That Windows 10 October 2018 Update bug wasn’t a bug at all, and why that should concern you

Microsoft released the Windows 10 October 2018 Update on October 2nd, but then quickly pulled it from access (it had not started rolling out, but was made available to non-Insiders via Windows Update).

Microsoft’s Surface headphones are currently $100 off

The Surface Headphones are sitting pretty at $250 at the Microsoft Store,

Microsoft has sold 176 millions copies of Minecraft worldwide, now the best-selling video game of al

The announcement that 176 million copies of Minecraft making the game the best selling game of all time according to Wikipedia. 

New Xbox One 1910 preview build brings estimated install time feature

The Xbox One OS will soon display the estimated download time for games, telling gamers when they will be able to finally play.

Azure, HoloLens, game streaming, cross platform – with Minecraft Earth, Microsoft finally puts all t

This morning Microsoft announced what could be one of its most ambitious consumer projects to date, Minecraft Earth. The Pokemon Go-like AR experience set to come to Android and iOS, backed by 90 million Minecraft players and a host of Microsoft technologies,

Last year, MineCon changed its name to MineCon Earth – now it’s MineCon Live

As everyone gets ready for the new Minecraft Earth AR game for iOS and Android coming this summer, there are other changes coming to MineCon too. Last year, MineCon was renamed MineCon Earth, now the name is changing again. This year, MineCon Earth will instead be known under a new name,

Purple-colored Xbox One S Fortnite Limited Edition leaks

A new Fortnite limited-edition Xbox One S console is in the pipeline and could be launching soon.

New Minecraft Earth AR game is official and coming in closed beta to iOS and Android this summer

Just like Pokemon Go, Minecraft Earth will be a free-to-play game, but it seems to be much more ambitious than what Niantic develivered three years ago.

More woes for Windows 10 October 2018 update as some HP owners report BSODs

The negative headlines continue to surface in the wake of Microsoft’s botched Windows 10 October 2018 Update release. From boot loops to deleted files, the Windows 10 October Update has wreaked havoc for some Windows users over the past week.

Lenovo ThinkPad P1: Power meets portability

With the ThinkPad P1, Lenovo has managed to squeeze just a bit more excitement out of the potential of its ThinkPad line.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) finally gets a South American server

Starting today until October 15, 2018, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) on Xbox One will have a server in South America. As noted in a post on PUBG’s blog, the server announcement will be made “alongside the opening the Brasil Game Show.

Edward Snowden hailed as a "legend" for teaching about online privacy and Tor while working for NSA

Six months before breaking the PRISM spying programme to the world, Edward Snowden held a small "Crypto Party" at the back of a furniture shop in Hawaii. Read more:

Philips Shows Off How You’ll Be Able To Control Your Hue Lights From Notification Center In iOS 8

Philips Hue is already a pretty effective and easy way of setting up a connected home lighting system, but it can be even easier thanks to changes Apple made in iOS 8. The update lets third-party developers put “widgets” in the Today view of notification center,

Giant Pixel Launches Nama, A Project Management Tool That’s The First Company From Its Venture Studi

San Francisco-based venture studio The Giant Pixel is officially launching the first of three projects that it’s been cooking in its SoMA offices with the unveiling of the new startup Nama.

One Tiny Fawn Just Wants to Be Loved

There's nothing cute about a human crybaby, but this animal crybaby is a totally different story.A group of tree trimmers stumbled upon a whimpering fawn in need of some serious TLC. After cutting him free from a mess of thorny branches, they cradled him in their arms to calm him down.

关于Peter Thiel的Zero to One里VC幂率回报的一些思考

我同意他说的关于幂率回报的事情,但是我仍然想说,instagram和 facebook年代的VC投资环境已经和现在有了天翻地覆的变化,所以老经验不一定就是正确的。

Product Hunt Levels Up With A Gaming Category

Product Hunt, the platform for upvoting the top tech products, is making its first expansion outside of tech into gaming and has pulled in game publication Polygon co-founder Russ Frushtick to head up the new category.

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Classic arcade game Galaga now available on the Xbox One via backwards compatibility

Xbox One gets classic arcade shooter Galaga via Backward Compatibility.The post Classic arcade game Galaga now available on the Xbox One via backwards compatibility appeared first on WinBeta.

Adorable man does Valentine's Day photoshoot with his pug

Valentine's Day is for lovers: human and pug.This year, 25-year-old Jonathan Granziano decided to celebrate the holiday a little differently. Instead of going on some boring Tinder date, or getting wasted with friends, Granziano chose to participate in a V-day photoshoot with his one true love:



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