How video sensors provide a smarter, holistic view of physical security

AI-powered cameras can help businesses address the need for continuous surveillance.

Huawei Matebook X Pro review

Huawei may have released the best laptop of the year - if you can afford it.

UK businesses risking huge GDPR fines

Businesses in the trades sector are ditching old tech without wiping memory first.

5G could generate billions for global GDP

Next-generation networks could mean big money for countries across the world.

Apple will update iPhones to end Qualcomm legal battle

Software update for iPhone users in China will solve patent issues, Apple says.

Microsoft Edge named as most secure browser

Report claims Edge detects and blocks phishing faster than any other browser.

Apple to open $1bn centre in Austin

iPhone maker plans on employing up to 15,000 people as part of new expansion.

Alexa, if we all shop using Google Home, will I need a website in five years’ time?

When it comes to online selling and marketing, it’s frankly ridiculous to separate online and offline.

How ECM Solutions are evolving with the digital workplace

ECM systems provide employees with the documents they need while also safeguarding an organisation's valuable information.

How to avoid wireless dead zones by selecting the right equipment

Get the best connection possible in any situation with these tips.

Machine learning: A glimpse of the invisible competitive edge

The unconscious decision-making of machine learning presents both problems and opportunities for brands.





Flat Club Launches ‘Priceline For P2P Rental’, Allows Guests To Post Requests

Appartment rentals and sharing startup Flat Club has launched a radically new function which we think is pretty cool. It’s created a sort of ‘Priceline for peer to peer rentals’ called LiveDemand. Instead of hosts posting listings,





打造漂亮的XAML应用:微软推出Blend for VS 2015 Preview

上周早些时候,微软发布了Visual Studio 2015预览版,以及Visual Studio的一个免费版本(VS213社区版)。而现在,微软又为大家带来了一个开发漂亮XAML应用的好帮手,它就是Blend for Visual Studio 2015(预览版)。






说起众筹,那么大家可能会想到 Kickstarter 这个知名的国外众筹平台,不管是家居用品,创意产品还是游戏、APP 都可以在这个平台上募集资金,同时筹资方会通过适当的额外奖励来回馈投资者,显然这是一种三赢的投资模式(众筹平台、厂商、投资者)。

How Colin the Caterpillar spent his drunken 25th birthday

LONDON – Most people in Britain know Colin the Caterpillar as the innocent centrepiece of many an awkward office birthday celebration, but few are aware that he's also a raging party animal.See also: Your definitive guide to the best and worst crisp sandwichesTo celebrate his 25th birthday,

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