Google launches G Suite security alert centre for businesses

New security service is now officially available to all enterprise users.

EU ruling makes it easier to get evidence from tech companies

However not everyone supports the new guidelines.

UK businesses being let down by the government on cybercrime

Sensitive political and business environment has deflected attention away from security, report claims.

Huawei CFO held on fraud charges, court says

Meng Wanzhou allegedly misled bankers, court claims.

Defeating the Death Star: How RDP attacks exploit security gaps

The modern business equivalent of the Thermal Exhaust Port is the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), which could be leaving companies vulnerable to catastrophic attack.

NHS ordered to stop using fax machines

Health Secretary looks to do away with "absurd" outdated hardware.

Cloud, applications, security and data privacy – what do the experts think is coming up next in 2019

To get the inside track on what the industry thinks is coming next in 2019, we spoke to a range of IT experts to find the trends that will shape the year to come in technology.

Securing industrial control systems by closing the air gap security loophole

Air-gapping is one of the most common ways ICS are protected, however, organisations’ interpretation of how to isolate networks often varies.

PC shipments stay flat but Microsoft makes surprising move up

Surface maker is now among the top five PC sellers in some markets.

Microsoft signs up to open-source patent pool

Microsoft is now cross-licensing more than 60,000 of its patents to participating members of the Open Invention Network.

Security automation can help IT teams limit cyberattack risks

Attacks are becoming largely automated forcing security solutions to provide multiple layers of defence. Basic forms of automation in IT management could already greatly help in keeping networks and infrastructure secure.



【Node.js】Stream(流)的学习笔记 - kevin_song

最近学习使用Node.js创建http proxy server,少不了要跟Stream打交道。昨天开始查阅一些资料,多少有了一些粗浅了解。整理在这里,供学习之用。 从Node.js API文档中可知, "A stream is an abstract interface implement...

微软正式发布国行版Surface Pro 3明日开始发售

微软早些时候在北京798艺术区正式发布国行版本的Surface Pro 3,明天起(8月28日)将全面开始正式 […]


虎嗅注:经纬张颖在《泡沫就在那里——致经纬系 CEO 们的公开信》中告诫经纬系CEO,也告诫市场——巴菲特所持现金比例已达历史最高,标准普尔500指数-5年期滚动收益超过200%一共发生过3次:1937年、1987年和2000年,而这一指标在今天这个时点已经达到180%。


虽然“互联网”一词在当下伴随着鼓吹与泡沫而炙手可热,但毋庸置疑的是,互联网将成为人类下一次飞跃的桥梁和动力。今 […]



微软推出 1TB 版 Xbox One,手柄的电脑无线转接器也有了

果然如传闻的那样,微软在今天正式推出了 1TB 版的 Xbox One。这款采用了黑色雾面外壳的新型号除了增大容量外,还换上了重新设计的手柄。后者装有 3.

Node.js v4.0.0发布

Node.js与Io.js项目合并后的第一个版本Node.js v4.0.0正式释出。io.js的开发者去年底脱离Node.js独立,但今年5月宣布了合并,合并后的项目延用Node.js的名字,由44名开发者组成的团队管理,其中15人组成了技术指导委员会。Node.js v4.0.


日前小米宣佈將會在 10 月 19 日舉行一場發表會,而且當中的大題更寫到是屬於 「次世代新品」。正當不少人都認為既然臨近年尾,小米今次應該會發表傳聞已久的小米 5 手機吧!

We bought a gun faster than a fancy donut in New York City

Mashable Senior Donut Correspondent Heather Dockray set out on a mission to determine what would be easier to purchase: a hunting rifle, or an overrated New York donut delicacy: the Cronut.More on the accessibility of guns vs. Cronuts: Read more...More about New York, Gun,

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