How can businesses take inspiration from the connected home?

It’s an opportunity rich area that more and more device manufacturers are trying to utilise and one that has endless possibilities – especially for those businesses that can learn from what has already happened within the connected home.

ClosetSpace Brings Fashion Inspiration And Recommendations To Your Smartphone

A new application called ClosetSpace from fashion analytics company Stylitics wants to put a digital closet in your pocket, while also feeding you daily inspirations, outfit suggestions, and more, as well as offering access to a personal stylist for just $25.00. The app, targeting mainly at women,

Home Alone?

Connected devices company Nest, now owned by Google, has been lauded — mostly, it must be said, by the tech press — for turning its attention to the utilitarian devices in your home. The ones no-one loves. The no-frills, 

Transforming The Conversation On Women In Computer Science

Barbie and Mattel made news recently in the world of computer science. While initial reaction to Mattel’sBarbie “I Can Be a Computer Engineer” book focused on all-too-common and inaccurate stereotypes,

Cities As Platforms

Take a look at the last decade’s fastest-growing companies. You’ll notice they have one thing in common: They’re all platforms.YouTube was not the first video-hosting site, but it was the first to disrupt the stagnating online broadcasting model,

Silicon Valley Can Accelerate Social Impact Globally

Silicon Valley’s influence is undeniable but its global impact has always been a passive byproduct of success at home. To make a lasting, material difference, there needs to be a concerted effort to expand its reach in a substantial and sustainable way.For the better part of the last century,

How Tech Titans Know To Pull The Plug On Projects

Not every new idea is destined to be great. Sometimes even the most promising concepts end up in the scrap pile. You probably never heard about Google Here, but the project was so big that Alphabet CEO Larry Page himself made the final decision to abandon it. Aimed at smartphone users,

Backed By $5.5 Million, Laurel & Wolf Brings Interior Design Into The Digital Age

A company taking the interior design industry into the online era, Laurel & Wolf, has now raised $4.4 million in Series A funding for its web-based platform that connects professional designers with customers,

Detour, Andrew Mason’s Audio Tour App, Goes Global And Expands To 6 More Cities

As the summer travel season goes into full swing, a travel app that hopes to give you a new way of experiencing physical spaces is growing. Detour — an immersive city guide app constructed around GPS-triggered audio and smart,

XO Group CEO Michael Steib Talks About Reinventing A 20-Year Old Media Company

XO Group isn’t a company where you’d expect big, dramatic changes — after all, it was founded nearly two decades ago (with seed financing from AOL, which now owns TechCrunch), its flagship wedding planning site The Knot launched in 1997, and it went public in 1999.

Meat Marketplace AgLocal Becomes A Consumer-Facing Subscription Service, Raises Another $1.3 Million

Andreessen Horowitz-backed AgLocal, which began as a marketplace for meat, connecting animal farmers to buyers including top-rated chefs, has now pivoted to become a consumer-facing service. On the new e-commerce site,

Microsoft Surface Go review

An ideal pocket-sized budget work companion, but don't expect anything earth-shattering.

To stop phishing in play, rely on human intuition over technology

Playing to your strengths could be the key to keeping your business safe.

IoT is ready to go fully mainstream

Businesses that are employing IoT are already seeing a return on their investment, Vodafone report finds.

Ericsson says it is ready for 5G

New enhancements to 5G Platform and a whole slew of other upgrades revealed.

Chrome will make it harder to block incognito browsing

"FileSystem" API flaw had meant some private browsing was not so private after all.

5G and 4IR has unleashed the Internet of Things

The rapid growth of the IoT and its need for reliable, ubiquitous connectivity represents a significant opportunity for telcos.

Huawei: US will not crush us

US is only a part of the world, defiant company founder says.

Superfinance – The merging of mind & machine in finance & procurement

Here, technology is used to consolidate and analyse all finance and procurement information. It also offers insights to the new generation of professionals in their decision-making process and tasks that require abstract thinking rather than computation.

Live chat for service differentiation

Implementing and using it correctly can be a key service differentiator that can deliver a competitive advantage. It also has several key advantages over other customer communication channels.

GDPR has helped cut ad trackers in Europe

The number of ad trackers decreased in Europe while rising in the US.

创业这半年 - 吐槽~


使用 Lightning 接口 iPhone 可设计得更薄

早前苹果公司宣布推出一个新的项目,允许第三方耳机厂商开发使用 Lighting 接口的耳机,这也意味目前 iOS 设备上使用 3.5mm 耳机接口或许很快就会从苹果公司的供应链上消失。  

Modular Science is Building Hardware and Software for Lab Automation (Video)

Modular Science is something Tim Lord spotted at last month's O'Reilly Solid Conference in San Francisco. Its founder, Peter Sand, has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from MIT. He's scheduled to speak at this year's OSCON, and his speaker blurb for that conference says, "He is the founder of ManyLabs,



Mississippi couple charged with attempting to run away and join ISIS

A young Mississippi couple who is charged with attempting to join the Islamic State was ordered held without bail Tuesday, pending federal grand jury action on the charges.Jaelyn Delshaun Young, 20, and Muhammad "Mo" Dakhlalla, 22,

Meet the male model who sacrificed sex for beautiful hair

"It came to a point where not getting laid trumped getting laid off," says Giorgos Tsetis, male model extraordinaire turned hair loss crusaderHe experienced sexual dysfunction in his early 20s as a result of taking the hair loss preventative Propecia. You wouldn't notice it on the tall,

冬天到了,戴上这条 DNA 围巾来保暖吧

身上的打扮有时能反映一个人的真实内在,这句话放到 Dot One 新出的羊毛围巾上(和一系列其它产品),可真是再合适不过了。因为它的图案,是根据每个人的基因排列来进行绘制,你只要给 Dot One 提供 DNA 样本,他们就会搭配出对应的颜色,从而创造出一件只属于你的专属物品(除非你是双胞胎,不然「撞衫」的机率几乎为零)。当然啰,想要这么特别的东西,代价势必不会太低。围巾、口腔内膜取样工具加「编织」过程的照片,三者加起来的价格就达到了 310 英镑(约人民币 2,000 元)。哪怕只是一张画有图...


最近,虹膜在北京对徐浩峰导演完成了一次独家专访。在这次访谈中,徐导演上天入地,无所不谈,尤其是对中国武术传统和功夫片的见解,让人受益匪浅。本文关键词:功夫片、胡金铨、王家卫、山水画、武林门派、《师父》、《白毛女》、苏联电影、《巴黎圣母院》、保龄球、元朝、黄兴、戴笠、梅尔维尔、叶问、杜月笙采访者 | 开寅受访者 | 徐浩峰虹膜:胡金铨是最早拍中国式动作片的,他揉进了一些文化性的哲理性的东西,你是怎么看他的作品的?徐浩峰:胡金铨对完善的故事完全不感兴趣,他借故事拍别的东西。到民国的时候,戏曲对个人的日常生活影响都非常大,包括现在好多人都问什么是满洲普通话?

Microsoft reiterates trusted cloud policies: “your data belongs to you”

Microsoft has safeguards in place to protect both personal and enterprise customers' data with its Azure Cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) Computing Services.The post Microsoft reiterates trusted cloud policies: “your data belongs to you” appeared first on WinBeta.

An interactive map will tell you which U.S. states are shakin' for bacon

Some American states take 'bringing home the bacon' more literally than others.Thanks to a partnership between blog Estately — known for its interactive weed map — and home goods retailer Ginny's, the most bacon-obsessed states in the great American nation have been exposed.While bacon is trendy,

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