Kanye West just accidentally revealed his iPhone passcode and it's so bad

Kanye West met with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office on Thursday, and it was a mindblowingly bizarre scene. But perhaps nothing topped the moment Kanye when whipped out his iPhone and we all learned his passcode.

Behold, this gate sounds like the beginning of the 'Jurassic Park' theme

Squeaky gates are more annoying than anything.Not this gate though, which invokes a sense of nostalgia for everyone's favourite dinosaur-related film, Jurassic Park.SEE ALSO: 'Avengers: Endgame' trailer clocked 289 million views in 24 hours,

'Fortnite' streamer charged after alleged domestic assault on Twitch

An Australian Fortnite streamer has been charged after allegedly assaulting his partner during a live broadcast on Twitch.Officers from Camden Police were contacted after a witness reported the alleged assault, which took place on Sunday evening.SEE ALSO:

Andy Serkis brings back Gollum to parody Theresa May

As you're likely aware, the UK's Brexit deal is well, not very popular.Despite the turmoil, the deal is very precious to Prime Minister Theresa May though, which makes it prime parody material for Andy Serkis, who played Gollum in the Lord of the Rings film series."This is it. Our deal," Serkis,

'Stranger Things' Season 3 teaser reveals episode titles

Let your imagination run wild with this Stranger Things Season 3 teaser.Netflix dropped the mysterious clip on Sunday night, detailing the names of the episodes for the beloved show's anticipated third season, set to release in summer 2019.There's not a whole lot to go on,

Roger, the internet famous bucket crushing kangaroo, has died

If you've spent quite a bit of time on the internet, you might've stumbled across Roger. But now, the famed marsupial is no longer with us. The impressively buff red kangaroo has died aged 12,

NFL fans are losing it after the Dolphins beat the Patriots with a wild trick play

Most fans of professional football that don't live in or have family ties to Boston hate the New England Patriots. Those people are very happy on this late-season Sunday.

Hey 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' fans, here's a Season 6 trailer. Get hype.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is coming back Jan. 10 for a sixth season on NBC, against all odds after Fox's cancellation failed to stick.Now there's this new trailer, freshly released on Sunday, to get you in the mood. You can hit play without fear of spoilers.

5G Is Finally Here

Read more...More about Verizon, 5g, Mashable Reels, Reels, and Tech

Save $370 an HP ENVY 2-in-1 laptop from Amazon, with stylus pen included

A 2-in-1 laptop is the best of both worlds: You get the efficiency of a laptop, plus the freedom of a tablet. Honestly, all laptops should be 2-in-1s if you ask us.If you've been in the market for a 2-in-1, Amazon is currently offering the HP ENVY x2 for $629.99,

Gillette's heated razor is giving shaving a huge comfort upgrade — Future Blink

Gillette, known for giving the masses a variety of razor options, has developed a heated shaver that looks to be a dream to us. While similar innovations have been attempted in the past, none have appeared to be as successful.

Topology and Geometry in OpenCascade-Vertex - opencascade


Odor Eliminating Toilet Hopes for Sweet-Smelling Kickstarter Success

Never again will you face the embarrassment of a stinky bathroom.Nobody likes the odorous aftermath of a trip to the bathroom, but it's just part of being human. Inventor Adam Payz refused to settle for that. With his Fresh Air toilet seat,


济南2014年9月29日电 /美通社/ -- 9月28日为孔子诞辰日,作为山东乃至全国最为重要的节日,百年定制品牌隆庆祥为迎接国庆、庆祝孔子诞辰,传承孔子“礼信”思想,在济南泺源大街举行第三家形象店的开业庆典活动。

The Producer Behind the Year's Best Rap Tracks Makes His Own Music, Too

It's hard to find good, quality You Time when you're collaborating with Kanye West, Rick Ross, and Pusha-T (not to mention Azealia Banks, Action Bronson, and many, many others). But after a couple of busy years, 28-year-old Scottish DJ Hudson Mohawke has finally put out a new EP.Read more...

新报告显示iPhone 6和6 Plus销量比为 3:1

虽然苹果从未公布 iPhone 6 和 iPhone 6 Plus 的销量对比,但是一些市场统计机构和分析师都在不断对这一项数据进行追踪。



健康之路成为“医疗+互联网生态联盟” 首批成员

北京2015年9月8日电 /美通社/ -- 9月8日,在“百度世界2015”大会“医疗+互联网生态联盟”启动仪式上,健康之路(中国)信息技术有限公司作为医患服务领域的代表平台成为联盟的首批核心成员。

[视频]Surface Pro 4详细规格和真机上手

去年,Surface部门负责人Panos Panay打出了响亮的口号--“可替代笔记本的平板”。时隔一年,在昨天召开的新品发布会上,Surface Pro家族新成员以更精致更完善的状态呈现在用户面前。



U.S. airlines had a monster 2015 — not that it helped you much

Look no further for proof that the U.S. airline industry is raking it in.The U.S. Department of Transportation reported Monday that passenger airlines in the U.S. had an after-tax net profit of $25.6 billion in 2015 — compared to a mere $7.5 billion in 2014.SEE ALSO:

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