New Relic acquires Belgium’s CoScale to expand its monitoring of Kubernetes containers and microserv

New Relic, a provider of analytics and monitoring around a company’s internal and external facing apps and services to help optimise their performance, is making an acquisition today as it continues to expand a newer area of its business, containers and microservices.

Self-driving startup is closing down, the autonomous vehicle tech startup once valued at $200 million, is shutting down after four years, according to a state regulatory filing. The closure was first reported by the San Francisco Chronicle. The company is not responding to media inquiries, a PR rep told TechCrunch.

The changing nature of venture capital

The venture industry is likely to consolidate significantly in the next decade as funding confers greater advantage to large venture investors.

Dirty Lemon parent Iris Nova will fund and distribute third-party beverages

Iris Nova, the Coca-Cola-backed startup that creates Dirty Lemon beverages, is announcing plans to spend $100 million over the next three to five years to expand its offerings.

Facebook’s searchable political ads archive is now global

Facebook has announced it’s rolled out a basic layer of political ads transparency globally, more than a year after launching the publicly searchable ads archive in the US.

Facebook may finally let you turn off those annoying notification dots

Sick of those anxiety-inducing red dots constantly appearing on the Groups, Watch, or other tabs in your Facebook app? Well the social network may be easing up a little in its unending war for your attention.

With a portfolio including Acorns, Sweetgreen and Ro Health, Torch Capital raises $60M for its first

Jonathan Keidan, the founder of Torch Capital, had already built a portfolio that included Acorns, Compass, Digital Ocean and Sweetgreen, before he raised single dollar for his inaugural venture capital fund, which just closed with $60 million. Keidan,

Only 100 seats left: Apply to hack at the TC Hackathon at Disrupt SF

Hustle up, hackathon fans. The TechCrunch Hackathon at Disrupt San Francisco 2019 on October 2-4 may be more than three months away, but it’s filling up fast. There’s no application deadline. Instead, we’re capping the number of participants at 800 — and we have approximately 100 spots left.

Apple Music adds Genius lyrics

Back in 2016, Spotify partnered with Genius to bring lyrics and backstory to its pop music playlists. Today, however, the musical reference guide has drawn a bit of a line in the sand, partnering with Spotify’s chief competitor.

BoxLock secures your booty against porch pirates

This clever – if expensive – product is called the BoxLock and it is a keyless padlock that lets your package delivery person scan and drop off your packages into a locked box. The system essentially watches for a shipping event and then waits for the right barcode before opening.

Pocket’s reading app won’t sound so robotic now

Last year, Mozilla made its first acquisition by snatching up Pocket, the Instapaper competitor that helps you save longer articles for later reading. Today, this popular reading app is getting a major update that gives its app a visual makeover, including a new dark mode, and most importantly,


谷歌执行董事长埃里克-施密特(Eric Schmidt)近日驳斥了社会上流行的读书无用的论调。“现在有很多人总是叫嚣高等教育纯属浪费时间,这种观点是不对的。”他在SXSW大会上说。



Gmail For Android Installed 1 Billion Times

Gmail's Android app has been installed more than 1 billion times, Google's Sundar Pichai revealed today on his Google+ pageSee also: The Comparative Anatomy of the Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4The app's official page on Google Play now says it has 1 - 5 billion installs.

boost.asio源码剖析 - 于洋子

一.前 言二.架构浅析三.流程分析 * 常见流程分析之一(Tcp异步连接) * 常见流程分析之二(Tcp异步接受连接) * 常见流程分析之三(Tcp异步读写数据) * 常见流程分析之四(Tcp强制关闭连接) * 常见流程分析之五(Tc...

Science上发表的超赞聚类算法 - 潘的博客

本博客已经迁往, 博客园这边也会继续更新, 欢迎关注~作者(Alex Rodriguez, Alessandro Laio)提出了一种很简洁优美的聚类算法, 可以识别各种形状的类簇, 并且其超参数很容易确定.算法思想该算法的假设是,

ZTE enhances video conferencing through Blue Jeans Network partnership

It has entered an agreement with the cloud video conferencing specialists that makes it easier for customers to communicate across a multitude of platforms.Read more:

2014 年互联网股权众筹盘点报告要点记录

IT 桔子与 TECH2IPO/创见联手打造的 2014 年互联网股权众筹盘点报告今日在 IT 桔子与 TECH2IPO/创见发布,这份报告主要整理、分析了国内互联网股权众筹领域的背景、发展、现状以及可能存在的问题。

应用程序框架实战八:应用程序框架的层次规划 - 何镇汐



上海2014年11月18日电 /美通社/ -- 隶属于 Callcredit Information Group 旗下的 GMAP 上海公司为新近引入中国市场的国际服饰品牌公司 -- 威富公司(VF)提供专业的市场知识和深入见解。

How one of the most complicated watches in the world is made

I don't wear a watch and I hate time and yet I'm still so very impressed with the movement of this watch by FP Journe. It's stunning and it is the most complicated watch that FP Journe makes because it's a grande sonniere watch. Which means,

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