Uber Freight’s app for truck drivers is getting an upgrade

Uber Freight, the newly spun out Uber business unit, will push out an upgraded app in the coming weeks with better, more intuitive tools to help truck drivers connect with shipping companies.

China’s BYD further drives into Chile with 100 electric buses

Over the past few years, Chinese automaker giant BYD has been on a partnership spree with cities across China to electrify their public transportation systems, and now it’s extending its footprint across the globe. On Thursday, BYD announced that it has shipped 100 electric buses to Santiago,

Jack Dorsey and Twitter ignored opportunity to meet with civic group on Myanmar issues

Responding to criticism from his recent trip to Myanmar, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said he’s keen to learn about the country’s racial tension and human rights atrocities,

International money transfer company TransferGo scores $17.6M Series B

TransferGo, the London-based international money transfer startup, has raised just over $17.6 million in Series B funding, including an earlier tranche of funding closed in May. The round is led by Vostok Emerging Finance, and Silicon Valley’s Hard Yaka, with participation from Revo Capital,

Netflix is testing a new feature that lets you instantly replay scenes (for some reason)

Netflix loves to test new ideas, and its latest experiment is an odd new feature that lets viewers watch a scene again. A selection of Netflix subscribers noticed the new addition, which serves a pop-up asking if they want to “watch this scene again” after certain ‘highlight’ scenes in a show.

A former Ofo exec is launching his own scooter startup

With €20 million in VC backing, Dott plans to release a fleet of multi-colored e-scooters in Paris in early-2019.

LemonBox, which brings US vitamins to Chinese consumers, raises $2M

LemonBox, a Chinese e-commerce startup that imports vitamins and health products from the US, has raised $2 million to develop its business. The company graduated from Y Combinator’s most recent program in the U.S. and, fuelled by the demo day,

Distinguished VCs back wholesale marketplace Faire with $100M at a $535M valuation

Kirsten Green of Forerunner Ventures, Keith Rabois of Khosla, Alfred Lin of Sequoia and Alex Taussig of Lightspeed are backers of Faire.

Roblox makes first acquisition with purchase of app performance startup PacketZoom

Fresh off a $150 million round of funding, kids’ gaming platform Roblox is making its first acquisition. The company says it’s acquiring the small startup PacketZoom,

Google updates its Assistant on smart displays and phones

Earlier this week at its annual hardware event, Google announced a number of new features for its Assistant coming to the new Pixel 3 phones and Google’s own Home Hub smart display. As it turns out, though, Google didn’t pull back the curtain on everything new with the Assistant, so today,

Facebook Groups can now launch up to 250-person group chats

If you miss the old AOL chat rooms, you’ll love Facebook’s plan to combine Groups and with Messenger without spamming you to death. Starting today,

Mt.Gox Finds 200,000 Bitcoin In An “Old-Format” Digital Wallet

Mt.Gox, the bankrupt online currency exchange, said that it has located 200,000 bitcoin in a digital wallet. In a filing, CEO Mark Karpeles disclosed that the currency, which is worth about $118 million at current exchange rates, was discovered in one of the "old-format wallets" that Mt.

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What's Your Worst Holiday Travel Horror Story?

We all have one of those holiday travel stories. That time you got to the airport and realized you forgot to click the buy button. That time you stepped onto the train platform and the zipper on your suitcase broke sending all of your sweaters onto the tracks.

Opera 收购 VPN 服务 SurfEasy,将整合到自家浏览器中

Opera(欧朋) 为 移动设备 和 桌面设备 开发了一系列互联网浏览软件,拥有约 3.5 亿用户,该公司又完成了一起收购,以增强用户服务。收购对象则是开发了一款让用户上网更加安全的虚拟专用网络(VPN)应用的 SurfEasy。

主流英国企业不在乎Windows Server 2003即将过期

端点安全专家Bit9 + Carbon Black近日对英国153家依然运行Windows Server 2003的企业和机构进行的调查发现,微软在今年7月14日停止对的技术支持之后,依然有将近三分之二的企业选择继续使用没有开发者支持并可能为用户带来诸多安全风险的操作系统,自然也有企业选择升级至更新的系统,三分之一企业将在截止日期前完成过渡迁移。



7 surpirising things we've already learned about Pluto and its moons

NASA's New Horizons probe only flew by Pluto on Tuesday, but we're already learning brand new things about the dwarf planet and its moons thanks to the piano-sized probe.Well before the Tuesday flyby, New Horizons principal investigator Alan Stern predicted that Pluto would be surprising,



TOSHIBA Q300 120GB TLC 入門級 SSD 入手後簡測小聊

SSD 的發展從最高價的 SLC 開始,到十年前進入 MLC 端後才開始正式宣告進入 SSD 大競爭時代這些時間以來,在這裡也已然先後給大家帶來了不同的 MLC 顆粒 SSDIntel 730 240GB SSD (MLC) 劍靈包裝版 In Windows 10 效能解放實測閱讀全文

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