Lenovo ThinkPad P1: Power meets portability

With the ThinkPad P1, Lenovo has managed to squeeze just a bit more excitement out of the potential of its ThinkPad line.

Microsoft’s Surface headphones are currently $100 off

The Surface Headphones are sitting pretty at $250 at the Microsoft Store,

Microsoft has sold 176 millions copies of Minecraft worldwide, now the best-selling video game of al

The announcement that 176 million copies of Minecraft making the game the best selling game of all time according to Wikipedia. 

New Xbox One 1910 preview build brings estimated install time feature

The Xbox One OS will soon display the estimated download time for games, telling gamers when they will be able to finally play.

Azure, HoloLens, game streaming, cross platform – with Minecraft Earth, Microsoft finally puts all t

This morning Microsoft announced what could be one of its most ambitious consumer projects to date, Minecraft Earth. The Pokemon Go-like AR experience set to come to Android and iOS, backed by 90 million Minecraft players and a host of Microsoft technologies,

Last year, MineCon changed its name to MineCon Earth – now it’s MineCon Live

As everyone gets ready for the new Minecraft Earth AR game for iOS and Android coming this summer, there are other changes coming to MineCon too. Last year, MineCon was renamed MineCon Earth, now the name is changing again. This year, MineCon Earth will instead be known under a new name,

Purple-colored Xbox One S Fortnite Limited Edition leaks

A new Fortnite limited-edition Xbox One S console is in the pipeline and could be launching soon.

New Minecraft Earth AR game is official and coming in closed beta to iOS and Android this summer

Just like Pokemon Go, Minecraft Earth will be a free-to-play game, but it seems to be much more ambitious than what Niantic develivered three years ago.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) finally gets a South American server

Starting today until October 15, 2018, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) on Xbox One will have a server in South America. As noted in a post on PUBG’s blog, the server announcement will be made “alongside the opening the Brasil Game Show.

Xbox Insiders gain early access to Fallout 76 Stress Test

The stress test will begin Saturday for lucky Xbox Insiders and Gold Members.

New Xbox Avatar Editor is now available for everyone on Windows 10

If you can’t wait to play with the redesigned Xbox Live Avatars, you can now do so with the new Xbox Avatar Editor on Windows 10.



New Stanford Institute To Target Bad Science

ananyo writes "John Ioannidis, the epidemiologist who published an infamous paper entitled 'Why most published research findings are false', has co-founded an institute dedicated to combating sloppy medical studies. The new institute is to focus on irreproducibility,


爱尔兰斯沃兹2014年7月24日电 /美通社/ -- 创造舒适、可持续发展及高效环境的全球领导者,英格索兰公司(NYSE:IR)公布,2014年第二季度公司持续经营业务摊薄每股收益为1.13美元。 公司宣布2014年第二季度净收益为3.


近日,著名分析机构 Strategy Analytics 公司发布了一份有关 Android 用户数据流量使用情况最新调研报告。报告显示,近四分之一的 Android 用户被归类为“重度用户(Power User)”。

特斯拉将再推两款新车 2017年发布

据国外媒体报道,特斯拉会在2018年发布四款新车。除之前特斯拉宣布的两款新车:Model X 和 Model 3外,Autobild杂志称特斯拉正考虑生产一款紧致型汽车。目前仅知道其被命名为Model C,会比Model 3要更小巧和便宜,Model 3预计售价35,



最美好的使用體驗:「Adonit」Jot Touch with Pixelpoint 頂級觸控筆實測

市面上的觸控筆真的非常多種,從要價將近美金 100 多塊的到夜市一隻 49 的我幾乎都用過,因為本人夢想可以以種在沙發上的姿態,類似臥佛的姿勢,一邊畫者每天生活點滴,或是搭車通勤的路上,可以對著周遭的風景寫生,不過說實在話,要是出個門得帶素描筆和素描本也稍嫌太笨重,所以最好的選擇還是平板電腦搭配觸控筆,不過一直以來使用鉛筆畫畫的各位,一定會知道觸控筆與真實的鉛筆畫起來,就是有種生與死的距離,可是就在使用了 Adonit 之後,我才發現科技發展實在太迅速了,沒想到也可以設計出如此貼近真實筆感的超科技商品!


今年,李克强总理在政府报告中首次提出“互联网+”,一时间引起热议。据估计,中国移动互联网市场规模在2017年将 […]

25 must-read books to dive into this summer

For every airplane ride, beach vacation and road trip there is a good novel that should accompany it. From classics, like F. Scott Fitzgerald, to this year’s newest Pulitzer winner, there are so many fictional worlds to fall into this summerAll too often in our daily lives,

The 'Two Broke Girls' actresses are the ultimate 'Password' team

Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs are perhaps the best and worst contestants we've ever seen on The Tonight Show's Password gameOn one hand, they were terrible about giving and guessing clues — a major part of Password — but they were absolutely charming in the process.

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