司。

阴谋论! 微软在收购诺基亚之初就已决心裁员


iPhone 6发布会真的是“伟哥发布会”?

导语:很多达人意见领袖,还有所谓的“竞争对手”行业人士,都毫不客气的对iPhone 6进行了批评,总的来说集中 […]



Windows 10 for Phone新图曝光:开始屏幕透明度可调整

在版本号为10031的Windows 10系统中,除对Task View虚拟桌面等细节进行改善的同时在外观上最大的改变就是采用了透明的开始菜单和开始桌面,允许用户看到桌面的背景,而近日根据波兰论坛曝光的截图,这项界面调整将会沿用至Windows 10 for Phone。



GoPro's Making Spherical Camera Mounts For VR Video (and Drones Too)

GoPro’s CEO Nick Woodman has announced that his company is making a new spherical camera mount which swallows six action cameras in order to record video footage for virtual reality experiences. GoPro is also making a drone, which it plans to sell in the first half of 2016.Read more...

今日新聞淺談:Windows 10 來了!建議如果沒升級到 8.1 是不用更新啦...

Windows 10 終於來了(怎麼更新請按這邊),但是因為我家中的桌機很久之前就已經送給家人了,現在除了 OS X 之外,算是很久沒有接觸 Windows 系統了,主要是因為想要養成回到家之後不再繼續看電腦的習慣(結果改成看 iPad.

Academy script reader tells woman her comedy could be 'decent porn'

LOS ANGELES — Rachel Koller is new at screenwriting, but her first experience should prepare her for a lifetime of being a woman in Hollywood.A member of the Academy who reads scripts for the institution's prestigious screenwriting competition, the Academy Nicholl Fellowship,

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