App Store generated 93% more revenue than Google Play in Q3

There’s always been a gap between how much money Apple’s App Store makes when compared with Google Play. But in the third quarter of 2018, that gap widened considerably – possibly to the widest point yet. According to a new report from Sensor Tower,

Amazon’s Audible expands its original programming with new comedy series

Over the past few years, Amazon -owned Audible has been expanded beyond audiobooks to include more original content, like the short-form audio programming offered through Audible Channels, for example. Today, the company announced a new partnership for original comedy projects,

Watch the historic first private mission to the Moon launch Thursday night

For the first time later this week, a privately developed moon lander will launch aboard a privately built rocket, organized by a private launch coordinator.

Audi’s new V2I feature helps drivers hit every green light

Audi has added a new feature to the vehicle-to-infrastructure technology embedded in its newer models that’s designed to help drivers catch every green light. The tech, called GLOSA or Green Light Optimized Speed Advisory, is part of the automaker’s built-in traffic light-reading technology.

Macquarie Capital Venture Studio adds three new companies to infrastructure tech portfolio

Macquarie Capital Venture Studio, the infrastructure-focused accelerator affiliated with the nearly $500 billion-dollar investment firm, Macquarie Group, has added three companies to its portfolio. The companies, AirMap, Envoy Technologies, and Teralytic,

Samsung’s foldable phone? Meet the Galaxy Fold

Samsung’s promised a much better look at its foldable phone at tomorrow’s big S10 event. We already caught a glimpse of the product late last year at the company’s developer conference, but among the many uncertainties with the product is what the hell the company will name the thing. After all,

Why can’t we build anything?

Last week, California governor Gavin Newsom announced that he was intending to aggressively scale back plans for the state’s high-speed rail system, which in its most ambitious routing would have connected Sacramento to San Diego. The immediate cause was ballooning costs,

You can now register .dev domains

Google today announced that you can now register .dev domain names. Google acquired the .dev top-level domain when ICANN opened up the web to new generic top-level domains (gTLD) a few years ago. At the time, Google acquired gTLD’s like .app, .page and .dev (for some reason, Google also owns .soy).

CommonSense Robotics’ first automated fulfillment center is now live

Israeli startup CommonSense Robotics is launching its first automated micro-fulfillment center in Tel Aviv. It’s a tiny 6,000 square feet warehouse that is packed from ground to ceiling with products. Robots do the heavy lifting when it comes to getting items ready to dispatch.

SpankChain spanked

SpankChain, a cryptocurrency aimed at decentralized sex cams, has announced that a hacker stole about $38,000 from their payment channel thanks to a broken smart contract. They wrote: At 6pm PST Saturday, an unknown attacker drained 165.38 ETH (~$38,

Coord, a Sidewalk Labs spin-out, raises $5 million to help mobility services better integrate into c

Coord, the mobility data startup that spun out of Alphabet-owned Sidewalk Labs, has raised a $5 million Series A round led by Alliance Ventures, with participation from Trucks, Urban.Us and DB Digital Ventures.

Cortana shown controlling home automation in lighting demonstration

Windows Phone 8.1 is out now, at least for those who wish to follow the steps to download and install it -- others will get the update soon. Cortana is perhaps the most talked about feature, putting the mobile platform on par with iOS and Android, but it seems that if you have some imagination,


这篇文章讲的不是技术类的教程,而是能让门户编辑短时间内做出漂亮Banner的 3 种方法。编辑同仁们可以通过文章提供的方法先锻炼自己,为职业发展铺路。...

菜鸟学数据库(六)——方便快捷的开启、关闭Oracle服务 - 刘水镜


Republican leaders lash out at Obama's immigration plan

President Barack Obama announced a plan on Thursday that will protect five million undocumented immigrants from deportation, and top Republican lawmakers were outragedMany Republican legislators have decried Obama's plan for weeks now,

傳 Amazon 購入 RadioShack 零售舖當陳列室

Amazon 的網購生意非常龐大,把不少傳統零售店、連鎖店殺個片甲不留。當中受影響非常嚴重的包括了傳統電器連鎖店 RadioShack,這家快要被紐約證券交易所除牌的連鎖店,最近傳出部份零售店會被 Amazon 收購的消息。



法电玩商拟开发新电玩 可治疗儿童弱视


America: Home of baseball and a bacon, jelly-topped hotdog on a doughnut

Nothing says "America" like watching a game of baseball while you stuff your face with a bacon and raspberry jelly-topped hotdog on a Krispy Kreme doughnut bun.The nameless concoction will be served at Fawley Satdium in Wilmington, Deleware this season, home of the Wilmington Blue Rocks,

NASA Is Studying How to Replace Mirrors in Its Telescopes With Glitter

Space telescope Hubble and its successor, the James Webb Space Telescope are made with huge, expensive mirrors. And that can be a problem when you’re paying to launch the thing into space. So instead of one big mirror, how about thousands, or even millions, of tiny ones? In other words,

Ten Obvious Engineering Disasters Inexplicably Put Into Production

These ideas were obvious failures before they were even built, and yet, they were built anyways. Read more...

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