Google launches G Suite security alert centre for businesses

New security service is now officially available to all enterprise users.

Australia government hit by major cyberattack

Behind this 'unprecedented' attack is a state actor, the government claims.

Vodafone switches on UK's first 5G airport

Superfast network could let travellers download a full TV series in six minutes.

UK doesn't need to ban Huawei from its 5G

Any potential risk can be mitigated, NCSC claims.

Facebook heavily criticised by UK parliament report

Social media giant labeled as "digital gangster".

Before the breach: Five tips for upgrading data security

By implementing five steps, you not only can help prevent a data breach from happening in the first place, but better protect your data if you are one of the unlucky victims affected.

Making tech to last – towards a future of planned durability

When it comes to your next technology refresh, be it monitors, phones or printer-scanners, make sure you partner with a company that gives value to its devices by making them last longer.

Four ways how education industry benefits from virtual reality

Here is a look at how VR contributes to the education industry.

PC shipments stay flat but Microsoft makes surprising move up

Surface maker is now among the top five PC sellers in some markets.

Microsoft signs up to open-source patent pool

Microsoft is now cross-licensing more than 60,000 of its patents to participating members of the Open Invention Network.

Security automation can help IT teams limit cyberattack risks

Attacks are becoming largely automated forcing security solutions to provide multiple layers of defence. Basic forms of automation in IT management could already greatly help in keeping networks and infrastructure secure.

HTC One M8 Beats Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5S in Drop Test

What's the sturdiest smartphone on the market today? Among the most popular flagships, it appears to be the HTC One M8, which survived drops that proved catastrophic to its contemporaries, the Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5S.The gang at TechSmartt did a thorough test,

SpaceX Injunction Dissolved

An anonymous reader writes "Two weeks ago, SpaceX filed suit against the U.S. Air Force in an attempt to enforce competition for rocket purchases. They argued it was a bad idea to blindly shovel money into Russia's coffers for rides to space,

如何在 Windows 8 上禁用 UEFI 以安装Linux

感谢linux.cn的投递现在,如果你买了预装 Windows 的电脑,一般都是 Windows8 或 Windows8.1。从 Windows8 开始,微软用 UEFI 取代了 BIOS。尽管 UEFI 不是微软发明的,在 Windows8 之前它就已经存在。






文/王冠雄  这也许是一个民营企业对中国科学家史无前例的最高致敬。  最近,一件怪事轰动 IT 行业,甚至引起了社会各界的关注。中国最大的民营企业之一华为公司破天荒全国性刊登广告,向布鞋院士李小文先生 ... ...




北控可藉此巩固其于环保服务业的领先地位 香港2014年12月24日电 /美通社/ -- 安博凯直接投资基金(“安博凯”)、哈德森清洁能源投资基金(“哈德森”)及北京控股有限公司(股份代号:0392,“北控”)今日宣布完成一项交易(“交易”)。



Flickr:试试在 VR 设备上探索精彩相片吧

我们翻看相片的方式已经由在相册,慢慢转变为在网上相册,看来下一步会戴上 VR 设备来看了。Flickr 在过去的周末于波特兰市的 XOXO Festival 上展示了仍在初期开发阶段的 VR 相册服务。

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