Uber Freight’s app for truck drivers is getting an upgrade

Uber Freight, the newly spun out Uber business unit, will push out an upgraded app in the coming weeks with better, more intuitive tools to help truck drivers connect with shipping companies.

Self-driving startup Drive.ai is closing down

Drive.ai, the autonomous vehicle tech startup once valued at $200 million, is shutting down after four years, according to a state regulatory filing. The closure was first reported by the San Francisco Chronicle. The company is not responding to media inquiries, a PR rep told TechCrunch.

The changing nature of venture capital

The venture industry is likely to consolidate significantly in the next decade as funding confers greater advantage to large venture investors.

Dirty Lemon parent Iris Nova will fund and distribute third-party beverages

Iris Nova, the Coca-Cola-backed startup that creates Dirty Lemon beverages, is announcing plans to spend $100 million over the next three to five years to expand its offerings.

Facebook’s searchable political ads archive is now global

Facebook has announced it’s rolled out a basic layer of political ads transparency globally, more than a year after launching the publicly searchable ads archive in the US.

Facebook may finally let you turn off those annoying notification dots

Sick of those anxiety-inducing red dots constantly appearing on the Groups, Watch, or other tabs in your Facebook app? Well the social network may be easing up a little in its unending war for your attention.

With a portfolio including Acorns, Sweetgreen and Ro Health, Torch Capital raises $60M for its first

Jonathan Keidan, the founder of Torch Capital, had already built a portfolio that included Acorns, Compass, Digital Ocean and Sweetgreen, before he raised single dollar for his inaugural venture capital fund, which just closed with $60 million. Keidan,

Only 100 seats left: Apply to hack at the TC Hackathon at Disrupt SF

Hustle up, hackathon fans. The TechCrunch Hackathon at Disrupt San Francisco 2019 on October 2-4 may be more than three months away, but it’s filling up fast. There’s no application deadline. Instead, we’re capping the number of participants at 800 — and we have approximately 100 spots left.

Roblox makes first acquisition with purchase of app performance startup PacketZoom

Fresh off a $150 million round of funding, kids’ gaming platform Roblox is making its first acquisition. The company says it’s acquiring the small startup PacketZoom,

Google updates its Assistant on smart displays and phones

Earlier this week at its annual hardware event, Google announced a number of new features for its Assistant coming to the new Pixel 3 phones and Google’s own Home Hub smart display. As it turns out, though, Google didn’t pull back the curtain on everything new with the Assistant, so today,

Facebook Groups can now launch up to 250-person group chats

If you miss the old AOL chat rooms, you’ll love Facebook’s plan to combine Groups and with Messenger without spamming you to death. Starting today,

伟创力加入苹果供应链 成为“美国制造”Mac代工厂



在本周二的一个电话会议中,康宁公司高管 Tony Tripeny 声称将蓝宝石玻璃应用在移动设备中的做法显然存在许多缺点。




1997年,耶路撒冷发生了一起自杀性爆炸攻击,四名美国人在事件中受伤,哈马斯宣布对此负责。鉴于伊朗是哈马斯的长期支持者,Jenny Rubin等人在2001年起诉伊朗,认为伊朗对恐怖袭击也负有责任。


上海2014年8月4日电 /美通社/ -- 今年年初,迪士尼第53部动画长片《冰雪奇缘》凭借动人故事和精美特效横扫全球票房,荣登全球影史票房榜第5名,并荣获第86届奥斯卡最佳动画长片和最佳原创歌曲两项大奖。



将跑分测试进行到底:2014 Retina 5K iMac

今年苹果推出的 Retina 5K iMac 可以说惊艳了不少人。日前外媒在跑分测试中将 2014 iMac(4.


3D 打印似乎已经呈现出万能的趋势了,连造汽车做菜也不是问题,现在它要来挑战纹身!  Appropriate Audiences 工作室非常有个性,他们将一台 MakerBot 3D 打印机改造成了“3D 打印刺青机”。

文章: 成功交付离岸项目的三个步骤


[图]法国厂商推出智能花盆 可自动给花浇水施肥


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