GDPR has helped cut ad trackers in Europe

The number of ad trackers decreased in Europe while rising in the US.

Microsoft Surface Go review

An ideal pocket-sized budget work companion, but don't expect anything earth-shattering.

To stop phishing in play, rely on human intuition over technology

Playing to your strengths could be the key to keeping your business safe.

IoT is ready to go fully mainstream

Businesses that are employing IoT are already seeing a return on their investment, Vodafone report finds.

Ericsson says it is ready for 5G

New enhancements to 5G Platform and a whole slew of other upgrades revealed.

Chrome will make it harder to block incognito browsing

"FileSystem" API flaw had meant some private browsing was not so private after all.

5G and 4IR has unleashed the Internet of Things

The rapid growth of the IoT and its need for reliable, ubiquitous connectivity represents a significant opportunity for telcos.

Huawei: US will not crush us

US is only a part of the world, defiant company founder says.

How video sensors provide a smarter, holistic view of physical security

AI-powered cameras can help businesses address the need for continuous surveillance.

How ECM Solutions are evolving with the digital workplace

ECM systems provide employees with the documents they need while also safeguarding an organisation's valuable information.

How to avoid wireless dead zones by selecting the right equipment

Get the best connection possible in any situation with these tips.



小米发布《账号安全防范公告》 提醒部分用户修改密码



6月27日消息,亚马逊日前悄然推出餐饮配送服务,直接向在线餐饮配送服务网站GrubHub、Seamless和DeliveryHero等发起挑战。亚马逊的餐饮配送服务属于类似于Groupon的Amazon Local服务的一部分。

If you fold a paper in half 103 times it'll be as thick as the Universe

The myth: You can't fold a paper in half more than eight times.* The reality: Given a paper large enough—and enough energy—you can fold it as many times as you want. The problem: If you fold it 103 times, you'll get outside the observable Universe,

What's Cool and New at Comic-Con's Preview Night: A Look Inside

Comic-Con's buzzy, newsy movie panels really get cranking on Thursday, starting with a morning session for DreamWorks Animation and Paramount Pictures in the afternoonBut Wednesday night had its own special place in the Comic-Con universe. Preview Night is all about roaming the more than 600,

[视频]轻装出发 MIUI 6视频评测

8月16日,小米公司在北京召开了MIUI 6的发布会,这次的新系统无论在功能性和系统交互方面都有巨大改进,我们第一时间拿到了MIUI 6刷机包,马上跟着我们来体验一下新系统吧:


关于快播,关于王欣,话题很敏感,但是这起事件已经不单单是快播的事情,而是给整个中国的互联网行业敲响的一起警钟,很不幸,快播成了那只“鸡”。   野蛮成长的中国互联网将正式纳入“监管”。   

The Perfect Song for Driving Through the Night

The last thing you might expect to hear on an early 20th century period medical drama about corpse-stealing ambulances and childbirth gone horribly wrong is electronic music. The show in question,



难弃苹果诱惑 富士康转型渐冷

尽管富士康曾一度希望扯下其代工厂的标签,但一系列动作都未能为这家制造业巨头摆脱受制于人的局面,在短暂的隔阂期后,凭借新一代iphone 6的订单,富士康与苹果捆绑得更为紧密,尽管郭台铭依然在各种会议上高呼转型,但比起转型,富士康已经把更多的精力转移到了更好的服务好苹果上。

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