Apple extends European operations with Dialog deal

The $600m deal will see Apple getting patents, workforce and offices in Europe.

How biometrics can help to reduce fraud and improve the customer experience

Fraud prevention techniques could be boosted by biometrics.

China expects a billion 5G connections by 2024

Majority of Chinese consumers should have access to 5G within five years.

Mirai botnet successor emerges

Echobot is looking to cast a wider net than its predecessor.

Excellence, delivered: the growing importance of an outstanding ecommerce delivery strategy

The growing importance of an excellent eCommerce delivery strategy, and what to consider when putting a strategy in place.

UK is leading the way when it comes to cloud adoption

Enterprises in the country are getting into the cloud faster.

How manufacturers can attain the smart factory ideal

Achieving the smart factory ideal...

Making a success of mobility as a service: The missing component

To turn Mobility as a Service into widespread reality, transport operators, providers and manufacturers must coalesce around an integrated framework.

Huawei boosts AI computing power with new Atlas launch

The platform, named Atlas Intelligent, is powered by Huawei's Ascend chip series, and counts modules, cards, boards, edge stations, and appliances.

Google launches G Suite security alert centre for businesses

New security service is now officially available to all enterprise users.

PC shipments stay flat but Microsoft makes surprising move up

Surface maker is now among the top five PC sellers in some markets.




威锋网讯,苹果刚刚对在 iOS 8 中新出现的提示(Tips)应用进行了更新,这次的更新向用户解释了如何快速进入最近联系人界面。

Twitter Killed Twitpic

Do any of you still use Twitpic, the image hosting service once synonymous with posting pictures on Twitter? TOUGH SHIT: the site is shutting down because Twitter threatened to sue them.Read more...

5 Books For Expanding Your Photography Knowledge

There are many ways to learn about photography, not least of which are the vast depths of the internet, replete with tutorials and how-to videos. But getting past mere technical proficiency and learning valuable lessons about the art form isn't as easy as a Google search. Luckily,

暴风科技招股书曝华为投资为其第五大股东 占股3.89%


Don't even think about fixing the Microsoft Surface Book on your own

Microsoft Surface Book is one of the more interesting and innovative pieces of hardware to come out of the Redmond technology giant in at least a decade. It's also, apparently, one of the least repairable devices you can buy.See also: Surface Book review:

Facebook 是如何在短时间内做出 “mark safe" 这个功能的?

好久没回答有关Facebook的问题了。简短的答案就是:这个功能很早之前就有了,只是在平时也没什么机会用得上,所以让人感觉好像是Facebook突然开发出来的功能一样。它官方的名字叫 “Safety Check”。

Bing Predicts takes a crack at the American Music Awards

If you’ve been enjoying Bing Predicts’ work throughout football season, you may be interested to know that everyone’s favorite fortune teller is going to be at it again this Sunday.  Bing Predicts has gone...


英文原文:What I never expected when I quit my job to start up  编者按:本文作者 Cheryl Liew, Thinges 高级产品设计师和创始人之一。Thinges是一款销售手工艺品的移动市场APP。  在过去的两周里,我 ... ...


一 概览 1 竞品选择 选择原因: 知名度较高,各大软件中心下载量排名靠前,两者差距较小。 在各类软件评论区, ...

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