Machine learning: A glimpse of the invisible competitive edge

The unconscious decision-making of machine learning presents both problems and opportunities for brands.

AI fails: why AI still isn’t ready to take your job

Howard Williams, marketing director at Parker Software, explores how recent artificial intelligence mishaps show that AI still isn’t ready to take our jobs just yet.

A GDPR storm is coming – are you prepared?

If you aren’t GDPR compliant you’re likely to be in some serious trouble in the next few months.

Amazon to add 1,000 UK jobs

Northern England, namely Manchester, is getting its first Amazon office.

Apple reportedly set to ditch Intel for Arm hardware

If it happens, it will happen in 2020 or 2021, new reports claim.

Scrutiny on the data supply chain

In the data supply chain, businesses within the financial services space need to understand and to audit what happens to the data across the process.

BlackBerry vs Facebook – a David vs Goliath conundrum

Earlier this year, BlackBerry sued Facebook in the US for infringement of multiple patents, relating to various aspects of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp & Instagram.

Know your audience – the people behind the data

Developing a deep understanding of customers behaviours and preferences is the key to unlocking your data potential says Stuart Robb, CEO and founder of Equiniti Data.

Google to challenge record antitrust fine

“We have now filed our appeal of the EC’s Android decision at the General Court of the EU,” Google declares.

Huawei unveils new AI-powered server chips

Chinese giant launches Ascend 910 chipset, a 7nm piece which Huawei claims is twice as powerful as the competition.

Amazon is toppling Google as online ad choice

Many companies are switching ad spend from Google to Amazon, new reports claim.

YouTube今天出现宕机 部分用户无法访问

YouTube今天出现宕机,一些用户无法访问YouTube.com首页的网站或视频。 这一问题的普遍性还不得而知,但从Twitter的抱怨情况来看肯定有很多用户表示不满。

微软确定下个月开始推送Windows Phone 8.1更新

据外媒报道,日前,微软官方终于确认,将从下个月24日起开始向用户推送Windows Phone 8.1,而这一增量更新将在未来的3年时间都陪伴着WP用户。WP8.



11 月 7 日起投入服務!JR 西日本《EVA》新幹線列車設有駕駛艙可供乘坐

今年是《EVA》(新世紀福音戰士)TV 版誕生 20 週年,所以最近每隔幾日都會有 不少相關消息及新產品情報。

权限管理系统之角色管理 - 辰希小筑


Dog is completely beside herself when her human leaves for school

Dixie the dog doesn't understand why she can't go to school with her human. It's just not fair!When her pal gets out of the car to go into the school building, all Dixie can do is stare out the window and cry. Dixie's owner writes on the video that she does this "every morning."Poor Dixie.

Red 推「入门级」5K 电影摄影机 Scarlet-W,美金一万有找(算是相对便宜啦...)

要是拍摄视频时如果能用上 Red 的摄影机,感觉好像单就「场面」气势就强上了不少,而现在该公司倒是为低预算制作团队准备了无论在厂牌(Red!Check),或者是在画质(5K!

openssl之对称加密算法命令详解 - Gordon0918

1、对称加密算法概述 openssl的加密算法库提供了丰富的对称加密算法,我们可以通过openssl提供的对称加密算法指令的方式使用,也可以通过调用openssl提供的API的方式使用。 openssl的对称加密算法指令主要用来对数据进行加密和解密处理,openssl基本上为所有其支持的对称加密算法

170 美元的设备最快6秒即可破解iPhone密码

北京时间4月5日消息,据科技网站Phone Arena报道,在伦敦的一家叫做Fone Fun的电子用品商店中出售一款iPhone锁屏密码破解设备,售价为170美元。  近期,关于政府执法机构是否应该迫使苹果解锁手机来寻找证据的事件还没有落下帷幕,英国一家商店却开始出售一台破解iPhone锁屏密码的设备。  该商店的店长马克说,这台设备是开发来帮助那些忘记自己锁屏密码的iPhone用户进入他们的照片或者通讯录的。马克说当他们在香港第一次看到这台设备时,他们十分怀疑它到底有没有用。但是随着时间的推移,这台设备一次又一次的证明了自己。  

Fhotoroom app gets new drawing brush tools for Windows 10

Fhotoroom is one of the most popular photo editing tools out for Windows users, and for good reason. The app not only gives its users an excellent collection of tools to work on photos,...The post Fhotoroom app gets new drawing brush tools for Windows 10 appeared first on WinBeta.

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