Review: The tiny $149 Echo Sub is a huge audio upgrade

Want to make your music more interesting? Add a subwoofer. That’s what Amazon did and, suddenly, the entire Echo smart speaker lineup is more interesting. If you were not impressed with the sound of an Echo, consider trying again when the Echo is paired with an Echo Sub.

Super Mario Party is Nintendo Switch’s best game

When I bought the Nintendo Switch a few months ago, my friends told me to buy Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. That’s precisely what I did, but none of those games were enough to get me hooked, which is probably for the best. But […]

Apple Watch Series 4 is the most accessible watch yet

I can confidently say I could live without my Apple Watch. But I also can confidently say I wouldn’t want to. The fourth-generation Apple Watch is the best, most accessible Apple Watch to date.

Blood money

Some years ago an investor I met at a TechCrunch event invited me out for a coffee. This happens a lot; as a weekly columnist here I am deemed an official Media Influencer, and people in turn want to influence me, until they realize I’m just going to ignore them and write about whatever weird […]

Early-bird pricing to Disrupt Berlin 2018 flies away in four days

Die uhr tickt, menschen — the clock is ticking, people. Early-bird pricing on passes to Disrupt Berlin 2018 migrates to parts unknown in just four days. If you want to join us at the Arena Berlin on 29-30 November — and save up to €500 in the process — you need to buy your pass before the […]

A Twitter employee groomed by the Saudi government prompted 2015 state-sponsored hacking warning

An explosive report in The New York Times this weekend sheds new light on the apparent targeting of Twitter accounts by “state-sponsored actors” three years ago. It comes in the wake of the confirmed death of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi on Friday,

China is funding the future of American biotech

Silicon Valley is in the midst of a health craze, and it is being driven by “Eastern” medicine. It’s been a record year for US medical investing, but investors in Beijing and Shanghai are now increasingly leading the largest deals for US life science and biotech companies. In fact,

Early-stage SaaS VC slip snaps recovery as public software stocks soar

Jason Rowley Contributor Jason Rowley is a venture capital and technology reporter for Crunchbase News. More posts by this contributor International growth, primarily in China, fuels the VC market today Corporate venture investment climbs higher throughout 2018 A few months ago,

The Internet Bill of Rights is just one piece of our moral obligations

David Gorodyansky Contributor David Gorodyansky is the CEO and co-founder of AnchorFree. More posts by this contributor Warrantless surveillance law proves it’s time to take privacy into our own hands This is the future if net neutrality is repealed; the creeping,

Snowflake scoops up another blizzard of cash with $450 million round

When Snowflake, the cloud data warehouse, landed a $263 million investment earlier this year, CEO Bob Muglia speculated that it would be the last money his company would need before an eventual IPO. But just 9 months after that statement, the company announced a second even larger round.

Chargify launches a new payment management tool for subscription services

Chargify, the payment management service owned by Scaleworks, has launched a new tool for billing management.  The new product is designed to remove limitations and allow payers to assign or reassign payment responsibility for subscriptions or groups of subscriptions, according to the company.







Blu to sell two Windows Phone handsets via Microsoft Store

Blu Products recently unveiled a couple of Windows Phone handsets which it would launch later this year. However, we are now learning that the company has partnered with Microsoft to sell the smartphones online via the Microsoft Store.




随着技术的进步,每个人都可以通过医疗设备监测自己的健康状况,rHealth 系统可以通过一滴血迅速诊断疾病,为医疗设备带来了新的进步。

途风联手夏威夷旅游局 新春美国过“洋”年

美国洛杉矶2014年12月26日电 /美通社/ -- 近年来,越来越多的中国人选择全家出国旅游的方式过年,2015年放假安排公布后,各种海外过年主题的旅游产品受到追捧。专注打造优质海外目的地旅游产品的途风旅游网(www.toursforfun.



雅虎重大调整与微软的搜索协议 后者只保留51%流量

对惠普前CEO来说 乔布斯究竟是闺蜜还是欺骗者

在美国共和党总统参选人第二场电视辩论中,惠普前CEO卡莉·菲奥莉娜(Carly Fiorina)打出了苹果创始人史蒂夫·乔布斯(Steve Jobs)这张牌。但事实上,作为菲奥莉娜口中的好友,乔布斯可能“利用”了卡莉。Medium.

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