Tandem’s new credit card targets people who have non-existent credit histories

With its regulatory woes behind it — and the acqui-hire of fintech startup Pariti — Tandem‘s product roadmap appears to be picking up pace. The challenger bank founded by Ricky Knox has launched its second credit card today, this time targeting people in the U.K.

IDC: Asia-Pacific spending on AI systems will reach $5.5 billion this year, up 80 percent from 2018

Spending on artificial intelligence systems in the Asia-Pacific region is expected to reach $5.5 billion this year, an almost 80 percent increase over 2018, driven by businesses in China and the retail industry, according to IDC. In a new report,

Digital Ocean’s Kubernetes service is now generally available

Like any ambitious cloud infrastructure player, Digital Ocean also recently announced a solution for running Kubernetes clusters on its platform. At KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe in Barcelona, the company today announced that Digital Ocean Kubernetes is now generally available. With this release,

‘Game of Thrones’ season finale sets record as HBO’s most-viewed episode ever

Despite disappointing many longtime fans of the show, the “Game of Thrones” series finale set a new record for HBO as the most viewed episode in the network’s history. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the episode reached 13.6 million viewers during its initial airing on Sunday night,

Blockchain blockchain Malkovich blockchain

I spent much of last week at blockchain conferences, and I’m about ready to never hear the word again. This despite the fact I’ve been supporting decentralized software, as a counterweight or at least alternative to the growing power of governments and megacorps, for years now.

Postmates workers want minimum delivery guarantees and at least $15 per hour

IPO-bound Postmates is under fire right now after making some changes to its payments structure for its delivery workers. Organizers at Working Washington say these changes can reduce pay for typical jobs by up to 30 percent. Up until this past weekend,

GM’s car-sharing service Maven to exit eight cities

GM is scaling back its Maven car-sharing company and will stop service in nearly half of the 17 North American cities it operates in. A spokesperson who confirmed Maven was shutting down in some cities, without identifying the location or number that will remain,

Snap appoints new execs as it aims to keep 2019 momentum

Snap has another appointment in the apt saga of the its ephemeral CFOs. Four months after losing its CFO Tim Stone following a reported “personality clash” between Stone and CEO Evan Spiegel, Snap has promoted its VP of Finance Derek Andersen to the role, the company said Monday.

Zuora partners with Amazon Pay to expand subscription billing options

Zuora, the SaaS company helping organizations manage payments for subscription businesses, announced today that it had been selected as a Premier Partner in the Amazon Pay Global Partner Program. 

A flood of fake installers will really update Flash for you – but also install cryptocurrency mining

If you think that Flash, the once-popular web plugin, couldn’t die fast enough, even those annoying fake Flash installers riddled with malware aren’t going anywhere any time soon. In fact, they’re getting even sneakier.

Watch Shimon the marimba-playing robot play along to jazz, reggae, and hip hop

Shimon is a marbima-playing robot with some real soul. This crazy little robot, created by Gil Weinberg at the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology, can listen to the other players around it and play out little ditties in response to the music. In short,

蓝翔教师自曝黑幕:挖掘机技术不行 敢退学揍你

30 年,两个家族,一个商业帝国。蓝翔的故事,像一个隐喻粗犷环境中拼打走出,却难以褪去周身阴影,盛名之下,隐忧重重,尽管网络已经将其等同于美好逆袭的符号,但那或许仅是想象。  一对夫妻合伙人的散场, ... ...


市场分析公司Net Applications给出微软Windows市场份额最新数据。根据最新的统计数据,Windows 7在2014年12月初市场份额是56.51%,现在,其知名度进一步低迷,这款2009年发布的桌面操作系统,现在拥有的市场份额是54.57%

彭博指苹果有约 200 人负责开发汽车,预计 2020 年预备好

早前华尔街日报和金融时报的线报指苹果正有数百人埋首于开发电动车,而今天彭博则为我们带来一些比较确实的数据。他们指这个「Titan」计划的团队有 200 人左右,当中有电池和机械科技专家陆续加入。

YouTube Confirms Plans For An Ad-Free, Subscription-Based Service

Confirming reports from last fall, YouTube announced today its plans for an ad-free, subscription-based service by way of an email sent out to YouTube Partners. The email details the forthcoming option,

Databricks孟祥瑞:ALS 在 Spark MLlib 中的实现

MLlib在1.3中添加了不少机器学习及数据挖掘算法:研究主题分布的LDA、估计点集分布的GMM、提取频繁项集的 FP-growth等等。本文主要聚焦ALS的实现及其在1.3中的提升。

苹果发布会前终极曝光!iPad Pro售价逆天


Facebook starts testing Snapchat-style messaging in France

What if you could make your messages disappear?Users of Snapchat, where messages are auto-deleted after a certain period of time, are familiar with the concept. Now, according to BuzzFeed, Facebook is testing a similar feature in FranceSee also:



地獄惡廚 Gordon Ramsay 推出手機遊戲

廚師兼電視節目主持 Gordon Ramsay 一向以惡馳名,除了擁有全球多間知名的餐廳,他主持的電視節目《Hell’s Kitchen》和《MasterChef》亦非常受觀眾歡迎。最近他決定夥拍軟件商 Glu Mobile,以他的名義推出手機遊戲。以下有更多資料The post 地獄惡廚 Gordon Ramsay 推出手機遊戲 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.


以线上书商为起点的亚马逊在经历了20年的发展俨然成为跨国的电商巨头,而在去年11月亚马逊宣布位于西雅图的“Amazon Books”线下书店正式对外营业,依赖于Amazon.com数据(包括消费者评分、销量和Goodread受欢迎程度)来决定铺货。而事实上亚马逊也非常积极的开拓线下零售渠道,早在去年10月就在华盛顿州的连锁药店Bartell Drugs进行了一项试点项目,在连锁药店内租赁几平方英尺的货架来销售独立的电子书礼品卡。

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