New Xbox Avatar Editor is now available for everyone on Windows 10

If you can’t wait to play with the redesigned Xbox Live Avatars, you can now do so with the new Xbox Avatar Editor on Windows 10.

GitHub suffers hours long outage, coming back online now

Multiple services were involved and a network partition and subsequent database failures were the cause,

Xbox revives “Jump In” campaign with four new video ads

The directory of Xbox integrated marketing Craig McNary notes, "gaming is better than ever."

Microsoft and SWIFT are working together to bring cloud native payment solutions to Azure

Microsoft and SWIFT are making new ground at the Sibos 2018, the worlds premier financial services event, to bring a proof of concept to host SWIFT Infrastructure dubbed SWIFT (IaaS). This will enable native cloud payment transfers on Microsoft Azure to be fast, efficient and secure for banks,

Qualcomm exec says Google Chrome is coming to Windows 10 on ARM next year

Qualcomm senior director of product management Miguel Nunes said that an ARM port of Google Chrome is already in the works.

The typical Microsoft worker earns $168K as new rules reveal income info

It seemingly pays to work at Microsoft, to the tune of $168,000. Recently, Microsoft disclosed that the company’s median employees pay is upwards of $168,000. The Silicon Valley Business Journal reports that while $168,000 seems rather high for average non-tech workers,

Xbox Game Pass gets scary with four new survival horror games ahead of Halloween

Microsoft has just announced a new Xbox Game Pass update ahead of Halloween, with four new games coming to the catalog today.

Samsung updates display for its Windows Mixed Reality headset, introduces HMD Odyssey+

This year has been pretty quiet on the Windows Mixed Reality front, but Samsung has just announced a new version of its premium HMD Odyssey headset.

LinkedIn launches new Talent Hub feature for easier hiring

Talent Hub, a new tool that leverages LinkedIn existing products such as Recruiter and Jobs will allow companies to seamlessly source, manage and hire in the same platform.

Microsoft becomes the 5th biggest maker of PC hardware

A report by Gartner (via The Verge) reveals that Microsoft, for the first time, is now one of the top five manufacturers of PCs in the US market. According to the report, Microsoft accounted for 4.1 percent of the US PC market in 2018’s third quarter, below Apple (at 13.7 percent), Lenovo (15.4),

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey video game has biggest franchise launch on current gen

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has officially had the best opening week of any other game in the franchise released during this current generation of consoles according to its publisher, Ubisoft.


中国人很善于用一些简单的绰号做总结。这几年来,逐渐诞生了几个专有绰号来概括互联网垄断寡头企业。 BAT:百度、阿里、腾讯。

For the fourth year running, Microsoft appears on World's Most Ethical Companies list

The 2014 version of the World's Most Ethical Companies (WME) list features Microsoft for the fourth year running. Appearing, unsurprisingly, in the Computer Software category,

一周热点:微软SQL Server 2014三大新特性

本周云计算频道热点资讯有:微软SQL Server 2014三大新特性介绍;RedHat和Canonical之间关于OpenStack展开激烈竞争;阿里云安全团队给我们介绍DDoS攻击;还有MapR宣布对Spark的完全支持等。


早报导语 微信开通小店功能已经有一段时间了,但是关于小店的新闻,却少之又少。今天小编终于发现了一篇关于微信小店 […]

Surface Pro 3平板i3版比i5版性能低约三成

微软在今年五月发布了全新的 Surface Pro 3 平板电脑,同时推出五种不同配置的机型。

Why Is It Taking So Long To Secure Internet Routing?

CowboyRobot writes: We live in an imperfect world where routing-security incidents can still slip past deployed security defenses, and no single routing-security solution can prevent every attacks. Research suggests, however,

Xiaomi price drop suggests new flagship devices are coming soon

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer has implemented a price reduction drive across a number of its products, increasingly speculation that new smartphone and tablet models are on the way.Read more:

插入 iPhone 有聲有畫面 日本設計新世代互動煮飯仔



大系统必须拥有独立的环境、通常构建系统与项目域一一对应的假设如今受到了挑战,Stefan Tilkov分析了拆分大系统为多个小部分的方式,比较了系统、应用和微服务的特征。 By Jan Stenberg Translated by 韩陆

SQL Server增加对JSON的支持【英文】

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