How video sensors provide a smarter, holistic view of physical security

AI-powered cameras can help businesses address the need for continuous surveillance.

Huawei's communications gear more susceptible to hacks, experts claim.

500 enterprise network devices, and some 10,000 firmware variants for those devices, were tested for vulnerabilities.

China accused of stealing valuable data from a handful of tech giants

By attacking technology service providers, the group known as APT10 was able to reach valuable intel on its clients.

Robots will replace millions of jobs within the decade

If your job doesn't require empathy, social intelligence or creativity, start considering reskilling.

The advent of 5G will lead to ‘industry 5.0’: here’s what you need to know and how your company need

Industry 5.0 is not as far away as you think, and may not be prepared.

Five changes enterprises can expect with edge computing

As enterprises embrace edge computing, they can expect big payoffs.

New IoT-targeting malware spotted in the wild

The creator wants to make it even more destructible.

Cybersecurity obligations: The laws and regulations to comply with in today’s digital era

It is vital for businesses to continually assess their IT infrastructure and the technical measures.

How ECM Solutions are evolving with the digital workplace

ECM systems provide employees with the documents they need while also safeguarding an organisation's valuable information.

How to avoid wireless dead zones by selecting the right equipment

Get the best connection possible in any situation with these tips.

Machine learning: A glimpse of the invisible competitive edge

The unconscious decision-making of machine learning presents both problems and opportunities for brands.

Tencent sees your sprawling corporate campuses and raises you a 55-floor skyscraper in Shenzhen conn

Tencent sees your sprawling corporate campuses and raises you a 55-floor skyscraper in Shenzhen connected by "swirling sky bridges." The Chinese Internet megalith, which kicked off the bidding war for Snapchat, will have space for 12,000 employees. Up is the new out.Read more...



Emotional Contagion Spread Through Facebook

Daniel_Stuckey sends this quote from Motherboard: It hopefully doesn't come as a surprise that your friends shape who you are. But we tend to think of that on a micro level: If your close circle of friends tends to have tattoos, wear polo shirts, or say "chill" a lot,



探访苹果香港店:黄牛扎堆 现金交易



不要把自己当用户,而是去勾勒出真实用户的综合原型。不再说“用户”,而是直呼其名。 在Bang Camp的培训课 […]

今日新聞淺談:鍵神哭哭,小米推出機械式鍵盤最貴約莫人民幣 149 元

小米一直都是標榜 CP 值最高的科技商品,前幾年推出智慧型手機和行動電源等等週邊商品,讓消費者既能省荷包,又能得到功能齊全配備良好的商品;每每小米只要一推出商品,科技界都是以樂見其成的態度去看待這件事,直到.

Watch a 500,000-Year-Old Mammoth Get Its First X-Ray

This photo of staff members from Naval Medical Center San Diego (NMCSD) and the San Diego Natural History Museum are X-raying a 500,000-year-old mammoth skull fragment in the NMCSD radiology department on Monday. Man, those are some pretty massive teeth.Read more...



前副总裁又拍纪录片又写书 总结了40个马云做对的点

《扬子江大鳄》这部纪录片之前在微博上一度流行,尽管清晰度不高,在国内没有获得播出授权,但仍然挡不住互联网人的好奇,就连普通人也想一探究竟,为什么马云和他创立的阿里巴巴能够如此成功?它从一家民宅起家 ... .

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