Walmart is working with Eko to create interactive content

Walmart and Eko announced a partnership this morning to create a joint venture for interactive content called W*E Interactive Ventures. The best example of the interactivity that Eko enables is probably “That Moment When,

Amazon’s Audible expands its original programming with new comedy series

Over the past few years, Amazon -owned Audible has been expanded beyond audiobooks to include more original content, like the short-form audio programming offered through Audible Channels, for example. Today, the company announced a new partnership for original comedy projects,

Watch the historic first private mission to the Moon launch Thursday night

For the first time later this week, a privately developed moon lander will launch aboard a privately built rocket, organized by a private launch coordinator.

Audi’s new V2I feature helps drivers hit every green light

Audi has added a new feature to the vehicle-to-infrastructure technology embedded in its newer models that’s designed to help drivers catch every green light. The tech, called GLOSA or Green Light Optimized Speed Advisory, is part of the automaker’s built-in traffic light-reading technology.

Macquarie Capital Venture Studio adds three new companies to infrastructure tech portfolio

Macquarie Capital Venture Studio, the infrastructure-focused accelerator affiliated with the nearly $500 billion-dollar investment firm, Macquarie Group, has added three companies to its portfolio. The companies, AirMap, Envoy Technologies, and Teralytic,

Samsung’s foldable phone? Meet the Galaxy Fold

Samsung’s promised a much better look at its foldable phone at tomorrow’s big S10 event. We already caught a glimpse of the product late last year at the company’s developer conference, but among the many uncertainties with the product is what the hell the company will name the thing. After all,

Why can’t we build anything?

Last week, California governor Gavin Newsom announced that he was intending to aggressively scale back plans for the state’s high-speed rail system, which in its most ambitious routing would have connected Sacramento to San Diego. The immediate cause was ballooning costs,

You can now register .dev domains

Google today announced that you can now register .dev domain names. Google acquired the .dev top-level domain when ICANN opened up the web to new generic top-level domains (gTLD) a few years ago. At the time, Google acquired gTLD’s like .app, .page and .dev (for some reason, Google also owns .soy).

New Relic acquires Belgium’s CoScale to expand its monitoring of Kubernetes containers and microserv

New Relic, a provider of analytics and monitoring around a company’s internal and external facing apps and services to help optimise their performance, is making an acquisition today as it continues to expand a newer area of its business, containers and microservices.

Apple Music adds Genius lyrics

Back in 2016, Spotify partnered with Genius to bring lyrics and backstory to its pop music playlists. Today, however, the musical reference guide has drawn a bit of a line in the sand, partnering with Spotify’s chief competitor.

BoxLock secures your booty against porch pirates

This clever – if expensive – product is called the BoxLock and it is a keyless padlock that lets your package delivery person scan and drop off your packages into a locked box. The system essentially watches for a shipping event and then waits for the right barcode before opening.



Reinventing the Axe

Nerval's Lobster (2598977) writes "The axe has been with us for thousands of years, with its design changing very little during that time. After all, how much can you really alter a basic blade-and-handle? Well, Finnish inventor Heikki Karna has tried to change it a whole lot, with a new,


Cortana个人助理是Windows Phone 8.1最引人注目的新特性之一,人格化的特质、强大的学习能力 […]

一周消息树:iOS 8来了!存储空间至少达4.7GB、无法越狱

本周苹果正式推送了iOS 8正式版更新,可升级iOS 8的设备很多,包括iPhone 4S和iPad 2;与此同时,微软也向媒体发送了邀请函,称公司将于9月30日发布代号为“Threshold”的Windows 9操作系统企业技术预览版。

荣昌 e 袋洗:传统企业转型移动互联网指南



上周,手机圈着实热闹,国际调研机构IDC以及Strategy Analytics分别发布了全球智能手机市场第三季度的调研报告,并公布出货量以及市场份额前五名榜单。


随着科技的发展,摄像机越变越小,就像 Novo Camera 之前推出过的袖珍摄像机,一只手掌就能搞定。现在,各大厂家继续挑战生产出更小型的摄像机。  

koa中使用的模块 - jokcy


YouTube统一PC端与移动端用户界面风格,采用Material Design设计语言

YouTube正在重新设计PC端的网页视频播放器,试图统一其与移动端的用户界面风格。新版播放器的设计遵循了Google目前的设计语言Material Design。


公司介绍 北京翼虎能源科技有限公司是一个领先的建筑能源管理产品研发高新技术企业,致力于为智能商业建筑的高品质运行和节能优化提供高可靠性、专业化和快速配...

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