Powerful 'Glass' trailer brings together 'Unbreakable' and 'Split'

The bad guys are teaming up for M. Night Shyamalan's Split/Unbreakable crossover sequel Glass, starring Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, and James McAvoy.SEE ALSO:

Someone wanted a Mariah Carey birthday cake. They got Marie Curie instead.

Mariah Carey or Marie Curie? A not-so-common mix-up, but one that saw quite the birthday blunder.In a tweet, author Harriet Alida Lye explained that her cousin, Siobhan,

Stain removal videos on YouTube are strangely therapeutic

Stain removal is an art form, and one that few have actually mastered. That's why I turn to YouTube to get my stain removal needs satisfied. I've spent years trying everything to get the stains off my clothes. I've gone through multiple Tide to Go pens,

Of course there's a deepfake of Jon Snow apologizing for Season 8 of 'Game of Thrones'

"Eating Things," a Youtube channel usually dedicated to making videos about eating incongruous meals in the middle of famous movie scenes, leveled up with a deepfake featuring Jon Snow apologizing for Season 8 of Game of Thrones.

Genius said it used morse code to catch Google stealing lyrics

Genius is, well, genius. The company recently accused Google of lifting song lyrics from its site, reports the Wall Street Journal. How did Genius know Google was stealing? In 2016, Genius made a few changes to the punctuation in its song lyrics. Sometimes, it used a straight apostrophe.

People are sharing their "best" dad jokes on Twitter for Father's Day

The NPR Twitter account decided to pay a Father's Day homage to all the dads around the world by inviting people to share their "best" and "funniest" dad jokes in a thread. Some of them are real groaners, but in true dad joke fashion, it's hard not to laugh at some of them. 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just released the first picture of baby Archie for Father's Day

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have only been parents for a little over a month, but ever since their son Archie was born on May 6, there haven't been any pictures of the little fella available to the public. Until now! For Father's Day,

Tyler Oakley on the 'game-changing' rise of queer YouTubers and the importance of being yourself

Every day of Pride Month, Mashable will be sharing illuminating conversations with members of the LGBTQ community who are making history right now.Tyler Oakley isn't tired of the internet yet.It's been more than a decade since the 30-year-old created his YouTube channel — which now has nearly 7.

Want a super easy Halloween costume idea? This 'Jurassic World' dinosaur mask is just $16.

Do you like dinosaurs? Are you getting ready for Halloween? Don't have enough time to put a costume together? Well, Walmart can help out with that.SEE ALSO:

Photos show widespread destruction in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael made landfall in the Florida panhandle as a Category 4 storm on Wednesday, causing widespread and sometimes catastrophic damage. So far, two people have died as a result of the storm.SEE ALSO: Watch from the cockpit as storm hunters enter Hurricane Michael's eyeAs Michael,

Love Alfred Hitchcock? Save $40 on this massive Blu-ray collection via Amazon.

When it comes to classic cinema, there are few names as revered as Alfred Hitchcock. The master of suspense directed some of the greatest thrillers of all time, tapping into people's fears with movies like The Birds, Vertigo, and Psycho. Just in time for Halloween,

详解基于MFC计算器实现过程 - 原上草离离


第六次大灭绝即将到来 人类应负首要责任


A Measure of Your Team's Health: How You Treat Your "Idiot"

Esther Schindler (16185) writes "Every team has someone who at the bottom of its bell curve: an individual who has a hard time keeping up with other team members. How your team members treat that person is a significant indicator of your organization's health.



最新Windows 10企业特性在网上流出

微软在本周早些时候为企业发布 了Windows 10 技术预览版。除了用户体验优化外,Windows 10 还包含了企业级别安全、识别和信息保护特性,降低了复杂性,为企业的现代需求提供了更好的体验。  



苹果向开发者发送色情图片 只为证明应用有缺陷

一位名叫Carl Smith的开发者在Medium上发文表示,苹果曾给他发送过色情视频的截图。

去诺基亚化:微软或剥离Nokia MixRadio

北京时间11月21日消息,外媒报道微软刚刚宣布完,将关闭诺基亚功能机应用商店。现在又有传言称,微软下一步将对诺基亚流媒体音乐服务Nokia MixRadio开刀,即微软计划将剥离Nokia MixRadio业务。


Nielsen:2014中国教育APP行业发展及用户行为研究报告(二) 您可能也喜欢的文章: 金兴:中国网购用户行为研究 百度数据研究:2010年Q3中国电信行业用户行为搜索指数 Nielsen ccdata:2014年中国智能电视用户及用户行为研究报

第一身視點睇太空!NASA 太空人用 GoPro 帶您太空漫遊

GoPro 相機可說是近年最實用的產品之一,因為其體積相當細小,可以方便拍攝出各種第一身視點的片段。

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