LinkedIn launches new Talent Hub feature for easier hiring

Talent Hub, a new tool that leverages LinkedIn existing products such as Recruiter and Jobs will allow companies to seamlessly source, manage and hire in the same platform.

GitHub suffers hours long outage, coming back online now

Multiple services were involved and a network partition and subsequent database failures were the cause,

Xbox revives “Jump In” campaign with four new video ads

The directory of Xbox integrated marketing Craig McNary notes, "gaming is better than ever."

Microsoft and SWIFT are working together to bring cloud native payment solutions to Azure

Microsoft and SWIFT are making new ground at the Sibos 2018, the worlds premier financial services event, to bring a proof of concept to host SWIFT Infrastructure dubbed SWIFT (IaaS). This will enable native cloud payment transfers on Microsoft Azure to be fast, efficient and secure for banks,

Qualcomm exec says Google Chrome is coming to Windows 10 on ARM next year

Qualcomm senior director of product management Miguel Nunes said that an ARM port of Google Chrome is already in the works.

The typical Microsoft worker earns $168K as new rules reveal income info

It seemingly pays to work at Microsoft, to the tune of $168,000. Recently, Microsoft disclosed that the company’s median employees pay is upwards of $168,000. The Silicon Valley Business Journal reports that while $168,000 seems rather high for average non-tech workers,

Xbox Game Pass gets scary with four new survival horror games ahead of Halloween

Microsoft has just announced a new Xbox Game Pass update ahead of Halloween, with four new games coming to the catalog today.

Samsung updates display for its Windows Mixed Reality headset, introduces HMD Odyssey+

This year has been pretty quiet on the Windows Mixed Reality front, but Samsung has just announced a new version of its premium HMD Odyssey headset.

Microsoft becomes the 5th biggest maker of PC hardware

A report by Gartner (via The Verge) reveals that Microsoft, for the first time, is now one of the top five manufacturers of PCs in the US market. According to the report, Microsoft accounted for 4.1 percent of the US PC market in 2018’s third quarter, below Apple (at 13.7 percent), Lenovo (15.4),

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey video game has biggest franchise launch on current gen

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has officially had the best opening week of any other game in the franchise released during this current generation of consoles according to its publisher, Ubisoft.

50 classic Atari video games just launched on Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles

50 classic Atari video games have just been added to the Xbox One thanks to the launch of Atari Flashback Classics Volume 3. Atari Flashback Classics Volume 3 retails for $19.99 which makes each video game in the bundle valued at just $0.40.







Samsung Note 4 超高畫質的旗艦級大螢幕新機

  Samsung 每年都會推出一款 S 系列的旗艦機,及 Note 系列新款手機,這二台手機分別朝著不同的市場進攻,雙旗艦的行銷概念  Samsung 從 S2 / Note1 到最新的 S5 / Note 4 也一直遵行著,不過這次 Samsung Note 4 有著重大的改變,在過去 Note 系列,最被人垢病的就是塑膠用料,質感上比起使用金屬用料的其他品牌手機,感覺上總是多了一份遺憾,但閱讀全文


香港2014年11月13日电 /美通社/ -- 中国电信股份有限公司(“中国电信”或“本公司”;香港交易所编号:00728;纽约证券交易所编号:CHA)欣然宣布本公司网站及网上电子年报在2014年《美国传媒专业联盟》(LACP) 举办的“2014年 Spotlight 环球传讯大奖”获颁发白金奖。

Delta apologizes for 'objectionable content' after Facebook hack

Delta apologized on its Twitter account Tuesday afternoon after its Facebook page was hacked and some potentially offensive links were shared.See also:

Boston’s WTF/LOL Problem

Well, that was embarrassing. Following months of piss-poor communication and a chaotic planning process, Boston’s bid to be the U.S. entry for the 2024 Olympics finally died this week like Britain’s rule over the colonies.

University of Oregon to pay $800,000 settlement to student in sex assault case

The University of Oregon has agreed to pay $800,000 to settle the lawsuit of an unnamed student who told police she was sexually assaulted by three of its basketball players last year. While no criminal charges were brought against the men,





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